Soul Patch – Small But Great! How You Groom Your Beard **2021

Soul Patch, Low effort, unproblematic in growth, and unique: That defines the Soul Patch. This type of beard hairstyle has been known for a long time. One of the most famous soul patch wearers, who combined this beard style with a mustache, was William Shakespeare. But the beard was not only renowned at this time. It was also later prevalent among jazz musicians.

You can find out how to get the little mustache and care for it in the article.

Who does the Soul Patch suit?

The ghosts quarrel during the Soul Patch. It is unique due to its shape and looks extravagant. It has to suit its wearer, whereby it depends less on the body of the face or the hairstyle than on its character. Whoever wears a soul patch is self-confident and approaches people.

The beard hairstyle is suitable for all face shapes. No mustache that widens the face or goatee that makes the shape of the face look more elongated.

As long as you don’t let the Soul Patch grow down too much, it doesn’t have this effect, and that is precisely its great advantage. In addition, you do not need intensive beard growth.

Problem areas, such as the cheeks, are not relevant to the beard. Only the hair below the lower lip is essential, and this grows relatively quickly and densely in most men.

In addition to the classic soul patch as a single small mustache, this beard hairstyle can be combined very well with other styles. Regardless of whether you have a 3-day beard or a mustache, the combinations with the Soul Patch look great.

This is how you let the Soul Patch grow.

Soul PatchSoul patch is straightforward in its growth phase: It is best to grow a goatee and shave off the excess hair on the chin at the desired length. Depending on the growth of your beard, the process should take about three weeks.

Of course, you should also shave off all other hair regularly.

To ensure the correct shape, all you need is a wet razor and a trimmer. The wet razor is responsible for the large areas up to the contours, and you use the trimmer to shape the actual beard a little.

The beard is one of the few beards whose basic shape you can easily make yourself so that you can save yourself the trip to the barber. Little can go wrong with this beard hairstyle.

This is how you care for the Soul Patch.

Soul Patch is not very demanding in terms of care due to its small area:

As long as you don’t want to combine the beard with a 3-day beard, you should regularly remove all other areas of hair. The contours must, of course, also be traced with the help of the wet razor and trimmer.

The hair of the beard should not be too long. Otherwise, it will look strange. To shorten them, you can use the trimmer or beard scissors.

Since the Soul Patch is so tiny, beard oil is not necessary. Should you still notice that your skin is dry or the whiskers are brittle, you can also work in 2 drops of oil daily.


Strictly speaking, the soul patch is just a tiny stain on the chin, but it’s a beard that polarizes. Some say sexy; others say embarrassing.

Those who find the beard embarrassing are usually always clean-shaven and do not dare to experiment. On the other hand, those who like it are casual and don’t care about the opinion of others. To get a beard, all you have to do is put on a goatee.

When this is dense enough, shave off all of the whiskers until there is only a tiny stain left in the center of the chin. Your soul patch is ready.

No Go’s with the Soul Patch.

Even though the soul patch is a short beard in terms of maintenance and effort, there are a few things you should consider when deciding on a beard. If you naturally have a slightly elongated face, then the beard is not the best choice because it will make you look longer.

A mustache combined with a beard is a matter of taste. If the schnauzer is too fine, it can quickly appear silly. The same applies to the bald head on the beard.

Your face shape and personality always play a role, whether the beard suits you, as well as the size and shape of the spot.


That’s cool, young man.

Young men with a soul patch look fantastic, and it is not uncommon for men of a sedate age to have a compassionate smile.

The beard is a classic summer beard because it lets enough air into the skin, and when it is combined with casual sunglasses, it looks twice as cool. By the way, women like the beard. They associate the beard mark on their chin with cleverness and cleverness.

Together with a well-groomed three-day beard, the Soul Patch is unbeatable because more coolness is not possible.


Trimming is a must.

The Soul Patch cannot do without a beard trimmer because if the idiosyncratic goatee is not regularly cut into shape, it very quickly reminds you of a minor mishap that occurred while drinking cocoa and was not wiped away.

Every few days, you have to touch your beard and trim it back into perfect shape.

Don’t wait too long because the longer the beard hairs get, the more the beard becomes a goatee, and this great beard doesn’t suit every man.


Perfect for nightlife.

Some beards are socially acceptable and can also be worn on the job.

The Henrique and a well-groomed full beard, for example, are such beards because they look very masculine and you radiate competence. On the other hand, the Soul Patch is the proper beard when it comes to the slopes.

Are you a night owl and a hipster? Then the beard is something for you. Of course, you can also wear the beard to work, but it does convey an attitude that is perhaps more sought after in the creative and artistic professional world.

The Soul Patch can be styled quickly, and if, contrary to expectations, it is not the proper beard for you, no problem because it disappears very quickly with the help of a wet razor.


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