Hollywoodian beard – A Guide to the Classic Hollywoodian Beard!

Hollywoodian beard is what makes a person look even more attractive at times. It is a classic style which many people would like to follow and be a part of the current Hollywoodian beard trend. If you wish to keep a beard and reveal you are great features at the same time then you must opt for the latest trending beard.

Let’s have a look at how the Hollywoodian Beard Style is!

This trend originally dates back to the golden era of Hollywood that was around the 1960s and was sometimes known as the Vintage beard. Though it dates back to vintage times, this Hollywoodian style is still so popular in every way. The famous actors who have sported this look remarkably include Viggo Mortensen, Leonardo DiCaprio, Chris Hemsworth and Charlie Hunnam.


What is a Hollywoodian Beard Style?


The Hollywoodian beard style seems to be like the ordinary full bread but it does not have the sideburns. It showcases a goatee, a full moustache, and a wider chinstrap.  The growth at the upper cheek is shaved down to show off the jawline and the cheeks to give a wider looking chinstrap. It is also known as tailback bread. The Hollywoodian beard does not cover the full face to appear as a fuller-looking beard.


The average length of the Hollywoodian beard hair is around 1-2 inches. The minimum growth of the beard per month is around ½ inches and it takes around 2 to 4 months to grow a proper beard that covers the whole face. You will need to have a full beard to shape it in the form of a Hollywoodian beard style. This is somewhat similar to the goatee beard style but there is a slight difference. The Hollywoodian style is wider on the chinstrap and longer at the bottom.

How to Grow a Hollywoodian Beard?

The Hollywoodian Style beard takes some time to grow. You will have to forget about shaving and trimming the beard for a few months roughly around 2-4 months. You must wait until you grow enough hair to opt for this beard style. This style looks great even on men who have less cheek growth as the less hairy portion will be shaved away. After your bread has grown for a good couple of months, you will be all set for the trimming process and converting your bread into a Hollywoodian beard style.

Required Tools


The basic tools required to get yourself a Hollywoodian beard are:


  • Razor or Shavette
  • A good quality beard trimmer
  • Small beard scissors
  • A mirror and a small steady hand.

How to trim a Hollywoodian Beard?


The basic ways to trim a Hollywoodian beard are as follows:


  • Make use of the beard trimmers with a 1-2 inches guard comb. This will make the beard hair of equal length all over.
  • Now the guard comb would be removed to define a horizontal line which should be sharp enough from the moustache to the point of the mandible. You can use a ruler, comb or other beard shaping tools to get the right outline.
  • Then you can define the beard neckline by tilting your head upwards to a point i inch above Adam’s apple’s highest peak.
  • You can use a razor or whichever tool you are comfortable with to shave your hair above and below your neckline and the cheeks area you have marked previously.
  • In the end, you can snip away the untidy beard hair with the help of beard scissors, even the moustache, and remove all the stray hair to give it a finished look.


Following these basic steps, you can get the perfect Hollywoodian beard style.

Best Face Shape for the Hollywoodian Beard


Hollywoodian beardThis Hollywoodian beard style looks perfect on the triangle, oval and diamond-like shapes of the face shapes. To be precise, it looks more appropriate on people with evident cheekbones, something extra along the jaw area and chin. If the beard has been given a proper shape, it gives an added length to the round face which looks cuter after the extra volume has been reduced from the sides. The best feature of square-faced men is the impressive jawlines so for those men this beard style might not be a good option as it will hide some of the best features such as the chin and jaw.

Useful Products for the Hollywoodian Style


Everything requires maintenance; be it your bread. Since the Hollywoodian beard style is quite simple, it is highly inexpensive and easier to maintain. There are so many products in the market for you to choose from. If you wish to overspend you can choose any expensive product from the market. However, if you want to know which product to get for yourself then you must not buy anything special. All you need is a beard oil of good quality (not a highly expensive one) and a brush for your bread. That’s it! But if you have a curly beard and you are unable to fix it then the best thing you can do is get a beard wax which will be very useful for you. You can check out any good-quality bread wax tin.

Simple Hollywoodian Beard Routine


When you have the beard you have been wishing for months, you must follow this routine.


  • Brush your beard daily to remove any unnecessary skiing accumulating under your beard.
  • Make sure to put a few drops of beard oil on your beard towards your skin and massage it.
  • It would be better to brush the beard again so that the oil spreads evenly all over your skin.
  • If your beard still does not settle down as you want it to be then you can take a small amount of beard wax and apply it to your bread.
  • Again brush your bread to get the right finish.


This is how you can grow, nurture and take care of your Hollywoodian beard style and rock the world with your amazing appearance!





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