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Longest Beard In The World,21-51A man’s beard takes time to grow and, with good beard care, can reach an impressive length. But which man currently holds the world record for the longest beard in the world and how long was his beard?

The Norwegian Hans Nilson Langseth (1846 – 1927) holds the current record for the longest beard in the world with a 5.33 m long beard. The reason for the long beard was a bet among friends. The world record was only assigned to him long after his death in 1967.

How did Hans Langseth manage to grow such a long beard and can that really be true? I calculated the approximate duration for such a long beard and cover more of the backstory in this article.

World record for the longest beard in the world
The history of the longest beard in the world is not particularly spectacular.

But one thing is certain: It certainly took a lot of time and effort to grow and maintain such a long beard – in the video below, the beard is shown in close-up.

According to the granddaughter Alma Langseth Richards, the world’s longest beard has its origin in a bet between Hans Langseth and his neighbour, whose name is unknown.

The two neighbours made a bet that the one who can grow the longest beard over the winter automatically wins the bet – the stake is not known.

Hans won the bet and just decided to let his beard grow further. In the end, his beard was 5,33 m long and to this day this is the unbeaten world record for the longest beard in the world.

During his lifetime he certainly did not expect his beard to be included in the Guinness Book of World Records and to remain unbeaten in terms of length for so many years.

This means that Hans Nilson Langseth did not wear the title for the longest beard in the world during his lifetime, but only received it in 1967 long after his death.

Longest Beard In The WorldThe life of Hans Nilson Langseth with his long beard
Born in Norway, the fourth of five children was born. In 1867 Hans Langseth decided to emigrate to the USA, where he married his future wife Anna Benson.

Most of the time he worked as a normal farmer and later also in the circus, where he was presented to the people with his long beard . For the people of yesteryear, this was sure to be an amazing attraction and would still impress many today.

Now some readers are probably wondering how this man managed to carry such a long beard with him without tripping over it and breaking his neck.

According to the family, Hans always wrapped his beard around his body and wore it under a vest – the name “python beard” would certainly be an appropriate term.

When Hans Nilson Langseth died in 1927, the family decided to cut off the beard and keep it in a chest. In 1967 the longest beard in the world was given to the Smithsonian Institute in Washington and exhibited to the public.

How long did Hans Langseth have to let his five-foot-long beard grow?
There is no precise data on how long it took Hans Langseth to grow a five-foot-long beard. The only information we have is the emigration to the USA in 1867 because that was where the bet was finally made.

Assuming that the bet was made when he was 40, it took about 41 years to grow such a long beard.

Furthermore, nothing is known about beard care, whether the beard was ever shortened and if so how often this happened.

Mr Langseth certainly did not expect that his beard could be so interesting for posterity and accordingly did not keep any scientific documentation.

If you now want to grow your beard in order to break the world record, then you should definitely keep a diary for your beard growth.

In the further course of the article, I’ll calculate how long it would take to break Hans Langseth’s record.

Break the world record for the longest beard in the world?
In order to grow such a long beard, the first thing to know is how fast a beard grows on average so that it has a chance of setting the world record for the longest beard in the world.

On average, the beard hair grows just as fast as the scalp hair at 0.3 to 0.5 mm per day. By the way: Contrary to the claims, the beard doesn’t grow faster if you shave it more often.

If you want to know exactly how long it takes to grow a certain beard length, then you should definitely read my article – How long does a beard take to grow?

The rate of growth remains constant and varies from man to man. Your own testosterone level and diet play a decisive role in the speed of beard growth.

If you are toying with the idea of ​​being included in the Guinness Book of World Records under the category “Longest beard in the world”, then you would have to let your beard grow 5,34 m.

With a growth rate of 0.3 mm per day and without trimming the beard, you would have to let it grow for a proud 48 years and 268 days. If your whiskers grow at 0.5 mm / day, it would only be 29 years and 88 days.

I don’t even want to start caring for such a long beard, as it would certainly take a long time and would be unthinkable for most people in our fast-paced society.

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