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Ducktail Beard also owes its name to its shape. He is a full Ducktail Beard with shaved cheeks that tapers to a point under the chin. The ideal Ducktail Beard for pure individualists, as it is scarce but also very stylish.

Like a full beard, the Beard also requires a lot of patience and care. Beard also owes its name to its shape. He is a full beard with shaved cheeks that tapers to a point under the chin.

The ideal beard for pure individualists, as it is scarce but also very stylish. Like a full beard, the Beard also requires a lot of patience and care.

Ducktail Beard

Ducktail Beard, you not only have an awesome beard, but you also join the ranks of exclusive beards. Beard everywhere you look. The who’s who of male celebrities wear this full beard, and the majority look sexy. Ok, heartthrob Bradley Cooper, unfortunately, mutates with


Ducktail Beard in Waldschrat and the English Prince Charming Harry doesn’t look so good with his red Beard either. Beard, Hugh Jackman seems excellent, and that goes for Christoph Waltz too.

With George Clooney, the Beard is a matter of taste, but with Ben Affleck, it is a real hit. Harrison Ford looks younger with his short grey beard, and he gives John Travolta a distinctive touch.

Two who are made for the ducktail are Jack Gyllenhaal and Bruce Willis because they look very good with that Beard.

You already have a full beard and are wondering which shape suits you perfectly? Or maybe you don’t have a beard at all and want to start straight away at a high level?

Then the so-called ducktail beard could be just the thing for you. However, one thing should be said to you: the ducktail beard is one of those demanding beards that require a lot of time and patience, but the effort is worth it!

Who is the ducktail beard suitable for?

The ducktail beard is characterized by the classic V-shape of the beard on the chin. This shape gives it its name because it is reminiscent of that of a duck’s tail.

The ducktail beard is also trendy in Hollywood.

Charlie Hunnam, a man who makes women’s hearts beat faster, wears this beard style in the well-known series Sons of Anarchy.

This is precisely where the effect of this type of beard becomes clear: It looks rough and masculine, but at the same time not unkempt.

This type of beard is particularly suitable for slightly rounder faces.

Due to the V-shape, the beard stretches the face shape, so people with a somewhat long look should choose a different beard hairstyle.

Beard The full beard is the preliminary stage of the ducktail beard

An essential prerequisite for this style is, above all, the growth of the beard and the natural shape of your beard.

Since the ducktail beard is a variant of the full beard, you need a correspondingly intense beard growth.

Also, it is best for your whiskers to grow downwards and not get too curly by nature.

This is how you grow a ducktail beard.

As already mentioned, a ducktail beard needs one thing above all: time. If you don’t have a beard, you should first let your hair grow very long. Depending on the intensity of the beard growth, this can take several months.

Since it’s primarily a full beard, you don’t have to pay much attention to it when it comes to growing. Inexperienced beard wearers will probably panic at one or the other hole or less overgrown areas, but relax here:

Many of these holes or sites can be concealed very well with different hair, especially with this beard hairstyle. It takes time, however.

The men among you who already wear a full beard know this procedure.

Ducktail beard lateral contours

During the growth phase, you will be confronted with the usual problems of a full beard: dry skin, itching, brittle whiskers, or a little curly hair.

Beard oil, which you should work in every day, helps here. The oil moisturizes your skin, which helps relieve itching. Also, your beard hairs appear fresher, they are less dry, and the oil gives the hair a pleasant scent.

Of course, you should wash your beard regularly. A mild shampoo, which you also use for your head, or a special beard shampoo is suitable for this.

After the washing process, you should then work in the oil.

When you slowly get to the required length of a ducktail beard, it’s time to get down to business. With a ducktail beard, it is essential that it grows downwards and that your hair does not get too frizzy.

To counteract this, you should contact your whiskers in shape every morning.

To do this, you take a hairdryer and a brush and comb the whiskers down while holding the hairdryer on it at the same time.

The heat in combination with the brushing makes the hair nice and smooth. Just be careful not to set the blow dryer too hot to protect your hair.

Man bun with ducktail beard

In addition to the hair structure, the shape of the ducktail beard is the decisive factor. The beard has to be cut differently than a classic full beard, which grows naturally.

Especially on the sides and at the bottom of the chin, the ducktail beard has to be brought into its typical V-shape.

The best way to do this is to go to the barber and tell him your wish for this beard style. He knows what to do.

The particularly courageous among you should take a close look at the barber’s cutting technique because the ducktail beard can also be shaped at home with a lot of skill and sensitivity.

It would help if you readjusted the contours yourself a little, especially on the lower neck, because otherwise, the ducktail beard quickly looks unkempt. This works with a trimmer or scissors.

This is how you take care of your ducktail beard properly
In essence, the supervision of a ducktail beard is not that different from that of a full beard:

  • Used regularly beard oil to keep the beard and the skin underneath healthy. Since it is a very long beard, you can use a bit more beard oil accordingly.
  • The amount is relatively easy to determine: If the beard and your skin look dry, it was not enough.
  • If your beard looks greasy during the day, it’s been too much. With such a beard length, 5 to 7 drops of good beard oil are usually sufficient.
  • It is best to wash your ducktail beard regularly with a mild shampoo or beard shampoo. Food scraps can get caught in a full beard, which is why cleaning is essential.
  • However, it would help if you didn’t use shampoo every day because it often causes the skin to dry out and the hair to brittle.
  • Water is sufficient for regular cleaning.
  • The ducktail beard should keep its unique shape. If you have problems with curly hair, blow-dry your beard and comb it regularly.
  • Also, you can shape your beard with your beard oil or, in cases of hardship, with beard wax or beard pomade.
    It would help if you went to the barber regularly.


You can also see more models by watching the video below.
[How-To] Ducktail Beard: Trim and Shape Using The Philips (Norelco) OneBlade | Ep 01

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