Pimples After Shaving – What Helps Against Razor Pimples? What to do?

Pimples after shaving are not just a problem for men on the beard but also women. In this article, we deal with the pimples after shaving, after the beard shave, of course.

The pimples after shaving can be avoided for most people if you follow a few small tips.

There will be small red spots on the skin and sometimes a rash after shaving. But is it possible to shave without getting pimples? The razor bumps occur when the skin is injured while shaving .

Razor bumps

The razor pimples appear after shaving. They usually itch and burn and can last for several days.

Many people experience razor bumps because the skin after the wet razor is either not treated or treated with the wrong beard care product. These can also occur after the dry shave.

If the razor pimples do not go away after a short time and inflammation of the hair follicles occurs, you should see a doctor.

What helps against razor bumps

No more shaving, arguably the most effective way to counteract razor bumps. But unfortunately, it is not always possible in our society.

That is why you have to make sure that the skin is irritated as little as possible.

You need to use shaving foam or shaving gel before shaving. And a reliable after-shave care product.

12 Tips To Avoid Pimples After Shaving: Here’s How To Get Them Off.

There are a few rules that we must adhere to when shaving. If we do not follow them, skin irritation and razor burn can occur .

In men, the neck and face are primarily affected, whereas, in women, the legs and bikini line are affected. Both women and men get razor pimples under the armpits. In these tips, we will show you how you can avoid razor bumps.

The best way to proceed when shaving is as follows: The area to be shaved must be cleaned thoroughly, the hair and skin can be soaked. Longer hair will be cut off with scissors.

A shaving gel or a shaving foam is applied. And now you shave with a sharp blade, with the line. Now wash your face with cold water and use care products if necessary.

Now the skin has to rest, which means that the skin must not contact clothes (scarf) or sweat because friction and sweat can attack the sensitive skin.

Are you missing a step in your shave? Now we finally come to our tips.

Tips for shaving without pimples.

Pimples After Shaving – Tip 1: Clean your face before you shave it.
Logical right? By cleaning the skin, you remove the impurities and bacteria that can penetrate the skin when you shave.

But don’t overdo it! Lukewarm water is sufficient here.

You can also soak the area to be shaved, the hair will be gentler, and the shaving process will be easier

Tip 2: cut off long hair.
A razor is usually not suitable for long hair. The hair is distributed over the razor blade and cannot be cut off neatly and cleanly. The whiskers are torn out and not cut off, which leads to extreme irritation of the skin.

Pimples After ShavingWhat to do against razor bumps: Use a beard trimmer.
Use a beard trimmer to cut off long hair before reaching for a razor.
The beard trimmer usually does not cause skin irritation and cuts off many beard hairs very quickly.


Get rid of razor bumps: Use beard scissors.

Use a beard trimmer to the long whiskers to separate before you start shaving.
Trimming with beard scissors has to be learned. It is usually much more complex and more prolonged than with a beard trimmer.

Tip 3: Use shaving gel or shaving foam.
It doesn’t matter whether you use a shaving gel or a shaving foam. They both serve the same purpose. These products are said to make it easier for the razor blade to glide over the skin and soak the hair to be separated more easily.

Unfortunately, there are shaving gels that can attack susceptible skin, so you need to find a suitable product for your skin.

If you’ve never used shaving gel or foam before, give it a try.

Pimples After Shaving – Tip 4: use clean and sharp blades.
Logical right? Everyone should be aware that a rusty or even dirty blade cannot positively affect the skin. A fuzzy blade leads to minor injuries to the skin, the hair is not separated correctly, much more pressure has to be exerted, and the affected area has to be shaved several times.

The skin is highly irritated, and this can be avoided very quickly with a sharp blade.

Tip 5: Shave gently and carefully.
Try to avoid all possible injuries, even the smallest. Only apply as much pressure as necessary. Try to shave the shaving area as little as possible. It is better to take five minutes more time, so that razor pimples do not arise in the first place.

Tip 6: Shave with the grain.
Guide your razor so that you shave with the direction of hair growth. Many do not pay attention to this point! The skin is very stressed when you shave against the grain (against the law of beard growth).

Tip 7: Wash off with cold water after shaving.
The skin’s pores are closed, and the skin is cooled; the cooling soothes the irritation so that you no longer want to scratch it and don’t press your dirty hands on the freshly shaved areas.

Tip 8: use a care product.
Your skin has been stressed and maybe injured. To counter this, a personal care product can work wonders. It moisturizes the skin, helps the micro-injuries to heal, and relaxes the skin.

Make sure you use a skin-friendly care product.

Tip 9: give your skin time to relax.

Pimples After Shaving – Tip 10 against razor bumps: Avoid daily shaving.
If your skin hasn’t recovered from the last shave, then don’t shave. Shave every 2 or 3 days.

Tip 11 against razor bumps: Do not exercise after a direct shave.
Of course, exercise is an excellent and healthy thing that positively affects the formation of skin cells and hair. However, we sweat, and the sweat attacks the freshly shaved, susceptible skin.

It would help if you gave your skin a few hours off before flood the sensitive skin with salty sweat.

Tip 12 against razor bumps: Avoid friction (from clothing).
Just as sweat can attack freshly shaved skin, the textiles we wear can also lead to razor bumps. It could be due to “bad” materials. It could also be due to friction. Clothing causes razor pimples, especially in the genital area.

As a man, you should give up your sonic immediately after shaving.

As a rule, the skin gets used to the shaving process. If you have followed our tips and you still get razor pimples, then you should seek professional advice from your trusted dermatologist.

Shave without pimples
To avoid pimples after shaving, you need to use shaving foam or shaving gel, plus an after-shave product. This can usually be used to prevent shaving pimples.

Avoiding alcoholic products can also help so that you can try an after-shave lotion. Avoid products that smell too intrusive. Fragrances can also cause skin irritation, irritation, and rashes after shaving.

While shaving in the shower is convenient and quick, you should give the shaving cream some time to soak in. If you have not yet learned to shave correctly, you can find instructions on How to Shave!

While it is more effective to shave against the grain, the solution to the problem may be reversing it, which will make the skin less irritated.


Pimples after shaving
The pimples after shaving don’t stop? Then leave the wet shave and use a beard trimmer instead. Here our beard trimmer test .

With a dry shave, the skin is less stressed or not at all, so pimples after shaving cannot appear after shaving. Trim as much as possible so that there is only a tiny layer of hair that cannot be seen with the eye.

Say goodbye to the rash after shaving.

Unfortunately, some skin is not made for shaving, so it may not be possible to shave without pimples and skin irritations…

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