10 Simplest Ways To Grow Your Facial Hair Without Much Effort

There are guys who face problems to grow beard resulting in getting bullied. As we all know, beards reveal masculinity and therefore properly grown beard and moustache becomes a source of pride. But there have been cases where you will find that many guys suffer from this problem where they have very less facial hair. This is undoubtedly a problem for them since it results in the improper growth of facial hair.

Undoubtedly this can result in affecting the self-image for guys, but the following are some of the tricks that can help you get facial hair without any effort.

Coconut Oil:

This is one of the most common ingredients found in homes. Yes, it might sound a bit weird and conventional remedy, but in reality it works wonders.

Massage with coconut oil can result in an increase in the facial hair growth. It gets even more effective when you combine the coconut oil with the rosemary oil. The proportion should be 1 spoon of rosemary oil with 10 spoons of coconut oil. Once you have made the mixture, make use of cotton ball to apply it properly on your face. Keep doing it for 15 minutes and for best results, use it thrice a week.

Amla Oil:

This is another basic ingredient required while cooking hence you don’t have to run from one shop to another for purchasing it. Amla or the Indian gooseberry is a great hair growth stimulator.

When it comes to acquiring great results, you can either use it by combining it with mustard leaves or alone. Take this oil or the mixture and massage it properly on your face. Do not rinse it immediately after applying it. Leave t for 20 minutes and then rinse it making use of cold water.

Note: When you are using mustard leaves, for better results, you can grind the leaves and make a paste to mix it thoroughly.

Cinnamon And Lemon:

Lemon and cinnamon is another combination that proffers great results. Use ground cinnamon along with 2 teaspoons of the lemon juice for making a proper mixture.

Make sure you make a paste and apply it over your beard area. Do not rinse off immediately. Keep the paste for 20 minutes and then rinse it using cold water. For great results, use this easy procedure twice in a week.

Eucalyptus Oil:

Now, this is something that will require buying from a store since it is not always available in our homes. You require using it with other oil which is easily available in the stores.

Mix it properly with other carrier oil like sesame oil or olive oil to ensure getting good results. Once you have made a properly mix, apply the oil onto your facial skin. The procedure is still the same as you require keeping it for 20 minutes and use cold water.

Moisturized And Clean Skin:

We all look for different types of methodologies to improve the facial hair growth, while we never really pay attention that moisturized skin gives a better environment that results in quick facial hair growth. Furthermore, you require making sure that there is no dirt, dead skin or dirt on your skin as it hampers in the breakthrough of the hair follicles.

Always remember that facial hair grows much easier and faster than any other parts of the body. Therefore, you require keeping it properly moisturized and clean.

Saturated Fat And Protein:

Well, before you focus on any other things, you primarily require understanding the fact that the key nutrients that promote hair growth are saturated fats and proteins. It ensures healthy and faster hair growth.

If you are thinking that only external usage will lead to faster and healthy hair growth, then you are definitely wrong. You need to keep it in mind that incorporating proteins and saturated fats in your diet can actually help in facial hair growth.

Note: Protein sources are fish and beans, saturated fat sources are animal fat and eggs. Make sure you give them a part in your diet every day.

Intake Of Proper Amount Of Vitamins:

Another major ingredient that ensures better facial hair growth is an adequate intake of vitamins. When you do not have proper amount of vitamins in a day, it can result in slower growth of facial hair.

Deficiency of vitamins like vitamin B6, B12 and B1 can result in lesser growth of facial hair. Proper amount of vitamin intake results in a better rate of facial hair growth, and therefore you require focusing on your diet also apart from products.

Keep Your Mind Relaxed:

One of the biggest problems in our daily life that we face is stress. Well, not only facial hair growth, but also it affects out daily activities as well. So make sure that you keep your mind stress-free and devoid of any other stress elements. Exercising and practicing yoga every day can help in a better result.

Proper Massage For Hair Growth:

Well, since childhood we have known that proper massage enhances the blood circulation which again keeps everything balanced. Light massage every day on your skin encourages the hair follicles which again assures faster and thicker hair growth. A little pressure on the parts stimulates hair growth.

Note: There is always a need for understanding the massage technique. You can apply pressure in a circular motion and keep on doing it every day twice for 15 to 20 minutes. This is a great technique when it comes to improving the hair growth.

Emphasize More On Vitamin B-Complex Or Biotin:

You might be thinking how this will help you grow facial hair, well but Vitamin B7 does. These are also known as biotin which is found in nuts and egg yolk. Intake of such ingredients can actually help you get a better result.

When growing beard is becoming a problem for you, these 10 easily available natural remedies can ensure a positive change. So why are you still upset? Just get started and get ready to find people appreciating on your masculine change.