Corporate Beard Style: How To Grow, Guide, Examples and More!

Corporate Beard that is safe to wear in the office. And you can count yourself lucky. For years, companies have almost completely banned (or seriously frowned upon) their employees from wearing a Corporate Beard, but that is no longer the case, and we should all be grateful for that.

If you’re someone who makes a living in the corporate world, you know the importance of always looking good. You represent yourself (and demonstrate professionalism). You also project your company’s image.

Corporate Beard looks, well, corporate better. If not, you may be asked to meet with the “big boss,” who ominously may ask you to close the door behind you.

Why is? The corporate beard is a fuller beard that is well-groomed. Noticeable patches of facial hair do not need to be applied. You know the phrase “clothes for success.” In this case, it is “Shaving For Success.”

What the corporate mustache says about you
In general, a beard in the workplace suggests something of an entrepreneurial spirit, and it is often worn by people who work in the internet and technology fields.

It also shows the kind of confidence that caution ignores because not everyone has the balls (sorry, our French) to walk into the 45th-floor office of Major Investors Inc. with a beard.

The Corporate Beard can also be an indicator of your age, as a general rule of thumb is that younger employees are more likely to wear beards than older employees.

Which face shape best suits the company beard?
Corporate Beard works well when you have a triangular face because it draws attention away from your pointy chin. It’s suitable for oval faces too, but then again, most beards work for guys with oval faces too.

How to let the Corporate Beard grow and cut

We talked about this earlier, and it is worth emphasizing – if you want to wear a corporate beard, you have to look after it. Loggers do not have to apply.

Your first step is to keep your neckline in place. There’s nothing like unsightly hair on the back of your neck to ruin a business-appropriate beard.

Use a good quality electric razor and shave everything between your Adam’s apple and your chin. You shouldn’t see the hair on the back of your neck when you stare in a mirror with your eyes horizontal.

Your upper cheeks are also crucial for maintaining a Corporate Beard, as they are the best way to spot uneven and unwanted hair spots. Your cheeks can look messy if you don’t take care to clean the “edges.”

To grow a corporate beard, you must stop shaving for four to six weeks. But keep an eye on it, because it can look messy in the beginning.

Everything about beard & business

Corporate Beard, like any other fad, is subject to the taste of the zeitgeist, the secrets of which cannot be fathomed. For trend researchers and philosophers, the cultural history of the beard will remain an eternal mystery.

While the long beard demonstrated the authority of its wearer a hundred years ago, decades later, it became a symbol of revolutionary sentiment, and the wearer was suspected of undermining the state and the altar. And today? One (s) has a beard again.

The accessory of masculinity that has been declared dead by the cultural world is experiencing a renaissance. While trendsetters stylized the feminine man into an ideal of beauty years ago, men today proudly present their beard hair. Masculinity instead of unisex is the motto.

The much-touted androgynous conformity of the sexes has given way to the differentiation of body images. In the beginning, it was only actors and high society greats who presented their facial hair on the red carpet or in glossy magazines.

Beards have conquered the mainstream and are omnipresent.Bart_im-Business

Beards and career
Beards are trendy. But also in business? Do the same rules apply here as in the mainstream, or are there other laws on the management floor? This question cannot be answered unequivocally and requires a differentiated approach. In general, it can be observed that the Corporate Beard has arrived in business. Instead of a smoothly shaved facial skin, the beard signals positive masculine virtues such as self-confidence, energy, and assertiveness. Qualities that characterize a successful employee.

The beard is, therefore, the perfect attribute for climbing the corporate ladder. Of course, we are talking about well-groomed and styled beards and not those that can be interpreted as a sign of neglect.

The positive associations associated with, for example, well-groomed three days of beard do not find the same acceptance in all areas of business.

Corporate Beard violates styling rules in conservative business circles. In consulting, in the financial sector, or upscale gastronomy, beards still do not meet the management’s expectations in many cases.
Beards are sometimes still fraught with prejudices that are accompanied by irrational assessments.

