How to tame a wild beard ? – Straighten the beard – April 2021

How to tame a wild beard? Straighten your beard? How does it work, and how does my beard stay smooth longer?
Many of you know it. Restless waves or curls ruin the dream of a modern full beard. A well-groomed, well-shaped beard is desirable. But does your beard do what it wants?

You can find out how to achieve a smooth and calm beard in this article.
There are several ways to tame your rebellious full beard. Depending on how strongly the beard hair curls, there are two different options for you to straighten your beard.

Before I explain these two options to you, I recommend a straightening cure that prepares and prepares your beard hair in the best possible way. This will make it easier for you to straighten your beard and achieve a long-lasting result.

Why is such a regimen highly recommended?

Well, a beard – and especially a curly beard – is prone to dryness and porosity. When you add moisture to your beard hair, it becomes more pliable and much more malleable.

A whisker is mainly made up of protein and moisture. Ideally, it consists of 70% -80% protein and 10% -15% moisture. A wavy, curly beard hair lacks moisture, which makes it hard and dry. Similar to uncooked spaghetti, it can break.

Straighten the beard
So provide your beard hair with a lot of moisture to make it malleable and smooth.

For the smoothing cure, I recommend the PRORASO- HOT BEARD OIL

The new beard growth oil from Proraso is perfect for taming and straightening longer beards and protecting beard hair.

I recommend using the smoothing cure once a week.

Here are the application steps:

  • Place the vial in hot water for 1 minute to warm the oil.
  • Then dampen your beard with warm water and massage a small amount of the warm oil into your beard.
  • Let the oil sit for 2-3 minutes, and then rinse it out again.
  • Then your beard hair is well protected and prepared for styling and straightening.

1. Straighten your beard with a mini straightener:
If you have a long beard with correspondingly strong curls, this variant is suitable for straightening your beard. Straighteners are typically used to straighten curly hair. Special coatings on the heating plates offer the hair better protection. These are also available as MINI FLAT IRONS and are particularly suitable for smoothing beards.

To do this, you should first comb your beard. Of course, in the direction of growth from above below, preferably with a bar comb. Your beard must be completely dry. Residual moisture would unnecessarily stress the beard hair.
The MINI-straighteners should be brought to operating temperature stays along the way. First, try a maximum of 160 degrees. If that’s not enough, increase the temperature in small steps if the curls in the beard remain resistant.

Ideally, you use a heat protection spray to protect your hair. This will lastingly protect your hair.

Straighten the beardDivide a narrow section on the lower part of the chin. You clip the beard hair lying on it upwards. Now brush the straightening iron over the entire area from the roots to the tips. In this way, you are treating all of the beard hair.

Here I have an extraordinary trip for you!
Mix your favorite beard growth oil with a styling balm.


This technique gives you a good dose of care, protection, and strength in your beard.

First, take some styling cream in your hand and then drizzle a few drops of beard growth oil on it. Then blend well together and off into the beard!

2. Straighten your beard with a blow dryer
If you don’t have too strong curls in your beard, you can also straighten it with a hairdryer. Make sure that you are using a hairdryer with heat regulation. To straighten the beard with the hairdryer, the beard should be slightly damp. It is best to dab it off with a towel after showering. It is recommended to rub in some beard growth oil afterwards. Then you comb it through entirely with your beard comb. You now pick up the beard hair at the tips with a small to medium-sized natural-bristle round brush to smooth the beard.

Give it a try. I think it’s fantastic!

Use a lukewarm stream of air to guide the beard hair over the round brush gently. Work your way through all of your beards this way.

After the beard has been smoothed, care for it – as described above – with beard growth oil and fix it with a balm.

The best for your beard! The NATURAL BEARD BALM is made from the best natural ingredients.

This includes:

  • beard argan oil
  • beard Avocado oil
  • beard Pumpkin seed oil
  • beard Apricot kernel oil

The fabulous balm is enriched with shea butter, aloe vera, cocoa butter and cocum oil.

We do not use any artificial chemicals or preservatives and DO NOT use counterfeit fragrances or dyes in our products. All oils and butter used are organic and natural.

The high-quality beard balm also nourishes your skin and helps stop the itching caused by new growth and rogue hairs.

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