15 Natural Ways To Make Your Beard Grow Faster

Growing your beard shouldn’t be a rocket science but it’s not that easy either. Though there are many cosmetic techniques to help you out, they can burn a hole in your pocket. Let’s find out the top 15 techniques that can develop your facial hair faster, in natural ways.

Eat Protein-Rich Foods

Eating a protein-rich food is the first step towards growing beard without getting hormone therapy or injections. But here lies a catch. Instead of plant-based proteins (legume, soybean), you must lean towards animal-proteins, in case you want to flaunt facial hair in a short span of time. That’s why including poultry-based chicken, turkey or geese meat in your everyday diet is essential.

Beard hair is primarily made of keratin, which is a specific type of protein. Now we can’t produce protein on your own and that’s why, there has to be an incessant supply of lean protein from outside, in our daily sustenance. Apart from meat, you should dig into Greek yogurt and low-fat cheese for filling up the quota of animal-protein intake- on a regular basis.

Omega-3 fatty acid is another crucial ingredient that will keep your facial hair soft and shiny. You will find Omega-3 plenty in salmon and tuna fish. Also take nuts and seeds that contain Omega-3 sufficiently.

Eat Fruits And Right Type Of Carbs

There are right types of fruits which accelerate your beard growth more than the others. Orange is one such name. Full of Vitamin C and anti-oxidants, orange keeps the hair growth on your body steady and healthy. In similar fashion, banana is a man’s best friend when he is striving hard to develop facial hair. Banana has potassium that offers many solid nutrients to your body including- hair growth nutrients. Likewise, the magnesium present in banana provides your body with the considerable amount of mineral it deserves, in a cost-effective way.

A healthy diet is a must for your beard development where you should replace fatty carbs such as pasta, white rice, and pizza with healthy carbs like- brown rice, multi-grain breads and sweet potatoes.

Keep Skin Clear

Once you have decided to grow your beard, say good bye to hot shower or washing your face with warm water. Continue to do this as long as you want to grow and keep the whisker. Hot water makes your facial skin dry-thus halting the growth of hair. Instead of it, reach out for mild soap and cold water every time you are cleaning off your face after a long, hard day.

Along this line, include exfoliation thrice-a-week as a part of your beauty regimen. We know that facial scrubbing has not been that popular or main-stream among male all around the world. But it’s about time.

A well-scrubbed skin is clear of dirt or oil build-up inside its pores- thus leaving the skin with a room to breathe and grow stubble. Just be cautious that, you must scrub your face delicately and not vigorously.

Add Vitamin B

Apart from animal protein and Omega-3 fatty acid, do include multivitamins in your diet. Vitamin B1, B6, biotin and niacin are some of the types which should find place in your everyday food list.  Not only in sustenance form, in order to grow facial fuzz, massage your beard with Vitamin B5 rich cream once-a-day as well. If you fail to get all your Vitamin B sources from everyday food, then go for vitamin pills.

Take Natural Supplements

Every now and then you can take natural supplements for beard-growth, which would trigger off the right hormone in your body. Don’t believe in those articles that say there is no such thing as beard-growth supplement. Aswagandha is one such supplement that has lauded for its hair growth capability in India since centuries. Another natural supplement you might opt for is- Glycine. This amino acid-based add-on helps testosterone converting into DHT– thus promoting beard growth.

Drink Water

Drinking plenty of water is a must, when you are developing a moustache or whisker. Make sure that you consume minimum 4 liters of water per day. A dehydrated skin becomes an infertile ground to grow hair. That’s why; keep yourself hydrated all the time. In the event you don’t like sipping into water throughout the day, green tea and home-made fruit juice can be good alternatives.

Whenever you are sipping into soda or cola, drink minimum 3oz water after that every time, to flush out the toxin.

Manage Stress

Easier said than done, but having high level of stress due to work or family issues increase the production of stress hormone (cortisol) in your body. This has an adverse effect on the testosterone production, which in turn, sparks off your beard’s growth. So try to find any avenue through which you can cut back on stress.

Do yoga, meditation, work-out or listen to instrumental music. You can even take help of stress ball or appoint a therapist. Now do take note that, all of us need cortisol in some amount in our bodies. Why? Because cortisol helps us to cope with any type of trauma in a natural manner. Here, the aim is not to make stress hormone vanish from your body but to make it inductive towards beard growth.

Don’t Groom Beard In First Month

Depending upon your genetics, age and hair growth rate- it might take 2-5 months to develop a facial hair that you would be proud of. For that reason, stay away from grooming your hair in the first month itself. You might feel scratchy or the hair strands might grow unevenly. But that shouldn’t encourage you to reach out for the scissor and give them a good trim.  And forget all about electric trimmer for those 30 days.

Just let the hair follicles grow in their own rhythm and don’t rock the boat. This is the best push you can give to the fuzz.  Also don’t use blow dryer on your hair in that 1 month.

