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Circle Beard, this post gives my most important tips on growing a Circle Beard: how to start with it, how to pull it off, whether there are any tips to help Beard grow faster, and how to take care of your new beard to reduce dandruff and itchiness bypass.

how to trim a circle beard
how to trim a circle beard. You have to grow it first. This tip may sound banal, but it is the first and, therefore, critical step towards a beautiful full Circle Beard. So just put the razor in the drawer for three to four months and wait to see how your facial hair develops.

Above all, your stamina is required because a Circle Beard needs time to develop the right shape and fullness. Many men shave their whiskers back because they don’t know if it was really a good decision.

You have probably already asked yourself questions like: What do parents, friends, and employers say? Or what if the Circle Beard isn’t even, and I find it doesn’t look good?  These questions are perfectly justified, and from my own experience, I can say 2 Circle Beard is, above all, a psychological challenge.

Yes, it feels strange, and in between, there is always a phase in which your beard will not look the way you would like it to. But all of these things are part of it – good shoes also need a certain amount of time before they are “registered.”

The same goes for leather jackets, raw denim jeans, and many other items of clothing. You should only pay attention to the contours because clear contours help that the beard looks well-groomed.

Circle BeardPeople around you criticize the Circle Beard. What now?
Never forget: you are the boss, and if you feel comfortable, then nothing and nobody can stand in your way. Criticism from friends, family, and work colleagues can have devastating effects on your project, especially in phases in which you have doubts about yourself.

Again, it’s about persevering. Show understanding for your loved ones because they only see that you are changing and often only want the best for you. It’s about doing what you find attractive. Most shaved people are just jealous anyway because they have no stature.😉

How can I accelerate my Circle Beard?
If you are rather impatient and it actually cannot Circle Beard fast enough for you, I have another important tip for you here. I have never seen a beard wax product that has accelerated my Circle Beard.

A lot is promised in advertising, but I have not yet kept this promise. Sure, there is Minoxidil, but the best way to do that is to visit one of the many Facebook groups and forums devoted to the topic.  Therefore, it is much more important to pay attention to the right diet, do sports, and avoid stress.

How do I take care of my Circle Beard?
If you start taking care of your Circle Beard early, then a few routines are enough to keep your beard healthy.

You have probably already seen the most popular Beard care product of all time, beard oil, because you can now buy beard oils from various manufacturers in drugstores.

First, it should be said: It doesn’t have to be expensive, but only a few inexpensive oils are actually any good. Good entry-level oils are Bart Royal “Neutral” or Bulldog Beard Oil.

If you want a little more, I would like to invite you to look at the Barthelden shop, but good beard care doesn’t have to cost a lot. In any case, you should purchase a special beard shampoo, preferably a beard soap (e.g., Aleppo soap).

Shampoo for the head is too aggressive and will only dry out your facial skin or beard hair and make it brittle. Regular combing and brushing are recommended. Beard Balm can be an inexpensive and high-quality alternative to beard oil.


Circle Beards is a simple style that consists of a goatee, mustache, and hair on the sides of the mouth that connects the two. This style can be worn in a range of lengths from a closer shave that is reminiscent of stubble to a few inches in length. It should be trimmed with a fixed-length trimmer for a uniform look. If the cheeks are kept clean, the circular shape will remain distinct.

The circle beards are also a popular and frequently seen guest. Here the beard forms a circle around the mouth area, separating it from the rest of the face and making it stand out.

We think that this beard shape is particularly suitable for “elongated face shapes” to bring some contrast into the shape. But the circle beards can also work very well on round faces.

The maintenance effort is relatively simple. The complexity is mediocre. It should end up being an asymmetrical circle, not a triangle – this may take a little practice.

You can also see more models by watching the video below.

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