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Patchy beard is disappointing for many men, there can be many different reasons for this. Many reasons, from genetics to malnutrition, can cause a patchy beard. You don’t have to worry about the patchy beard. If the patchy beard has just begun, we will offer you solutions to fix patchy beard.

When it comes to patchy beard styles, patchy beard solutions can be difficult. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you can grow thick, lush, frizz-free with command. This is a very special club, and if we have to guess, your interest in this article indicates that you do not meet the membership requirements.

This doesn’t mean you can’t really get gorgeous hair. You just need to narrow down the issues and figure out how to make your beard look thicker and look for the right patchy beard treatments and beard growth products.


“How To Fix Patchy Beard?

“How do I fix patchy facial hair”?

“How do I fix a patchy beard growth”?

Do you have these questions unanswered? Are you looking for the best and right solution? Well, you don’t have to be bothered, because I am going to show you the easy ways to eliminate patches from your facial or cheek hair if you read through.


Experiencing a patchy beard is not uncommon and it is to a large extent, not a sign of abnormality. There are several causes of a patchy beard and the major factor responsible for it is a result of many normal physiological interactions which can be understood and then manipulated to make your beard full and patches free. 

Let me show you some of these reasons!


Genetic composition 


Your beard is patchy because of your genetic makeup. Some men just have a harder time growing thick beards. There is nothing unhealthy or bad about this, of course. That’s just the way some of us men were made, and we can thank our ancestors for that. 

So, if you come from a lineage that does not grow thick beards, you will likely have a hard time growing them too. 


Hormonal factor


Sometimes men with genes that are beard-friendly also have a hard time growing beards. Sometimes men with thick beards will have one or two stubborn bald patches that just won’t grow. These issues can due to a low level of hormones. Hormones stimulate your hair follicle cells to start bringing out beards and facial hair. However, when these hormones are low in your bloodstream, they won’t allow for a uniform stimulation or only induce a low level of stimulation.


Other causes of patches include a lack of adequate sleep, poor nutrition, and constant exposure to stress.

Finally, your follicles may have failed to sprout, even if you have beard-friendly genes and an even follicle distribution. This could be due to many reasons: 

1. You could be too young. Beards start growing after men hit puberty. They start growing thin around age 17 and get thicker in your 20s. You should have a nice thick beard by age 25 if you can grow one. If you are within that age range and you have a thin beard, or it is patchy, you may just need to grow into your beard. 


2. Your body may have damaged beard follicles, due to excess styling, weather damage, or low testosterone. If you think this is the case, consider taking a good testosterone booster supplement, or adopting a testosterone-friendly health regimen. 

How to Fix a Patchy Beard Patches in easy ways


Take Vitamins and adequate proteins

 If your beard doesn’t grow because you’re unhealthy, try taking beard growth vitamins. Vitamins are needed for balanced growth. You cannot grow hair without proteins. Proteins are the major component of the hair. The more you intake protein, the more you will be able to have full hair that is patch-free.

You can get beard growth vitamins on Amazon to fix patchy beard.



The Grooming 

If your beard is brittle and damaged, the only medicine is a quality beard conditioner that heals existing strands and strengthens new strands as they form. The key is to find a conditioner that can be easily absorbed by your follicles and absorbed by living strands.

It’s also important to trim split-ends, as part of your morning grooming ritual. Split ends can grow until they shatter the hair. They can also slow beard growth, so nip them off when you catch them. 


The Growth Cream 

patchy beard
patchy beard growth

some have healthy diets, are long past puberty, have excellent testosterone levels, have an impeccable morning grooming ritual, and still can’t grow a beard. If this describes you, then your only option (aside from a beard transplant) is to use a minoxidil cream to force your follicles to start growing.


Minoxidil is a natural substance that forces your follicles to grow. If your follicles are dormant but otherwise healthy, then it will cause them to burst forth with glorious new strands! The only drawback of taking minoxidil is that you have to use it forever. If you stop, your new beard hairs will eventually fall out and not grow back. (This doesn’t happen to beard hair that existed before you started the treatment, by the way). 


Sleep and rest

Rest and adequate for normal development and overall balance of the normal growth mechanism of your body and of course, including the growth of the tiny hairs on your face. Rest makes your hormones and the nutrient you consume to be well utilized and assimilated by your body.


Apply peppermint oil

You can make use of diluted peppermint oil. Dilute the oil to 3% and apply drops of the oil over your beard. Peppermint oil has been shown to induce a hormone that stimulates the growth of the hair strands. This is a natural product and it has no negative consequence of usage.


You can opt-in for a supplement.

There supplement available for stimulating beard or facial hair growth. They are simply a combination of specific minerals, herbs, amino acids, and vitamins that works with hormones associated with beard growth. There are a vast number of beard hormones available that you can always get your choice.


The Transplant 

Finally, if all else fails, you can get a beard transplant. This has no negative implications. Hair follicles are simply removed from your hair fill areas such as preferably hairs from your head and transplanted to your chin via surgery.

Once you engage all these principles you will surely be able to eliminate patches and experience an “evergreen” beard.



Patchy facial hair can be preferred by many celebrities. Not bad! If you’ve tried the options we’ve mentioned to fix patchy beard and have failed, you can apply for a new beard style. You can find the information you are looking for, for new beard styles on our site!

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