Viking Beard – How to grow a Viking Beard? **2021

Viking Beard is back in fashion with us. We explain how to grow your hair, take care of it, and who this Viking Beard hairstyle suits you.

When you think of Vikings, you think of solid and muscular warriors who are fully tattooed from top to bottom, seafaring, a thirst for adventure, and of course Viking Beards!

Who can wear the Viking Beard?

Viking beard is just another variant of the full beard. Due to its long hair on the chin, it is remarkably similar to the so-called ducktail beard. However, the Viking beard is characterized by its somewhat more rustic shape.

The ducktail beard is very carefully made sure that it always retains its characteristic V-shape. The hair on the Viking Beard can also grow a little wilder.

If you like the Viking Beard particularly noticeable, you can do the same with the characters from the series and even braid it. With this, you are an eye-catcher in everyday life.

Viking beard beads, it is essential that it fits the wearer’s character because whoever wears this beard shape should be the more rustic type from the ground up.

As far as the head’s shape is concerned, there is less to consider with this beard: The long hair on the chin and cheeks does not make the head appear asymmetrical.

Another essential aspect, however, is the corresponding beard growth because, without it, there will, unfortunately, be nothing with this Viking Beard Beads hairstyle. But more on this in the next chapter.


What is the Viking beard?
Several centuries ago, these Vikings beard styles were used by merchants, barbarians, exploiters of the Nordic peoples who were responsible for many invasions in North America and Europe. At the time, the beard of the Vikings had a very unique style with combat clothing. As they lived in the cold region, this beard was useful in protecting the face.

In this century, the Vikings beard styles is used by men who want to have a traditional look as the Norse people had in the past.

The Vikings came from Scandinavia and were known for their explorations of Europe between the 8th and 11th centuries.

They may have even traveled to North America, thanks to their astonishing abilities as sailors. However, all the time they spent on their boats meant that they didn’t have a lot of opportunity to prepare and attend to their personal care. Their beards were often tangled and full of dirt.

While large, bushy beards are still acceptable, if you do decide to wear a Viking beard, you should make sure to wash it regularly!

To achieve the perfect Viking beard style, patience is important because you have to go through a process that can seem hectic to many. Follow the steps below to get the Viking beard of your choice.

While all of the Vikings beard styles are full and long, there are a few different in size and shaping. For example, if you want a more rustic look, choose the Old Dutch style which is more square. Meanwhile, to form a kind of beak in the chin area, one can choose the ducktail style which is angular. Beard styles that leave little or a lot of room on the chicks are also a few options available to you.


How to take care of your Viking beard

Let the beard grow

Without any interruptions, you should start growing the beard after choosing the Viking style. Avoid rubbing the beard regularly as you expect faster beard growth, rather than letting it grow naturally. Be patient, don’t cut the tips or change the pattern. It takes an average of 6 to 12 weeks for the beard to grow well enough to achieve the desired Viking beard style.

Eat healthy nutritious foods and appropriate nutrients

Healthy beard growth depends a lot more on your eating habits. With proper nutrients, diet and vitamins, facial hair will grow faster and you can have a strong beard. Avoid taking on more fat and sugar, which can weaken your hair.

Red meat is a source of creatinine, the multivitamin will provide your body with the necessary nutrients, and the magnesium chloride will help improve your skin. After the recommendation of a doctor, you can take this complementary food for a healthy beard.

Take good care of your Viking beard

Although the Viking Style is a rustic style and men did not bother to maintain it in the past, nowadays it is recommended to take care of the beard in particular. So many quality beard products available to help your beard look clean and shiny.

Caring for the skin under the beard

Your face may become oilier or drier due to the beard where pimples or peeling may appear respectively. It is therefore important to hydrate the skin well and clean it regularly. This way you will get healthy skin.

Using beard oil

To maintain hydration in your facial skin, use specific beard oils that contain natural products. According to the manufacturer’s recommendation, apply the oil in your facial hair to prevent the strands of hair from getting dry and to achieve a smooth look.

Trim the beard as needed

The growth of facial hair can be patchy and, as a result, can create an unsightly appearance. To reduce this problem, trim the beard regularly to align your strands of hair or trim it with scissors if necessary. For cheek and neck hair, you can use a good razor or electric razors. Or, you can simply visit a hairdresser to have the excess strands of hair trimmed.


The Viking beard, for a daring look
To be at the top of your seduction, opt for a new trendy beard style: the Viking. Adopted by famous Ragnar Lothbrook from the Viking series, this cut has become this year’s must-have. More and more men are starting to wear it. To have a beautiful appearance, to be more masculine with your pretty young ladies, there is nothing better than the Viking beard.

It is not always easy to grow a beard. For a Viking style for example. No need to shave all the time on the contrary, you have to weary pushing up to about 10 cm. Knowing that a beard grows 1mm per day, it will take a long time before you can adopt the Viking beard. Combined with a man bun haircut, bun for men, your look will be just perfect. No girl will be able to resist you. Try it, and you will see!


