Beard Styles for Round Faces – What beard is best for a round face?

This is one of the newest Beard Styles for Round Faces right now. This style has been used by many popular celebrities such as actors, athletes, etc. Beard Styles for Round Faces is basically an inverted triangle with the lower tip pointing towards your lower lip and the triangle moving down towards your chin. After Beard Styles for Round Faces, the ends of the triangle are further elongated along the cheeks.

Van Dyke beardVan Dyke beard is one of the most popular beard styles for men. By combining a goatee with a moustache, the Van Dyke beard creates classic, masculine facial hair. If you’re curious about the style and want to learn how to grow, trim, and shape your Van Dyke goatee and moustache, here is everything you need to know about how to look right.

What is the Van Dyke beard?
Van Dyke beard is a full beard with a classic floating moustache in which the moustache and goatee are separate and not joined at the corners. What is also particular about the Van Dyke beard is that both the moustache and the chin’s facial hair are pointy and long. Of course, men can grow different variations of the style and still achieve practically the same look.

How to grow a Van Dyke beard?
The modern Van Dyke Beard comes with a moustache that differs in size and thickness, although the classic beard style involved creating curls into the moustache. The Van Dyke beard now looks more hip and cool than a short beard. If you’re interested in growing your Van Dyke beard, it’s easier than you might think. Beard growth takes a little patience and dedication.

To start, consider growing back your facial hair (including the hair on your upper lip) until it is at least an inch long. As you grow your beard thicker and longer, start using a good beard shampoo and conditioner. You want to have a full beard all over your face.

Determine how long you want your moustache to elongate. On average, most men leave about 4mm of hair on each side of their lips.

Shave the rest of your facial hair completely bare on your cheeks, leaving just a moustache, soul piece, and long, pointy goatee.
You can slowly shape the Van Dyke beard as your hair grows, or you can leave the full beard until you are ready to trim your hair to the specific design.

With the former, you should keep shaving the sides and keeping your moustache trimmed. Over the weeks, you will find that your style is taking shape, and you will need to invest in the right tools to groom your new beard.

Beard Care Products That You Should Use
If you want to have that Van Dyke beard, you need good beard care products. Here are some of the best beard grooming products out there.

We recommend combining these beard products for men with shiny and soft beards! A first-class beard grooming kit can be a simple solution.

How to shave and shape the Van Dyke beard
Is a bit of a low maintenance beard, but luckily, a good beard trimmer can groom and shape your beard easier and more accessible for facial hair.

After you’ve grown your Van Dyke, you’ll need to trim it to the ideal length. To make your beard style stand out, keep the hair on your neck and cheek short, though the guys have the option to have stubble or a shave. Using a razor and cream machine to cut the hair before shaving helps minimise pulling.

You can keep your moustache short too, but some men pull it off at the ends to add flair to the hair. If necessary, use scissors to cut stray strands.

Depending on how fast your beard is growing, you may need to use a trimmer with a comb once a week and clean up your moustache and goatee. With the old school version, be sure to gradually fade the goatee as you get closer to the centre of your mouth, this area remaining the longest.

The result should be a beard that resembles an imperial goatee and moustache.

The ultimate in learning how to grow, shave, and maintain a Van Dyke beard is not difficult. With the proper grooming and styling tools, this is one of the most accessible and most relaxed beard styles out there.

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