Types of Razors – Which one is the most ideal for you?

Types of Razors, which one is the most ideal for you? There are many different types. A good types of razors is delightful types of razors that offers a close shave with comfort. It should flow comfortably on the face, cut the beards without tugging, clean the beards well without passing too much from the same place, and should not cause any burning or irritation after shaving. So our expectations are high.

Common Types of Razors

There is a need for personal grooming for all. Even in prehistoric times, man used to shave mostly using sharp stones. One of the areas everyone takes a keen interest in is the head. Primarily for men, they shave both the head and the beards. Equally, ladies have different areas of their body to shave too.

The choice of the razor used is as important as the style employed. Currently, there are many types of razors in the market. However, not all model of a razor is appropriate for all to use. Most people have different tastes for various razor choices.

So, which is the best razor to use? Or is there a universal blade for all? Probably these are queries most people have as they make their purchase. We all have varying experiences with different razors.

Depending on the trimming required, one blade is preferred over the other. You need to critically look at the types of blades available in the market to make an informed choice.

Most people who travel a lot may opt to choose easily portable razors. There are various categories on the portable ranging from electric, chargeable, and also cartridge type. For you to experience a smooth shave, articulate the blade choice well.

Disposable Razors

As their name suggests, they are used either once or twice. As a result, their cost is low compared to the other blades. The razor’s design is extremely simple, with both the head and the handle permanently fixed together. Moreover, the blades are pretty light and convenient to carry when traveling.

Considering that the lightweight nature of the tool, more pressure is asserted on the skin when shaving. The pressure can result in irritation of the skin. The head and handle used are usually of poor grade since they are all disposables. The most apparent models in the market are Pivot, Gillette Sensor2 Plus, among others.



Foil or Rotary shaver?

Types of RazorsWhen considering an electric razor, choose between a rotary and a foil. Most people with coarse hairs or even the curly type may prefer a rotary shaver. The mechanism by which the rotary razor operates is different to the foil type. Most of the rotary shavers have more than one blade attached-mostly three.

As you operate the rotary shaver, the fixed blades on one end of the machine make circular motion trimming the hairs. Since the motion of the blades is in different directions, you get a smooth shave regardless of the type of hair.

Foil shavers are modeled in a way that your skin does not get into contact with the machine. At the top of the blade, there is a silver foil ensuring no contact establishes between your skin and the shaver. Some people’s skin is sensitive to different objects. This shaver is a darling to sensitive skins.

The main advantage of using either rotary or foil shave is that they are both electric and portable. Please make sure you charge the battery of the shaver if you travel a lot. Most electric razors do not require the application of cream or hydrating the shaving areas before shaving. In most cases, other than the usual irritation of the shaved area, the electric razors are perfect.

Safety Razors

Are there razors that are safer than others? Besides the electric models, there are safety razors too. These type of blades are considered old-fashioned. However, your safety for use is guaranteed by employing a safety guard to protect the skin. This tool has its blade mounted on a permanent metal handle. It is possible to use either side of the blade.

As technology revolves, most people find this model to be archaic, and there is a high tendency to move to the modern types. That notwithstanding, the safety shavers are cost-effective and can last for many years.

When shaving, you also apply very little pressure to archive a clean, smooth shave. However, the shavers are slow to operate and require care and patience. In the market, we have various options for the safety shaver. One of the most common is the Weishi Nostalgic Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge safety razor.

Cartridge type razors

Some people also prefer cartridge-type razors. This tool is mainly preferred because of the flexible head. Mounted on the head are several blades to ensure a smooth shave. In the market, you mostly get three blades attached to the head. The handle to this razor is usually straight. Due to its flexibility, it is easier to maneuver the curves on the face and chin. When using the cartridge razors, the direction of the shaving blades is not essential. The reason being it shaves either along or against the grains of the hair follicles.

The cost of the cartridge razor is higher than that of the safety razor and the disposable type. There is a need to remove the stacked hair between the blades as it clogs, reducing the efficiency of the razor. Always change the cartridge when you find the trimming blades turning dull. In the market, the most common and recommended is Gillette Mach3.

Straight Razors

Indeed, the razors are designed straight as the name suggests. The blades are also sometimes referred to as cut-throat razors. Mostly, the handle is made of either wood or bone but sometimes plastic if not metal.

The hardened steel blade is permanently fixed on the head. Unlike other types of blades that are replaced, the straight razors are only sharpened once they are blunt.

Since the straight razor blade has direct contact with your skin, a cleaner shave is usually achieved. However, great care is required to avoid injuries. Equinox Professional Straight Edge Razor is one of the brands in the market.

All in all, you find that the market is saturated with many and different types of razors. The choice is overwhelming. Your needs and the degree of affordability will determine the type of razor one get in the market stores. Always get value for your money.

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