Old Man Beard – How to grow Old Man Beard ? **2021

Old Man Beard is an extravagant beard that is very much based on the full beard. In contrast to the classic Old Man Beard, the Old Man Beard is characterised by a central division in the chin area, reminiscent of a fork with two prongs and a slightly trimmed moustache.

With the help of a beard trimmer, Old Man Beard can be appropriately shaped and individually designed.  If properly cared for, this beard style is a real eye-catcher, making a face look longer.

However, the complexity is demanding, and the maintenance of this beard is very high. This is probably the reason that this beard style is very rarely found in everyday life.

Washing the beard two to three times a week with a beard shampoo as well as regular trimming and cutting off of the excess hair is mandatory.

This beard the only way to guarantee a well-groomed look. Beard wax is a great help in dividing this beard neatly in half and shaping it.

The fact that this looks very masculine and exudes a mysterious aura is shown, for example, by Brad Pitt, who wore it more than ten years ago.

Old Man Beard also the namesake for this beard style. Since then, men have been repeatedly inspired to adorn their faces with the Old Man Beard, such as the famous actor Christopher Lee in one of his films. That Old Man’s Beard is often referred to as a pimp’s beard is probably because it is increasingly found in these circles.

Old Man Beard is a narrow, long, thin moustache with a recess under the nose and two thin bars to the right and left of the mouth that grows exclusively out of the moustache’s hair.

However, it takes some time for the straight, drooping ends to protrude to the chin or beyond and be twirled as desired.

Until then, you should let your beard grow undisturbed, although you can’t do without styling with Old Man Beard either.

Depending on the beard’s growth and beard density, it can be brought into shape every few days using a precision trimmer or beard scissors. It is crucial to ensure that the ends are evenly long and that the rest of the face remains cleanly shaved. Both the complexity and the maintenance effort are very high with the Old Man Beard.

You can also see more models by watching the video below.

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