Summer Beards Stlyes – 5 Tip to Keep Your Beard Well Through Hot Days!

Summer Beards, Now that it’s summer, many men may decide to switch from their usual beard to a little more comfortable style in warmer weather. Summer Beards, If you don’t want to shave your beard completely flat – or you typically don’t have a beard but want to grow one – then there are many styles out there that don’t require too much maintenance. Summer Beards is a great way to flaunt a more casual look during the warmer months, especially during the holidays.

Just remember to trim it regularly and use some beard oil – it will condition and make your beard supple. Here are some of our favorites for beard styles this summer …


Three-day beard

Every man had already tried the classic beard: the three-day beard. This comprehensive beard style emphasizes round face shapes and makes a face appear softer.

Care is critical here, and daily oiling with beard oil helps to get the beard hair into shape. In addition, it does not take that long to achieve the desired shape: after all, only three days.

Full beard mustache combination

We already know the full beard (as well as the mustache). The combination of both, however, is not. Right on time for summer, the beard-mustache combo has made it into our top 5 beard styles.

How? This beard shape scores in terms of versatility and flexibility and can be worn in a wide variety of ways: a twisted mustache with a medium-length full beard, and you have a casual retro look à la Salvador Dali …

Bob Dylan’s Beard

Anyone who knows the song ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ is also familiar with the musician’s beard style. We’re talking about none other than Bob Dylan.

Even if this beard style is a signature style of the 70s, it is still popular today for its supple and skillful shape. This beard shape runs quite narrowly around the jaw but merges gently into the sideburns.

Symmetry is the be-all and end-all here, and the beard connects to the hair on the head. If you think of Elvis Presley when you think of sideburns, don’t worry: For the summer season, wear them short and up to half the ears at most.


Unlike the twisted mustache, the mustache is a lot shorter and narrower and more accessible to style. Depending on the density, this can merge evenly into the full beard or stand on its own as a signature beard.

For a style that looks cool and relaxed, the combination of three-day beard and mustache works very well. This beard style can look quite sporty and therefore fits all face shapes.

However, it can take up to 3 weeks to get the desired fullness, so patience is required. However, you can trim at any time regardless of the length.


Also known as the chin strap, this beard style made it to the most famous summer beards of 2021. A narrow strip of beard is worn that runs from chin to lower lip in the middle.

A big plus point: underlines a round face and, as the three-day beard, is also ideal for striking face shapes. In addition, this beard shape is perfect for those who are looking for the perfect mix between little beard and style.


The short beard

This is a specific variant that allows you to wear your usual style, just a little bit shorter, which requires a lot less maintenance.

Although you hardly need to trim or comb with this style, make sure that you keep the beard line on the neck under control and keep the beard in shape with regular grooming not to look shaggy.


The short boxed

A classic variant focuses specifically on the upper lip and only reaches the chin or lower jaw while the cheeks are shaved. This is a super style for men who usually don’t wear a beard, a subtle first try, so to speak, that won’t shock friends and family! To ensure a clear line, you should invest in a good beard trimmer.

The hipster beard

In the early 20th century, this style has made a comeback thanks to the hipster movement.

This summer-ready variant consists of a short trimmed beard (similar to the short beard) and a long mustache (usually with twisted ends, depending on how much charisma you want to give it!). Men’s buns are optional.

The casually elegant/charming mustache

Once associated with Victorian detectives and 1970s movie stars, the humble mustache is making a comeback thanks to celebrities like Chris Evans and Milo Ventimiglia. Paired with some stubble, the look appears timeless, strong, and sophisticated.

The biker beard

This is a rather daring beard style (whether you’re a Harley-Davidson lover or not) that shaves the chin with a long mustache and longer whiskers around the cheek or lower jaw.

With this style, make sure to trim your beard regularly so that it looks well-groomed. Don’t hesitate to compliment the look with accessories like a ponytail and a leather jacket …



Summer Beards StylesNeanderthal’s hairy wild growth may have impressed the lady in the fur. With homo sapiens, things are a bit different. On the one hand, we men ourselves place higher demands on ourselves. We live a lifestyle that is partly shaped by looks: a fast car, a profitable job, cool clothes.

Our appearance has become more important to us. We value beautiful hair, and – after a more extended break – the beard is back in fashion, and it will remain so.

Your beard is only trendy if it’s styled and well-groomed. How come? Well: We live in the age of emancipation. Today women mainly feed themselves.

The animal that was hunted by prehistoric people, in modern terms, money alone no longer pulls like it once did.

Instead, the beau is in demand today. Applied to the beard, this means: Neanderthal frill is out, fragrant, trimmed suppleness is in. What does your beard need for this, especially in summer, on the beach? We have tips for you.

Your beard. In summer, it gives shade. In winter, it keeps you warm.

Summer Beards tip 1 – Prepare yourself and put together your beard care package.
What do you think? Why are so many women so beautiful? It’s simple: you do a lot for it. You spend billions on cosmetics every year.

They know that healthy, soft skin and silky, shiny hair are attractive. We admire women for this, don’t we? That’s precisely what we want.

We, too, want to be respected. In the era of predominant female power, we have to dig deeper into our bag of tricks for better or worse. We think it can’t hurt to learn something from the lovely woman when it comes to caring.

Status alone is no longer enough. Beauty care is the order of the day. Your bright head and beard have to look good.

