Shaved Head with Beard – Are shaved heads attractive? **2021

Shaved Head with Beard, from the lion’s mane straight to the Shaved Head with Beard? D rather not. Because longer hair immediately clogs the razor blades with a wet shave, which is why you have to press harder and thus cut yourself more easily.

Before Shaved Head with Beard, you should first separate your long hair in an intermediate step and shorten it to stubble length. It works particularly well with the help of a trimmer.

You can also use the beard trimmer – the only difference is the finer blades, but Beard can also use it for the hair on the head.

Tip: Wash your trimmed hair before you put on the razor! The hair becomes smoother and softer and is then easier to completely shave off.

Shaved Head with BeardShaved Head with Beard – What you need to consider: The shave does not unnecessarily irritate the skin. You must take some important steps: gel, foam, or cream generously and evenly over the entire so that the blades glide smoothly over the skin.

Move the razor slowly and with little pressure towards the centre of your Shaved Head with Beard several times. You start the first lane at the front – and guide the razor backward from your forehead. Then you shave from the sides and the neck up.

Is there only one way? No. It depends on what result you want. If you want the bald head to be smooth, proceed as described. If you don’t mind a few stubbles, you can also shave the lanes from the head’s centre in the direction of hair growth – this is less stressful for your skin. You may sometimes have to rework something – controlling quiet again behind the ears or on the back of the Shaved Head with Beard.

Now rinse off the foam residue with lukewarm water and pat your head dry with a towel, done. It is important when shaving and afterwards: so that nothing gets in the way, you should always remove stubble and foam from the blades under running water. If it did happen and you cut yourself, dab the wound with a tissue soaked in alcohol.

You can also see more models by watching the video below.
Head Shave Transforms Balding Guy's Look

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