Weird Beard – Which beard is most attractive ? **2021

Weird Beard, you have a strange Weird Beard? So what. As a rule, most people are too preoccupied with their signs of decay to grapple with the missing George Clooney Index of Weird Beard.

Some men (and women) grey with dignity and even salt-and-pepper. Others just have small patterns and irregularities.

I don’t want to take away hope from anyone here. Still, from a certain age (I would set the limit at forty, but that is, of course, individually different), the flawless appearance no longer determines your attractiveness – if that was ever the case.

Weird BeardWeird Beard is hardly subject to social conventions today. It is often used as a symbol of individuality and lateral thinking. Weird Beard, one can distinguish between a few basic types. In addition to the smoothly shaved face, first of all, the three-day beard and the whiskers. The “Henriquatre” (around the mouth, Stromberg) is also popular. Often one sees men with a goatee (goatee/goatee) on the street.

The full beard can still be differentiated into the well-groomed (trimmed) version and the natural beard.

The moustache, also known as moustache, was once fashionable in the 80s and is now considered a fashion sin. Especially with (beard) artists, individual moustaches are not infrequently seen. A prominent example is Heiner Brand (former national handball trainer).


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