The bearded person is assumed to have something to hide or act unscrupulously driven by males striving for dominance. As absurd as the psychologization may be, the prejudices persist.

According to studies by leading experts in business behavior, anyone who aspires to a career in management consulting or wants to climb the top rungs of the corporate ladder should not do without the daily shave.

Corporate Beard external impact not only depends on the industry but also on the position that the beard wearer holds or wants to take. The beard question correlates here with the work in the company.

When leafing through the manager magazines, it is noticeable that the beard hair is significantly thinned on higher floors.

Even though Molière once said: Power is where the beards are – they are seen more often today in senior management, but are still a rarity in the boardrooms at the latest. Exceptions like Daimler boss Zetsche, who stylized his schnauzer into a brand, are not the rule.

One hundred years ago, distinctive beards were still considered an accessory of the highest hierarchical level. Today the faces of the top ten thousand are characterized by a smooth shave.

Despite all prejudices, word got around in the modern business world that beards are not suspicious characters, but men who have their style and proudly wear the attribute of masculinity.

Companies with a current mindset see the Corporate Beard as an expression of individuality and self-confidence. As long as beard care is not neglected and the wearer does an excellent job, beards are tolerated.

Corporate Beard has arrived in the modern professional world and represents the success of those who wear them, who have achieved a position in the business world with assertiveness and expressive personality.

Man with Bearden young, modern industries that have established themselves in the market in the digital age, the beard question is often not a question of hiring or promotion.

Beards have long since ceased to be an issue in creative companies, and the beard hair is sometimes experiencing exotic excesses.


With a few exceptions, the close shave is a thing of the past. The well-groomed beard has arrived in business and is well on its way to conquering the higher floors. Therefore, the beard is not a priori an obstacle on the career ladder for men but underlines natural authority and signals assertiveness.

Corporate Beard represents characteristics that are essential for professional success. Many companies have relaxed their dress codes and shifted priorities.

The performance of employees and the feel-good factor in the company have given way to outdated rules. In particular, self-confidence and a sense of style, which men express with their beards, are relevant.


The first performance with a beard
Corporate Beard has arrived in the business world. But what if you haven’t arrived yet and want to start your Corporate Beardprofessional life first? In a modern business, beards are no longer a question of attitude.

When it comes to the beard question, however, the industry and the desired position are relevant.

Anyone who has an impeccable professional career and shines with excellent grades can also risk beard hair. As with any application, qualification is not the only criterion. Sympathy, demeanor, and similarities with the supervisor, such as studying at the same university, can bring many plus points.

A facial hairstyle is not a criterion for rejection. In principle, the same rules apply to applicants and young professionals as to older rabbits already in the saddle.

Taking care of skin, hair and beard are at the forefront. Just like the right hairstyle, the beard shape should also be well chosen – what fits into the business and what suits me?

Men can also imagine themselves with a full wild beard – if they apply for a position as a shepherd. What applies to everyday professional life should be observed in particular during an interview: a well-groomed appearance.

It is the be-all and end-all and applies to beard growth, hair, skin, and the proper clothing combined with the right shoes.

When the appearance looks like daily grooming rather than neglect, there is so much that can’t go wrong.

According to the trend, beards are not a sole criterion, even in conservative industries, for whether an application portfolio is rejected or allowed to remain. Even if the beard is perceived as a negative criterion, it does not mean the end.

Ensure candidates can run “naked” and wear a beard after their probationary period. However, if you want to go higher, you should wear a beard appropriate for the job and the respective position.

Tip for the interview: If you want to come to the interview with your beloved beard, you should work with beard oil, comb, and co. To make the best possible impression. If you feel the slightest doubt, it is advisable to shave your beard and, as already described, let it grow again later.


Beard and business 
Whether wearing a Corporate Beard is in vogue is just as much a subject of the zeitgeist as the beard’s shape. While full beards adorned the faces of men of the world around 1900, decades later, the flowing splendor was a status symbol of the extreme fear of the citizens. Even today, beards are subject to the taste of the times.

