Why is my beard diffrent color than my hair coat ? – April 2021

Some beard wearers wonder why the colour of the beard is often different from that of the head hair. Other colours can often be seen in the beard itself.
Example: dark blonde hair, but the beard is streaked with red hair. Why is that?

Different types of hair grow on the human body. There are long, relatively soft head hair and equally smooth but much shorter hair on arms and legs. In addition to the remaining large areas of the body with downy hair, there is coarse hair as it occurs in the pubic area, on the eyebrows or as a beard. These hairs are not only different in structure and thickness but also often in colour.

Why is my beard diffrent color than my hair coatThe reason for this is the genetic information stored in the genes. It’s because of the DNA that came from your parents. For example, different characteristics can be defined for the head hair than for the pubic hair or beard hair.

The colour of a hair is determined by the amount or number of natural hair colour pigment (called melanin) in a coat. Your DNA inscribes what kind of pigments you carry around with you and how much they are present.

For example, in people with white skin, hair colour results from two forms of melanin:

Eumelanin (black pigments)
Pheomelanin (red pigments)
Dark-haired people often only have eumelanin in their hair, while blonde hair has a meagre amount of eumelanin. The hair cells of redheads, on the other hand, almost exclusively contain pheomelanin.

However, a look at genetics shows that it is biologically possible to have siblings with red beards, although no one in the immediate family has red hair. The only sure thing is that all those blessed with this particular genetic phenomenon cannot defend themselves against it.

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