Braided Beard – What is a braided beard called? **2021

Braided Beard, Medieval, Viking, and fantasy fans always knew it, but a Braided Beard is currently very trendy. Especially now in summer, the joy of enterprise is increasing, and garden parties, festivals, and holiday mood invite you to try new styles.

So why not braid the long goatee? A Braided Beard is not only a great eye-catcher, but it is also convenient, for example, in the heat, during sports, or on days when all your facial hair is just a little too much.

How do you go about making it into a Braided Beard? We’ll show you the ultimate guide to:

How many cm do you have to calculate for the Braided Beard? That depends a bit on which part you want to be Braided Beard. We recommend at least 7 cm for smaller braids, 10 cm for medium ones, and for a large Braided Beard, you should calculate at least 15 cm.

The best initial beards for braiding are a long beard, a Viking beard, or a hipster beard. If you currently have a shorter full beard, you should plan some time accordingly and take your personal beard growth into account.

Braided BeardBraided Beard has many variations. You can start with the sideburns and let the whiskers in cornrows, lying close to the skin, run down to the chin, or beyond. It is also popular to braid the mustache ends to the bottom of the beard. With a goatee, depending on the volume, you can start a thick or thin central close under the chin or loosely, in the “French” way, with a bit of distance from the chin.

At the moment, beards are often seen divided into two outer braids or two long braids while the rest of the beard is kept short. To set accents, three braids and various small strands within the beard are suitable, or you can also add pearls and braid the beard hair.

Preparation and trimming. Whether your Braided Beard mutates completely into a pigtail beard or the goatee is too small strands: If the braided beard is an eye-catcher, it should be in top shape. Always keep it evenly at the desired length with a beard trimmer.

Wild runaway hairs are all the more eye-catching in addition to accurate. A precisely working is particularly helpful if you want to circumnavigate the small strands while trimming and keep the rest of the well-groomed.

Wash, dry, and comb your beard’s hairs before braiding and apply some beard oil to prevent them from drying out and breaking so that they will hold better.

Shave out the neck and cheeks and trim the beard outlines with a flexible device with a double-sided blade, such as the OneBladethat works superfix.

You can also see more models by watching the video below.
Beard Braid (Not Beard Boner)

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