Castor Oil for Beard – Will castor oil grow beard? **2021

Castor oil is particularly suitable for beard care if you want even growth and strong beard hair. The oil softens the whiskers and nourishes them at the same time. Castor oil also gives it a healthy shine.

Many men struggle with uneven beard growth and therefore do not grow a beard. Care with castor oil can help here. The oil ensures better blood circulation in the skin, which in turn promotes hair growth.

Before you use castor oil for your beard care for the first time, test its tolerance on the forearm. Some people react to the oil with reddening of the skin or inflammation.

Do not apply pure castor oil to the skin. Oil should always mix the home remedy with a carrier oil. In addition to jojoba oil, coconut and avocado oil are particularly suitable.

If you want to accelerate the whiskers’ growth, it is best to combine castor oil with rosemary oil.

Castor Oil for BeardHow to care for your beard with castor oil
Mix your beard care oil from castor oil and carrier oil. When it comes to mixing, it all comes down to the ratio. When combined with rosemary oil, the balance should be 3: 1, i.e., three parts of castor oil and one part of rosemary oil.
Mix with avocado oil, take 10 ml of it and add 15 ml of castor oil. If you prefer coconut oil, we recommend 9 ml coconut oil to 21 ml castor oil.

Massage the oil thoroughly into the beard every evening and let it work overnight.

Castor oil itself has an intense odor that doesn’t exactly smell pleasant.

Also, not everyone finds the strong smell of rosemary lovely.
So you shouldn’t necessarily use beard oil during the day. It’s a little different with coconut oil. This oil is more likely to be perceived as fragrant.

To get any visible success, you need to use castor oil on the beard regularly. It takes a few weeks for the beard to be friendly and thick and even.

Since the application is suitable for full beards and three-day beards, you should be able to bridge this period well.

You can also see more models by watching the video below.
How to Use Castor Oil for Beard Growth and its Amazing Benefits

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