According to the people, three-day beards were once the worst form of facial hair and, according to the people, uncontrolled growth in dirty faces of underdogs.

With appropriate beard care, they are socially acceptable today. It is the undisputed number one on the popularity scale.

A cultivated three-day beard is worn in a hip advertising agency and management levels of large corporations. It adapts to a casual jacket as well as a pinstripe suit.

Today the zeitgeist produces many variants and style blossoms. At work, however, beard shapes should be chosen carefully. Exotic beards are for individualists, not for careerists. No matter how the zeitgeist ticks, there is also a no-go for beards in business.

A thin mustache on the upper lip could scratch very quickly in the executive suite. The emphasized coolness has a slightly affected effect and sometimes gives the wearer the charm of a semi-silky used car dealer.

A small vertical strip of beard like the “Chin Puff” and its shorter version, the “Soul Patch,” look casual and a bit wicked. Not particularly trustworthy in the financial sector and in consulting.

The same goes for the long Schnauzer à la Fu Manchu. He makes an impression, but not on the executive floor. Beard types such as “D’Artagnan” or “Victor-Emanuel” are the perfect facial hairstyle for budding musketeers, who will hardly find a place in the ranks of executives.

Wearing a goatee like the “goatee” should also be carefully considered in the job. The colloquial term “goatee” already says it all. Voluminous beard is also not business compatible.

Full beards like the “Ducktail” or “The ZZ” hide too much of the face. In interpersonal contact, it is difficult for the other person to decipher their facial expressions.

The colloquial term “goatee” already says it all. Voluminous beard is also not business compatible. Full beards like the “Ducktail” or “The ZZ” hide too much of the face. In interpersonal contact, it is difficult for the other person to decipher facial expressions. The colloquial term “goatee” already says it all.

Communication-based on trust cannot take place here. Also, a simple three-day beard and a well-groomed full beard surround the wearer with an aura of nonconformism and wildness. But which company would like a wild man in the ranks of its executives?

Beard shapes that cover the chin and cheeks with a moderate length of up to three centimeters, such as the “Rap Industry Standard” or the “Schifferkrause,” are wearable in business. They equip their wearers with positive qualities such as dynamism, assertiveness, and authority.

Attributes that are in demand in the business world. Especially with the “Hollywoodian,” the name says it all. This is where elegance and masculinity go hand in hand. It gives its wearer the flair of the modern gentleman and successful businessman with a touch of adventure.

It is compatible with every dress code. Whether “business” or “come as you are” – with this beard, you are always perfectly dressed.

Corporate Beard not only underlines elegance. With its masculine character, it sets accents. The painter, prince Markus Lüpertz is an example of this stylish elegance. With a beard, tailor-made thread, tie pins, and cufflinks, he presents the perfect masculine gentleman par excellence.

Beards such as “Hollywoodian,” “Rap Industry Standard,” and the three-day beard are in perfect symbiosis with an elegant outfit. Since a style is mainly expressed through details, accessories such as cufflinks and tie pins around the appearance. The beard not only underlines the elegance.

With his masculine character, he sets accents. The painter, prince Markus Lüpertz is an example of this stylish elegance. With a beard, tailor-made thread, tie pin, and cufflinks, he presents the perfect masculine gentleman par excellence.

Show a clear edge
As with the outfit, the well-groomed appearance is also in the foreground with hair and a beard. Wild growth and undergrowth are just as out of place as brown shoes and white socks, at least if you want to make a career.
If you want to get up with a beard, you have to look after it.

The top rule in beard care is a clear edge. A smooth transition from beard to chest hair has the unspoiled charm of a Neanderthal man. Gone are the days when man made a living with a spear and hand ax.

Facial hair should not grow beyond the line of the neck. Since beard hair does not grow evenly, trimming should also be part of your daily beard grooming.


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