Beard Shaping Tips – How To Shape a Beard – April 2021

beard shaping tips,regardless of whether it is a 3-day beard, a full beard or a mustache: Every beard needs to be well-groomed and look gorgeous. In this blog post, I have compiled a few helpful and innovative beard shaping tips.
Every beard wearer has personal challenges with their facial hair. This can for example …

  • be a thin beard that can be fuller.
  • uneven growth of beard with gaps in the beard.
  • be a thick beard that can hardly be tamed.
  • After doing some research, I found some very interesting, innovative styling products and tools that are not actually intended for beard care, but work wonderfully for it!
  • Here we go! How to look after your beard in top shape!

beard shaping tipsbeard shaping tipsGive your thin beard more volume!
The Redken Cerafill Maximize Dense FX is a leave-in treatment that immediately gives you a fuller beard.

The innovative treatment strengthens the hair fiber and combats hair breakage. The formula with Filloxane gives an immediate effect of fullness. Ceramides strengthen the hair fiber and fight hair breakage. The SP-94 cares for the skin and creates optimal conditions for regrowing hair. This instant treatment is suitable for all hair types.

The Cerafill Maximize Dense FX was actually developed for scalp hair. But it also works wonderfully for the beard!

This is how you hide gaps in your beard!
Don’t have an even beard? Then hide your gaps with the innovative Romantic Bear pen.

beard shaping tipsThe pen is ideal for the beard for the following reasons:

  • With the unique formula and hair fibre composition, you can perfectly hide the gaps in the beard
  • The effect is natural and adapts well to the skin and hair
  • The pen is waterproof
  • With the innovative double head brush you can draw three-dimensional laminations

beard shaping tipscheck out the following blog post for more tips and tricks:

This is how you gently shape your beard!
Is your beard thick, restless and difficult to control? Detangling your beard is more painful? Then you should use this brush:

This brush impresses with its special shape and innovative wooden knobs. With its length of 14.5 cm, it lies comfortably in the hand and untangles your beard in no time. The knobs have the same thickening at their ends, which capture the knots accurately and carefully separate them. They sit on black rubber and have a pleasant, gentle massage effect when you brush your face with this brush.

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