Gray Beard – Why is my beard going GREY? **2021

Gray Beard is masculine and a sign of confidence. Our society is becoming increasingly vain. Gray Beard always has the feeling that they correspond to some ideal, that they have to function and adapt.

But don’t you wear a Gray Beard to underline your manhood? And doesn’t masculinity also means being a rebel? Not to be told? We say: don’t dye your beards. Naturalness is the new sexy.

Gray BeardGray Beard, In addition to the harmfulness argument, one should consider. For most, it is a sign of masculinity. And with masculinity, naturalness goes hand in hand. Nobody says it would be unmanly to help out here and there, but it is simply not necessary.

You are a man and naturalness is one of your basic rights. Do you have gaps in your beard? Who cares?  Who cares? Be self-confident. Every gap, every gray hair – by the way, every scar or crease – make you edgier and give your appearance character.

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