Hipster Beard: Who it Suits, How To Grow ? How To Care For it Perfectly

Hipster beard, You wear the classic hipster beard look and want to complete it with the matching beard? Then you’ve come to the right place because even if the hipster beard looks undemanding at first glance, this type of beard, in particular, is not that easy to grow and needs a lot of attention.

The beard is like its wearer: At first glance, everything looks straightforward and simple, but actually, the entire style is well thought out. We’ll show you how to grow your beard hairstyle, what it is, and how to care for it perfectly.

Who does the hipster beard suit?

As the name suggests, this form of beard is primarily assigned to the “hipster genre,” although strictly speaking, this is not the case because the hipster beard is a variation of the classic full beard.

So if you’re not a hipster, this beard can still be suitable for you.

The beard shape is characterized by its long and thick beard hair, which looks a bit wild at first glance. If you want to wear the look particularly noticeable, you can combine the long full beard with a twisted mustache.

As for the shape of the face, the hipster beard is suitable for everyone because due to its long and thick hair on the cheek in combination with the chin area, the proportions of the face appear even despite the beard.

However, the biggest problem is the required beard growth because your beard hair should grow quite thick and long.

Small holes can usually be concealed well, but many men have issues with beard growth on their cheeks. Here, spots are much more challenging to cover because of the usually less dense hair.

However, if you have problems with one or the other hole, we still recommend not abandoning the project.

Just give it a try, because as with the classic full beard, you can only see after several weeks or even months whether the desired beard shape is possible.

Some whiskers also grow more slowly than others. Therefore: give the beard hairstyle a chance and just let it grow. If it doesn’t work at all, don’t hang your head and take a look at other beard hairstyles.

A twisted mustache or a toggle beard is also perfect for a hipster.

Caution: Stay away from any “miracle cures” that are supposed to make the beard grow. Such agents usually consist of pure chemistry, are very expensive, and in the worst case, can even cause damage.

How the hipster beard grows

As already mentioned, the hipster beard is only a variant of the full beard, so the procedure for these two beard shapes is identical.

All you have to do to get started is wait and see and let your beard grow. Here it is essential not to be put off by initial holes or less densely overgrown areas. These grow back later or can be covered with other hair.

How long the first phase lasts depends mainly on your individual beard growth and your desired length. So it can take several months until you have reached your desired size.

Hipster beard without a twisted mustache

Hipster BeardDuring this phase, it is essential that you properly groom your beard. Anyone who has not yet grown a longer beard is confronted with the classic problem: itchy skin.

If your beard starts to itch, it’s time to use beard oil. Beard oil ensures that the hair remains supple and nourishes the dry skin underneath, primarily responsible for itching with moisture.

The essential oils contained in beard oil not only counteract dehydration but also provide the skin and hair with other nourishing substances to stay healthy.

Depending on the length of the beard, you should work in a few drops in the morning. You can read about the exact use and dosage of beard oil in our article on beard care.

Another critical aspect of particularly long beards is cleaning. It would help if you washed your beard regularly. Lukewarm water is sufficient for daily cleaning.

It would help if you washed your beard with shampoo two to three times a week. For most people, the shampoo that is used on the head is excellent.

In some cases, however, the shampoo can also contribute to drying out the skin (this is also why you should not wash your beard with shampoo every day). If it happens to you, then you should try special beard shampoo. It has less of a degreasing effect and preserves the skin’s natural sebum.

In addition to the beard oil and cleaning, the trimming of the hipster beard is essential, because otherwise you quickly look unkempt and are tempted to end the project early.

If you have no experience with long beards or cutting them, then we recommend having the basic shape cut by the hairdresser or barber because once this is given, you can orientate yourself on it and bring the hair back into the proper form at home.

It would help if you let your hairdresser know that you want your new beard hairstyle. Otherwise, too much will be cut away quickly. However, don’t be surprised if your hairdresser sometimes brings the tips into shape – that’s normal.

If you want to try trimming your beard at home, you will need the usual tools: a good trimmer with different attachments, a comb, scissors for individual stubborn hairs, and a wet razor for the contours.

This is how the hipster beard is perfectly groomed

Even if the hipster beard should look more natural, the care of long beards is critical. The long hair ensures that the skin underneath gets less air, and the whiskers can appear brittle and dull after a specific time.

Daily use of beard oil is essential for a healthy and beautiful hipster beard. The oil ensures healthy skin and beautiful, shiny beard hair and gives your beard a pleasant scent.

As explained in the section on growth, you need to wash your beard regularly. Here, however, you shouldn’t overdo it and only use shampoo two to three times a week.

Otherwise, the skin and hair will dry out quickly. This can lead to dandruff and brittle whiskers.
In addition to beard oil, you can use so-called beard balm.

Beard balm is a mixture of beard oil and beard wax. It has a waxy consistency but also contains different oils that care for the beard. With this, you not only have caring properties but can also primarily bring your beard or unruly hair into shape.

You can find out more about the use and ingredients of beard balm here.
So that your beard always looks well-groomed, you should always cut the contours and trim your beard hair.

Even if the hipster beard is supposed to have something natural, it can quickly look unkempt if you don’t cut it now and then.
If you offer him the twirling mustache want, then the way to use it is Mustache Wax (also known as beard wax) duty.

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