Take care of your skin, your hair, and especially your beard so that nothing stands in the way of summer flirting. Women go to the hairdresser again before going on vacation, stock up on unique care products for their hair to counteract the strains it is exposed to.

It would be best if you too prepared yourself, especially your second most crucial pride, your beard, for summer and the beach, for wind, sun, saltwater, chlorine, and the campfire heat.

Get your beard in top shape beforehand. Go to the barber or trim it again yourself. Get grooming products. Beard oil alone is not enough.

You have to put together a well-thought-out men’s package: beard oil, shampoo, conditioner, beard wax, pomade, balm, trimmer, brush, comb, scissors—Sun cream and very important to protect your head: hat or cap.

Summer Beards Tip 2 – Get rid of harmful salt water and chlorine from your beard.

Arrived. Freedom, adventure, and – hopefully for singles, a summer flirt.

Upper fine beach. Glittering waves. The first jump into the refreshing salty water. Just great. Only one thing could tarnish this first joy. Salt. Yes. Saltwater, as much as it is refreshing and pleasing to the skin, is harmful to the hair. The one on your head as well as your magnificent beard hair. But there are a few things you can do about it.

As an immediate measure, we recommend a freshwater shower. If you are not stranded in the most remote wilderness, there are usually showers available on the beach.

Wash any body hair with plain water, gently pat dry, or just let it air dry. You have already done a lot of good with that because you washed away a large part of the salt—the hair-damaging culprit par excellence. Salt crystals act on your hair like a blotting paper that soaks up oil and moisture on the one hand and like burning glasses on the other.

This means that they intensify the sun’s UV radiation and heat, which destroys pigments and keratin compounds—consequence: brittle, dry hair, and beard hair.

Our urgent advice to you: wash your hair and beard hair with a care shampoo in the evening or at the latest at the first opportunity.

Preferably with one without synthetic fabrics. Reach for nature in nature. By the way: If it was just enough for a swimming pool and chlorinated water – the same recommendation applies. Chlorine has to go.


Summer Beards Tip – Protect your magnificent beard from wind and weather with beard balm.

Wind, as much as it makes the heat more bearable and your sweating body thanks to it, has the same effect on your hair as a blow dryer. It dries out your beard hair, leaving it brittle and dull.

On top of that, he roughs up hair and makes it difficult to comb—no need to worry. You are well equipped and have your beard care package with you.

In preparation for the bathing or beach day, treat yourself and your beard, as usual, shave or trim, brush or comb it. In any case, we recommend that you rub in a few drops of moisturizing beard oil as a primary care to make it supple and shiny and as additional wind protection, some beard balm, pomade for the long beard, or beard wax for your upper lip beautifier.

Both are used for your styling, keep you in shape, and help remove the wind’s ruffling effect.

Pomade and cum also smell good, and when the wind blows the refined scent into the nose of a nearby beach beauty, your chances of a hot flirt may increase dramatically.

However, if the wind has raged too much and your hair and beard hair are entirely out of shape, treat both of them to a conditioner in the evening after washing them with shampoo.

In summer, extra care is simply a must. Conditioner smooths your wind-disheveled hair so that it is easy to comb, provides additional moisture, which counteracts dry skin and possible dandruff, and makes it soft to the touch. Irresistible for the flirt acquaintance.


Summer Beards Tip 5 – Protect your skin and hair from the blazing sun.

Regularly cared for is already half protected. There is still no special sun protection for the beard. The skin under thick vegetation is covered and secured by this in any case.

The whiskers themselves can quickly become dry and lackluster in summer due to wind, salt, and chlorine and being bleached by the sun’s UV rays.

However, well-groomed hair, which receives extra care on top of that in summer, is much less at risk of dehydration, loss of shine, and bleaching because it gets immediate help from nourishing ingredients.

Look for moisturizing, lipid-replenishing, nourishing products with herbal ingredients and, if possible, without chemicals. It is better to use more than less beard oil, pre-shaves, aftershaves, shampoo, conditioner, beard balm, beard pomade, and beard wax in summer.

They all care for and put a protective covering around their hair.

With short beards, it may be advisable to protect the shimmering skin – as far as it is possible to apply it – with the sunscreen that you already use on your face and body.

Maybe it will also help against the fading of your intensely colored beard hair. There are no studies on this. In any case, we don’t know of any.

There are hairsprays for women that protect the hair from the sun thanks to an integrated UV filter. Likewise, sprays protect against straightening iron heat.

Perhaps these also help against the warmth of a campfire … If you dare, take your partner’s. But heed the African proverb, or at least take it literally: a man with a beard shouldn’t blow into the fire.


Summer tip 5 – Protect yourself from the inside, too, and put on a hat.

Exclusive, high-quality care products help with much smaller and larger hair and beard hair problems and skin irritations that can come with daily shaving.

It is essential to use products that are appropriate for your skin and hair type all year round.

In summer, especially when you sweat in the sun or the campfire or when you move around in seawater, we recommend that you trust our care products on the one hand, but on the other hand also ensure that your hair, your chin, and your skin get from the inside out, what you need first of all: nutrients and water.

Eat a diet rich in vitamins, minerals and varied and drink at least 2.5 to 3 liters, sweltering days. Suppose you do sports, a lot more.

At high temperatures, not only your body needs a lot of water, but also your skin and hair. A lack of water quickly leads to an insufficient supply of nutrients.

We, therefore, advise you: Don’t forget the water bottle for your summer beards care package! Not even a hat or cap – they protect your head and nose and maybe even your beard like a parasol.

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