Does Shaving Everyday Help Grow a Beard ? – April 2021

Does Shaving Make Your Facial Hair Grow Thicker and Faster?

Does Shaving Everyday Help Grow a Beard, It answers this popular rumor question for you, a question that many men wonder. Many men are looking for a way to grow their beard fast, in this article we will give you the answer to the Does Shaving Everyday Help Grow a Beard question.

People often wonder, ‘does shaving make facial hair grow faster’. Regardless of common belief, shaving your facial hair doesn’t make it grow faster or thicker. This is a misconception that had been debunked by studies in 1928. However, the myth lives on. It might be because facial hair regrowth after shaving gives a different appearance.

In this article, we will tell you why this happens and how you can shave better.

Does Shaving Everyday Help Grow a Beard Faster?

Shaving your hair, irrespective of which part of the body it is, doesn’t mean it will grow back thicker or faster.

People believe this because hair regrowth looks different at first. Unshaven hair has a blunter and finer tip. If you are experiencing hair regrowth, you will find a coarser base instead of a thinner and softer part growing back.

New beard hair might also look darker. This is primarily due to its thickness. However, this might be because it hasn’t yet been exposed to natural elements. Exposure to soap, sun, and other elements lighten the beard hair.

Since you are not accustomed to dark shade hair, it becomes more noticeable. In case you have lighter skin, dark hair becomes more prominent. So, it is not attributed to the shaving process.

Nevertheless, shaving daily might lead to some side effects. This is due to the improper shaving technique. The probable side effects are:

  • Razor burn
  • Cuts
  • Skin irritation
  • Contact dermatitis
  • Pimples
  • Blisters
  • Itchy skin

Shaving Everyday to Grow a Beard: Does It Work?

does shaving everyday help grow a beard
shaving everyday to grow a beard

A lot of people ask the Does Shaving Everyday Help Grow a Beard question. But you should know that shaving doesn’t increase hair growth.

The number of hair follicles on the face is determined by hormones and genetics. A hair follicle is a little tube beneath the skin’s surface where the hair grows. It is just like a hole you dig for planting a seed. Hair follicles have everything to do with your hair’s consistency, color, and thickness. So, the more the follicles, the more is the hair on your face.

The truth is, you cannot increase hair growth by shaving every day. It will only remove the dead skin cells which can get into the hair follicles to cause acne.

The Hair Growth Cycle

To understand why shaving doesn’t help grow faster and thicker, you should check the stages of hair growth. It will take about a month for your body’s hair to attain its full length. This is the reason beard or hair on other parts of the body is shorter than the hair on the head.

Hair starts growing from the hair follicles that are present beneath the skin. The hair roots are formed with blood and protein. As hair forms from the roots, it will pass through both the follicles and sebaceous glands. The glands produce sebum oil. This, in turn, keeps the beard lubricated as it grows longer. The hair exits the surface of the skin, the cells in it are no longer alive.

As you shave, you slice off dead hair from the skin’s surface. Shaving doesn’t eliminate hair under the skin like other methods of hair removal, it doesn’t affect its thickness, growth, or color.

Methods that Can Help You Grow Your Beard Faster

Facial hair growth rate differs from one man to the other. However, some methods have proven to be effective.

  • Minerals and Vitamins: Add adequate minerals and vitamins to your diet. You can take more fruits or vegetables rich in minerals or vitamins or look for a supplement. If the body doesn’t get enough nutrients, hair production tends to slow down.
  • Drink More Water: Apart from keeping you hydrated, water also helps in growing your facial hair. Thus, it is one of the best ways to make your beard grow faster.
  • Moisturize the Beard: As you moisturize the beard, it will not only make your facial hair look full but will also make it grow faster. These oils are made of natural ingredients, which ascertain that facial hair stays moisturized. It also keeps skin irritation at bay.
  • Exfoliate: Dead skin cells might obstruct new hair growth. If you exfoliate once a week, you can eliminate dead cells enabling new hair to grow. Furthermore, exfoliation improves blood circulation in the area and will make the beard grow faster.
  • Reduce Stress: It has been scientifically proven that stress does not have a positive effect on the body except for keeping you on your toes. It tends to have a detrimental effect on the body. So, if you would like to grow a beard faster, reduce stress.
  • Proper Diet: The significance of a proper diet for hair growth cannot be undermined. Your diet should contain different nutritional sources such as fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.

Methods that can Help You Grow Your Beard Thicker

If you want to grow your hair thicker, here are a few tested tips that can help.

  • Avoid Giving into the Itchiness: Many guys shave whenever they experience itchiness. However, the itchiness is due to an irritation that happens when new hair starts to grow. So, you need to fight the urge to cut your beard and groom it well. For this, you can brush it daily or use beard oil. It will also make your beard softer.
  • Get to Sweating: When you sweat more through exercise, you tend to generate more testosterone. This facilitates new facial hair growth through healthier follicles. Exercising will also increase blood flow to the scalp and muscles, while as you sweat, toxins are removed from the body to unclog follicles. Thus, it gives way to new facial hair growth.
  • Try Out Some Supplement: One of the most popular supplements facilitating beard growth is biotin. A vitamin supplement can make your facial hair grow thicker and faster.

Bottom Line

Does Shaving Everyday Help Grow a Beard?

No matter where you have heard it, you should know that shaving everyday to grow a beard doesn’t affect hair growth. Do not allow these age-old myths to keep you from grooming habits. But if shaving does not give you the result you are looking for, consult a dermatologist about other options.

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