Reliable Tips For Growing A Beard If You Haven’t Yet

Whether you are a 30-year old with a patchy beard or have been non-bearder for the first two decades of life, growing facial hair can be your ultimate fantasy. There are tons of products/services out there that may assist in raising fuzz. But depending upon your age, heredity and life-style- the outcome may vary.

Why Some Can’t Grow Beard?

If your father or the other male family members have had thick whiskers and moustaches, then it must be running in your heredity. So rest assured that, even if you are not been able to grow side-burns in your early 20s, you have your whole late 20s and 30s ahead to do that. In the event they didn’t have fuzz-on-face or used to have slim facial hair, then your chance is narrow as well.

Every man is born with a particular set of hair follicles. These will take their own sweet time to grow, over different stages of life. In case you have inherited the “hairy” gene from the family, it would decide- whether you’ll get your dream goatee in 20s or late 30s. Keep this fact in mind, so that you have realistic expectations regarding beard development.

Now let’s find out some solutions that would work, when you have failed to grow a whisker-


Apply Growth Oils

Massaging your beard with growth oil of any kind twice-a-day- is important for facial hair development. The top of line beard growth oils might come out as expensive.  However the face-being a sensitive area, it would be wiser that you shouldn’t compromise with quality, in order to grab the cheapest deal. Always go for growth oils that use scientific formula and medically-proven ingredients in them, like Minoxidil and biotin. Googling top 10 beard growth oils would give out the result. Don’t forget to wash off your fuzz thoroughly- after the oil absorption period is over.

Make DIY Recipes

If it seems too costly to spend on beard growth oils, make your own DIY beard growth home masks. Virgin olive oil, argan oil, seasame oil, rosemary oil are some of the names that are assertive in growing the facial fuzz, even if you don’t have moustache yet. There are YouTube video tutorials and beauty blogs where you’ll find- how to use the correct proportion of elements to make your own DIY beard growth mask.

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Don’t forget to exfoliate your face thrice-a-week to keep your skin clean and free of oil-and-dirt. It will make the liquid easier to get absorbed.

Get Multi-vitamins

Vitamin B Complex is by far the most important vitamin that would help you to grow your beard and moustache. Among the 8 water-soluble vitamins that fall under the umbrella of B-Complex, it’s biotin- which is mostly active for facial hair growth. That’s why it’s essential to include biotin-rich foods in your diet, massaging your beard with oil/cream that has biotin in it as a main ingredient, and taking biotin vitamin pills.

Then there are Vitamin A and Vitamin D, both of which are instrumental to surge up your testosterone level –thus leading the beard growth. And you know that testosterone is the driver behind hair growth on body, right?


For beard growth, you have to eat a protein and vitamin- rich diet on a regular basis. Stock your fridge with foods such as- salmon, avocado, eggs that have biotin in them. Also, do take note that animal-based protein is much more helpful in growing those mutton chops than plant-based one. If you love eating or drinking dairy-based products, then always go for low-fat, skimmed milk.

Leafy greens as well as yellow/orange veggies that have beta carotene in them would repair your skin’s tissue damage-thus making it the ground of sound hair growth. Spinach, kale, pumpkin are some of beta carotene-rich foods for you.

Treat With Care

Showing some love to your beard is one of the prerequisites for its growth. First, let it grow the way it wants for the first month itself. Don’t groom it or cut off the split-ends strictly for those 30 days. You might feel some level of discomfort, but this tough love is necessary when you are determined to grow the level of hair that you don’t have so far.

Be that as it may, whenever you will spot any ingrown hair just chop it off because ingrown hair doesn’t let the real beard roll. Put on moisturizing cream/lotion on your fuzz minimum two times a day. Likewise, never wash off your face with warm or hot water. It would harden the skin surface.

Blow Off Some Steam

Blowing off some steam here means, letting go of stress on your day-to-day life. Stress kills testosterone growth which in turn slows down beard development. Work-out is the biggest stress-buster for majority of men. Lift weight, go for cycling, running or do some Yoga.

30-40 minutes of exercise is enough to pump up the sex hormone in your body. Additionally, take adequate water (4-5 liters) on a daily basis.  Taking plenty of rest aka sleeping for 8 hours too, is essential for leading a healthy life.

Get Beard Transplant

Beard transplant is gaining traction world-wide. Though it can cost you more than $7,000, still, this is in vogue right now. With beard transplant, you will get to pick up the beard style you want, just like a hair-cut. But here, you have let go some of the hair on top of your head for the transplant purpose. Like most cosmetic surgery, there is a chance of the outcome going haywire or hair falling out within 3 months.

You have to be willing to take up that risk to flaunt your side-burns like an alpha male. You can well opt for hormone therapy (testosterone injection) as well, after consulting to your doctor.

Doing over-the-top things out of desperation may jeopardize your beard growth. The above 7 tips will give you a brief picture about the options you have, to develop a whisker. Before taking an informed decision, make sure that you go through each one of them and dig deeper to gain more knowledge.