Moisturize With Natural Oil

Sometimes, when you are in the process of growing your moustache or whisker, hair loss or bald spot may appear (popularly known as Alopecia Barbae) on your face. This happens due to unhygienic habits or fungal infection. You have to visit your physician for the right prescribed drug. On the other hand, moisturizing your beard with natural oil on a regular basis-does provide it with the care and growth it requires.

Eucalyptus oil is the foremost name that comes to mind, when searching for natural oil recipes for facial hair increment. Mix 5-7 drops of Eucalyptus oil with 1 ounce of virgin olive oil and moisturize the lower half of your face with it twice-a-day.  Another good option can be- cold pressed coconut oil. Mix any essential oil such as rosemary, tea tree with it to get the food for your beard.

Whether you are suffering from Alopecia Barbae or having a healthy growth of hair, don’t use harmful paraben-based products on face- whether it’s a face cream or lotion.

Don’t Fall For Myths

When it comes to hair growth, people tend to fall for old wives’ tales – like tonsuring your head gives faster hair growth, a lot. Along this line, many gentlemen out there believe that giving their beards a good-shave (or clean shave) once-in-a-while would multiply the facial hair development. This is certainly hogwash.

Instead of propelling your beard growth, shaving it frequently would rather halt the progress altogether. So beware. Another such myth is- preparing a mask containing jojoba oil / Indian gooseberry oil / lemon juice, applying it on your stubble and then leaving it overnight would give your beard a push for maturation. But in reality, this will certainly leave you feeling sticky throughout the night- thus ruining your sleep.

Be Physically Active

There are two reasons for which work-out is a must, in order to develop facial hair naturally. First, work-out accelerates testosterone level that is the major cause behind beard growth. Secondly, if growing a beard for you is equivalent to making a sexy statement, then remember- nobody gives a second look to a stick-thin man. To soak into adulation for your stylized and thick facial hair, you have to flaunt a fit and sculpted body.

Though any type of exercise is deemed to be fit- for beard growth, try sticking to cardio mostly.

Whether you are planning to join Zumba or running half-an-hour round your neighborhood park, don’t overthink and start doing it from today. Additionally, in gym, try to lift weight more than any other workout such as- cycling. Lifting weight speeds up hormone development in the body.

Don’t Fight Off Genetics

When it comes to growing beard, just stick to the one mantra from the very beginning. It is- you can’t beat genetics. It so may happen that your chin witnesses the thickest growth of hair but the edges of the cheek have thin layer of stubble because of genes. Learn how to play around with what you have, so that the whisker looks smart and stylish.

Wait for 1 more month to see- how the bare spots are getting filled up with hair. But if it’s not in your gene, your beard will show dissimilar growth pattern in the lower half of the face.

To compensate for it, learn different styling techniques for beard. Go to a chic salon that would intelligently cover up the inconsistencies of your facial hair in such a way that- they fuzz would look thicker and neat to the onlookers.

Check Alcohol And Milk Consumption

Testosterone is the male sexual hormone. Testosterone would decide- whether you have thick voice or stubble on face or strong libido. When you are looking for ways to grow your beard naturally, it’s important that you power up the testosterone production of your body in an organic manner.

First of all, cut back on alcohol consumption habit (if there is any). Limit the number within 1 or 2 glasses of hard drinks per week. Consuming alcohol on a high rate releases aromatase enzyme, which eventually converts testosterone into estrogen. The result can be peculiar. Instead of being more muscular and push your beard growing faster, your body would acclimatize to “feminized” characteristics.

Another little trick that would keep a check on your testosterone level would be- replacing full-fat milk with its skimmed, low-fat version. Scientific studies have showed that full-fat milk lowers sperm count and level of testosterone in healthy, adult male.

Take Plenty Of Rest

According to Journal of American Medical Association, if a man gets only 5 hours (or less) of sleep every day for one week straight, his testosterone level drops up to 10%. The solution lies with having plenty of sleep on a regular basis. Sleep deprivation also powers up the aging process. In case you can’t sleep at a stretch for more than 5 hours a day, sneak up a power nap of 30-minutes (preferably post-lunch).

Sleeping does command for an ambience that is cozy, noiseless and dim. It would be better if you get off your laptop or any other gadget at least one hour before hitting the bed at night. Drinking some warm low-fat/almond milk would help you to rest peacefully.

Keep Patience

Keeping patience is the first step towards having a good run with beard growth. Most men falter at this point as they grow out of patience without seeing any visible result at the end of the first month. Additionally, you have to learn to adjust with discomfort, in case you want to flaunt sexy stubble. Your facial hair might become scratchy or dry. Sometimes, you’d feel that overwhelming wish to weed them out one-by-one. But if you hold in there, the outcome would be worth the pain.

Any man worth his “beard” would vouch for the fact that- how divine it feels to stroke away those silky hair strands on face.

If grown and stylized properly, your whisker alone might fetch plenty of attention from the opposite sex as well. To achieve all that, don’t shy away from the hard work.