How To Trim Beard – April 2021

How to trim beard The ideal tool to quickly trim your full beard is a multifunctional beard trimmer.

Whether full beard or three-day beard, the beard trimmer is the ideal tool for trimming and styling.How to trim beard in the limelight.

Your shaving buddy should have two essential functions to make trimming your beard easier and safer. I’ll tell you which:

how to trim beardThe cut length settings

The more cutting lengths you can set on your full beard trimmer, the more flexible you will be in the future to trim new and trendy beard styles with different hair lengths.

As a passionate beard lover, you might want to wear your beard completely differently in six months.

Hot tip! Always ask your professional barber about this, do my beard type check at the end of the article, and read the following article.


But now, it continues with the functions of the ideal beard trimmer.

Contour cutter or precision cutter

The perfectly trimmed beard contour is essential so that your face looks more manicured and distinctive and your beard looks fuller.

For this reason, I recommend a beard razor with a contour attachment. So you can precisely cut the details of the neck, cheek, and upper lip contour.

I am currently using this innovative beard trimmer from Panasonic with the following advantages:

  • Thanks to the powerful high torque motor, you can gently and easily trim your beard – skin-friendly without tearing and pulling.
  • With the help of the comb-shaped blades and the 30mm attachment, particularly long beards can be precisely styled with ease.
  • The comb attachments are easy to attach to the beard trimmer and offer numerous styling options with 58 cutting lengths.
  • After use, the Panasonic beard trimmer can be washed off under running water.
    Including precision trimmer for perfect beard contours
  • Scope of delivery: 1 x Panasonic ERGB96 3 x comb attachments, 1 x trimming attachment, 1 x oil, 1 x cleaning brush, 1 x transport bag, 1 x power supply

Instructions for cutting and trimming your beard

Has your beard got too long and out of shape? Then I will explain how to use your beard trimmer systematically and correctly step by step!

how to trim beard –  Clean your beard beforehand

how to trim beardA precise shortening of your beard is only possible in a clean beard. Beard oil, beard balm, and dust should be removed with a mild beard shampoo. Then dry your beard and comb it into shape.

Adjust the beard trimmer correctly.

Are you clinging to your full beard and want to trim it a little? Are you afraid that your beard will be too short?

Then first, select the largest cutting length setting that your trimmer offers you. After the first test runs, you can gradually choose the length setting and carefully approach your desired size.

how to trim beard –  The technique of cutting and decorating with the beard trimmer

First, use a brush to comb the dry beard from bottom to top. You can see the beard’s volume very well, and the following technique can effectively grip the beard hair.

IMPORTANT! Unlike trimming a three-day beard, you don’t run the beard trimmer from bottom to top. If you do that, you will destroy your magnificent full beard.

To work the other way around! Always move the razor from top to bottom.

Start on the sides and slide the beard trimmer in the direction of growth, starting at the ear and down over the side of the cheek. I like a relatively short beard length setting on the cheek areas. That fits the shape of my face very well, and the emphasis is on my longer chin area.

However, you have to decide for yourself how long the side section can and should be. If your face is relatively narrow, leave the side beard area a little longer and fuller.

Next, I work on my upper lip area, which can also be very short for me.

In the next step, I work on the entire chin area.

Danger! Here I set the trimmer to a significantly longer cutting length and again carefully run from top to bottom over the beard area.

Then I work on the fine-tuning of my beard shape. To do this, I comb hair from the bottom up again to better assess the entire remaining length.

I now remove the attachment from my beard trimmer and carefully cut the desired shape into my beard. This technique is a bit like cutting the hedge of boxwood. You have to keep observing the symmetry and shape.

So I am very focused and keep checking the shape of my beard.

how to trim beard –  The perfect beard contour

In the penultimate step, I cut the contour of the beard.

For this, I use the precision trimmer of my beard trimmer. I start with the contour of the upper lip.

Hot tip! For you to cut the proper arc here, make a slight grin face. Now you remove the protruding whiskers from the upper lip.

Now I go to the neck contour. Here a concave line (triangle) must be created. I also shave the outline of my cheeks clean. The lines in the following figure give you a guide.

how to trim beard –  Beard contour to hide gaps and more beard fullness

Finally, I shave the shape of the cheeks and neck clean with a wet razor! For this, I use mild shaving cream, a safety razor, and then a soothing aftershave balm.

I am happy if I could help you again. However, I am so glad when my favorite barber experiences it again to cut a beard. For me, it is always a pleasure and a break to visit him and to be looked after.

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