Awaken your Viking instinct
Do you want to adopt a more daring style? Do you want to bet on a more masculine style? The Viking style will suit you perfectly. You think beards are only for old people, think again! This cut is one of this season’s must-haves. Men of all ages can definitely opt for this new trend. Do you doubt it? Look around yourself or via social networks, more and more men are growing their beards to assert their virility.

Like some models, athletes, actors, it should be noted that men with beards are even more super sexy when they adopt a very particular style such as the Viking for example. To be part of this caste, nothing prevents you from opting for this look. The Viking is quite suitable for young men than for older men.

How to adopt the Viking style?
For a Viking style, all you need is long hair in a bun and very long beards. Even though it doesn’t require special attention, it still takes a lot of patience before you have this look that is completely out of touch with reality. Indeed, a Viking beard generally measures between 10 to 15 cm. In other words, it will take about 6 months before obtaining the desired length.

No need for special care or special products to obtain an excellent Viking beard. Besides your patience, you must have an iron will to last months without shaving. But as the ancestors said, when you want you can!

how to grow a Viking Beard style?

Viking beard style is only a variant of the full beard; these two beard hairstyles do not differ from each other in their growth phase.

how to grow a Viking beard? phase’s duration is significantly longer with a Viking Beard, as the chin area typically has to grow a little more pronounced than with a full beard.

As a first step, you should let your beard grow first. Depending on the desired length and individual beard growth, this can take up to several months.

As far as the required beard growth is concerned, the Viking Beard style is complicated, similar to the full beard, because you need hair everywhere and not just in one place, such as a goatee.

However, the areas on the cheeks, in particular, can be challenging for some men, as holes or gaps often arise there. If these get too big, it won’t be easy with the Viking Beard.

Mad Viking Beard, However, we recommend: Let the beard grow first and give it a try! Often there are small gaps, but these hairs sometimes only grow later or are covered by the hair above.

This beard is often the case with the very long Viking Beard. Above all, holes that form below the chin or on the neck can usually be ignored. It would help if you gave the beard time to grow. There will undoubtedly be several weeks or even months when the beard doesn’t look so nice.

This beard is also the reason why many men fail very quickly on the project. However, we recommend waiting because it is worth it! During the growth phase, you will be confronted with the usual ailments, such as itchy skin or dry whiskers.

Viking Beardsmooth Viking beard oil and the proper cleaning of the beard are beneficial here. Beard oil is worked into the beard and down to the skin once or twice a day, depending on the length.

Above all, it ensures that your skin is cared for and not too dry, responsible for the annoying itching and dandruff.

Also, the oil cares for the whiskers so that they do not become brittle and dry. Another advantage: Beard oil gives your beard a pleasant scent. If you want to learn more about beard oil and its use, please read our in-depth board care articles.

Viking Beard Style, In addition to beard oil, cleaning is essential. The rule here is: less is more. It would help if you were especially careful with daily cleaning because shampoo dries out the skin as it removes the natural sebum from the skin.

So it is best only to use shampoo two to three times a week and otherwise only clean your beard with warm water. This prevents dandruff and dry skin.

Should you still notice that your skin is causing problems, you can also use so-called beard shampoo. It is less degreasing than shampoo for the head and thus preserves the natural sebum layer.

 Viking Beard shapes. Even if the beard should look rather rustic and wild growth is allowed, you should bring it into shape in the morning after you shower. Viking Beard, If you have particularly frizzy whiskers, you can use a blow dryer and a round brush to help.

To do this, brush your hair and blow-dry along the round brush at the same time. This ensures that the hair is more likely to grow downwards. If your beard naturally grows evenly downwards, combing it regularly is sufficient.

Viking Beard is due to its deliberately rustic appearance rather simple. Here it would help if you always readjusted something with a pair of scissors and a trimmer.

The contours on the neck are essential because otherwise, the beard quickly looks unkempt. We always recommend beginners to visit the hairdresser or barber, especially for the first cut.

You can learn a lot from here. If you already have experience with longer beards and trimming them, you can, of course, do it at home in front of the mirror.

How to braid your beard like a Viking Beard Braid?
Viking Beard Braid should look rustic; the appropriate care is critical with such long beards:

Bread oil during the growth phase but also when the beard has reached your desired length. It ensures that the skin as well as the whiskers stay healthy and look fresh. With such a long beard, it is unfortunately not possible to avoid contamination from food.

So here it says Clean regularly. As described in the previous section, however, you shouldn’t overdo it with shampoo. Regular trimming of the beard is essential. For this, you need scissors, a comb, a wet razor, and a beard trimmer with different attachments.

However, if you have little experience with it, we recommend a visit to the hairdresser. Trimming your Viking Bread Style into the right shape takes a lot of practice and skill. With such a long beard, the whiskers can be stubborn and make shaping difficult.

We recommend the so-called Viking Beard Balm for this. Not only can you use it to shape the beard, but the wax also contains various oils that also beard products You can find out more here.

To buy a discounted beard care product and get your personal advice, please message.You can find answers to all questions on our site.
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