Short Beard Styles – How to Trim a Short Beard ? – April 2021

short beard styles fit almost any face shape. The list of possible short beard styles is long, and there are at least one short beard styles that will suit your face shape. The possibilities are limitless, as you will see below.

Short Beard Styles, There are countless variations on how to create a short beard. Also, the short beard shape is at the top of the beard style hit list!
Not every man wants to grow a long beard. Also, some men cannot breed a full beard due to predisposition or other reasons.

In this blog article, you will get excellent inspiration from over 42 short beard shapes, valuable care tips, and you can win a high-quality beard oil from REDKEN BREWS! So stick with it until the end!

Is the short beard shape something for you?
Almost every man can wear short beards. The intelligent thing is that even beard growth is not necessarily required. Some variations allow “gaps” in the beard growth pattern.

Short, trendy beard styles with an irregular beard growth
Do you have a rough beard? No problem! You will indeed find yourself here. In combination with a modern hairstyle, you are very fashionable!

The classic 3 day beard – an evergreen!
This beard shape is still the most popular beard style! It makes you look more distinctive and can hide small bumps on the skin.

The short trendy gray beard
Short gray beards look very attractive and sexy in combination with a trendy haircut and fashionable clothes. Your appearance exudes sovereignty and self-confidence.

The top fashionable anchor beard or anchor beard.
This trendy beard shape is something for extravagant men. This beard shape visually stretches your face. Be careful than with an elongated face.

Mega trendy! Short beard style with a mustache
This beard shape is also something for trend-conscious men! The mustache is finding its way into men’s fashion.

Advantage: As a “room divider”, it makes an elongated face appear less narrow.


How to maintain a short beard?

Short beards are not always kissable because they can scratch when they make out. The skin under the beard is often uncomfortable itchy.

For this reason, do not use conventional beard oil but beard and skin oil. The Redken Brews BART AND SKIN OIL It supplies your skin and beard with moisture. The itching is significantly reduced, and your beard hair becomes soft and supple.

How to trim a short beard?

A short beard is much easier to trim than a long beard. Depending on the beard growth‘s strength, you should trim your beard hair 1-2 times a week with a good beard trimmer.

I find the vacuum BEARD TRIMMER FROM PHILIPS very innovative. The integrated vacuum system is used to catch trimmed whiskers and ensures a clean bathroom.

The trimmer has 20 adjustable lengths, from 0.5 mm to 10 mm, via the Philips ZoomWhee. So here you can vary without end.

If you want to let your mustache grow a little longer and even twirl it, you will also need beard scissors.

The Charlemagne SCISSORS are developed by barbers with over ten years of experience in the craft.

To buy a discounted beard care product and get your personal advice, please message.You can find answers to all questions on our site.
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