Best Beard Care Kit – April 2021

Best beard care kit, I was on a barber trends shopping spree again and discovered four very innovative beard care products for you. There is nothing more exciting than making useful, effective, and practical discoveries for our beards. Here are my 4 hot new tips for the Best beard care kit for your beard!

Best beard care kit This will keep your sink clean after you have trimmed your beard

Are you also bothered by your stubble in the sink of your bathroom? My washbasin always needs a general overhaul after trimming my beard. It is also annoying that the stubble is tough to remove. Cleaning up is no fun!

I have now discovered the Sunway Drape. Thanks to this beard trimming cap, you will never have hair in the sink or on the floor of your bathroom again!

The Sunway cloth is straightforward to use, easy to clean, and very easy to store.

Place the Sunway drape around your neck and attach the other end to the mirror by placing the two suction cups on the mirror and pressing the hook down. You hang the collecting sheet on these two hooks.

Here are all the advantages at a glance. The Sunway collecting cloth …

  • catches shaved and cut hair
  • easy to clean
  • neatly stowed away in the practical storage bag
  • Beard trimming drape
  • It is a must-have for every man who trims his beard in front of the mirror and values ​​domestic peace with his partner.
  • Sunday drape

Best beard care kit –  Beard oil that promotes growth

This beard oil is specially developed to stimulate your beard growth.

  • This beard oil is for passionate beard wearers who
  • want to grow a thick and full beard
  • want to stimulate their uneven beard growth
  • want to treat their stressed beard or hair breakage to a cure
  • want to do a 4-week beard oil treatment

Ginger oil – in traditional Chinese medicine and Indian Ayurveda, the fiery root has been used against hair loss for thousands of years. The oil can stimulate the metabolism of the hat and thus promote beard growth.
Rosemary Leaf Oil – also helps stimulate hair growth and removes dry or itchy scalp.

Vitamin E – supports the formation of collagen and anchoring the hair roots in the scalp. It also helps in the formation of the hair component keratin.
Grapefruit seed oil – ensures healthy, shiny beard hair

How can the scent be described?
The scent is fruity-tart fresh. Simply wonderful in the morning and seductive to kiss!

How do I use the oil?
Start an intensive beard cure by massaging the beard growth oil onto the skin under the beard twice a day and carefully distributing it into the beard itself with a beard brush.


Best beard care kit Innovative pigment fibre spray for a thicker beard

People keep asking me how to get a fuller and thicker beard. My articles on this topic are the most read on my blog.

I have now discovered this subject.

I discovered a pigment fibre spray, which is especially suitable for thickening the beard.

The spray contains thousands of small plastic fibres deposited on your own whiskers and expand when they dry. This makes the beard look thicker and fuller. With a single spray of Volume Hair Plus, your hair looks up to 50% thicker.

  • The spray is available in 5 hair colours and is very easy to use.
  • The Volume Hair Plus is definitely a good solution for those who want to give their beard more density.
  • Thicker beard hair


Best beard care kit Probably a minor revolution in beard care

Another product for more beard volume and fullness is this beard care foam from Reuzel.

Reuzel beard care foam

I find it exciting that this foam offers a completely new dosage form and a great care performance combination.

This innovative formula not only cares for your beard hair and makes it softer, but it is also dedicated to your facial skin and strengthens the hair roots. So this beard foam can help to promote beard hair density. The additional hold ensures immediate volume in the beard.

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