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How to Trim a Beard & How To Trim Beard? & How To Properly Trim a Beard?  

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  • Take your time! Trim your beard slowly. Wash your beard with a beard shampoo. Now you loosen knots.
  • And dry it off again before you start trimming the beard.
  • Comb your whiskers (hair knots will be loosened).
  • Use a beard trimmer to trim your beard (an electric razor can do wonders).
  • Trim the sideburns, the moustache and define the cheek area (against the direction of growth), still cut the contours for the perfect neckline.
  • A well-groomed beard shape has a straight or slightly curved line.
  • Comb your beard. Are you satisfied?
  • If not, repeat the process.


How To Grow a Beard? – How Long To Grow a Beard? – How to Grow Beard? – How To Grow a Full beard? How To Grow Beard Quickly? How Can I Grow a Beard? How To Make a Beard Grow

Whether full beard or three-day beard: they all want to be well cared for. So if you’re going to grow your beard correctly, you have to pay attention to a few things.
  • If you already have a beard: First, bring it to a uniform length. This works best with a razor and styler like the Braun Shave & Style 300BT.
  • It offers a 3-in-1 styling tool with interchangeable trimmer heads. With it, you not only trim your beard but also give it the optimal contours.
  • If you are still cleanly shaven: Let your beard hair grow for a few days (depending on the thickness of the hair growth), and then trim it to a uniform length.
  • For four to six weeks, keep your hands off the razor – even if it is difficult. Of course, you can adjust the contours, but you should not shave off your beard again.
  • Because that this then grows faster is a misconception. Prevent itching.
  • Beard growth, especially when you grow a full beard, is usually accompanied by itching and tingling because your skin first has to get used to the new hair. So use a moisturizer to soothe the skin and prevent irritation.
  • Have patience: Depending on your predisposition, it can take a while until the beard is really full and dense.

How To Shape a Beard? How to Shape Your Beard? How To Shape Beard? 

  • Beard hair tends to become tangled and matted quickly. Still looking good is not difficult: always have a comb with you to prevent your beard from becoming tangled during the day. There are extra smaller combs for moustaches.
  • The only way to keep your beard looking great is to trim it regularly. The Braun Multi-Grooming-Kit is the perfect solution when it comes to keeping the natural look in shape. Thanks to the two attachments with their different lengths, longer and shorter beards can be trimmed to fit. The blades’ excellent quality ensures that you will enjoy them for a lifetime and even get a grip on, particularly thick or long beard hair.
  • The beard brush ensures that the wild undergrowth becomes a silky mane. It helps bring the essential sebum from your skin to the tip of your hair. We recommend beard brushes made from wild boar bristles. Their bristles can be harder than a regular hairbrush, so be careful not to brush too hard to avoid damaging your skin. First, distribute oils and other products with your hands by massaging them into your beard and skin. Use the brush to distribute the products evenly on your beard and make it supple and soft.

How Long Does It Take To Grow a Beard?

Whether it’s your first time or you already have a beard, this question has probably crossed your mind before.

If you want the simple answer, it takes an average of two to six months to grow a good beard (on average, your beard grows 1 inch/month). But unfortunately, it’s rarely that simple.

It depends on your genetics, testosterone levels, and other factors that affect your hair’s health and growth.


What Does Beard Oil Do? – How To Use Beard Oil? When To Apply Beard Oil?

Your beard has to withstand sweltering heat and cold. It is soiled with leftover food at every meal and constantly threatened with sharp, pointed objects so that it does not get out of shape. Your beard has a tough life – so be good to it. Actually, it only takes two things for a satisfied beard: a little love and beard oil.

Beard oil is like a full day stay in the spa for your beard and helps you with both beard care and beard styling. However, many beard wearers do not know enough about beard oil – they do not know what is important in good beard oil, how to use it correctly, and its benefits. Beard oil can actually eliminate pretty much all beard-related problems.


How To Straighten Beard?

A huge number of men have a curly, unruly beard and want to change something about it.

Whether a beard is smooth or not is mainly hereditary. It does not depend on the composition of the proteins that make up the hair but on the hair follicles from which the hair grows. With their shape and alignment, they ensure in which direction the hair – whether on the head or in the beard – develops.
First of all: We think curly, uneven beards are not necessarily a bad thing and, with appropriate care, can look just as good or better than smooth, uniform beards.

  • But you’re probably here because you want to smooth it out. As a first step, which is useful before any of the following options, we recommend beard shampoo. With a ph-neutral shampoo with natural ingredients, your beard is freed from unpleasant environmental influences on the one hand, and the skin’s own protective substances are not completely removed.
  • Smooth the beard with beard oil
    Beard oil is one of the simplest and most popular means to make beard hair softer and more supple. Aftercare with beard oil, the hair stores more moisture and has less irregularly distributed internal tension.
  • If you have a weak to medium frizzy beard, beard oil is just the right thing for you and will usually tame your beard.
  • A little stronger: Beard balm
    In a balm, holding ingredients such as z. B. contain shea butter, beeswax, coconut oil, cocoa butter or lanolin. On the one hand, this ensures the nourishing properties that beard oil also has, but has the side effect that they are tough themselves and actively shape the beard instead of “just” making it supple. This makes beard balms particularly helpful for really frizzy beard hair.
    Beard balm is sometimes also called beard wax, pomade or beard wax. It always means the same thing.


How To Use Beard Balm? How to Apply Beard Balm?

We invite you to read the detailed article we wrote about this topic. Click here.

How to Groom a Beard? How to Groom Beard? How To Groom a Long Beard?

Especially after the beard has been shampooed, there isn’t much of your skin’s protective sebum left on the beard hair. Therefore, reach for beard oil from time to time, which gives the beard shine and suppleness.
At first, it can be difficult to estimate the right amount of maintenance oil. A small amount is often enough. Therefore, use the beard oil sparingly at first and slowly approach the optimal amount.

How to Apply Beard Oil? How Often to Use Beard Oil?

First, you should make sure that your skin pores are clean so that the follicles can really benefit from beard oil. Take a shower or wash your beard with warm water. Then dry your beard with a towel because the water and oil don’t mix. Make sure that the beard is not bone dry but a bit clammy.

Now put a few drops of beard oil on the palm of your hand. If your beard oil has a pipette, use it. Otherwise, just carefully pour it out of the bottle. Personally, I prefer bottles with a pump mechanism – this is the quickest and easiest way to dose the oil. How much beard oil you need naturally depends on the size of your beard. For an “average” full beard, you need about a 10-cent piece of fat. If you are unsure, take a little less first. Nothing is worse than a beard dripping with the oil!

Now you rub the oil between your fingers and then with your fingers on your face. Make sure to start with the skin under your beard and then work your way through the beard so that you spread the oil all over the hair.

Using beard oil will help you greatly against itching and dandruff. Your beard will also get enough oil during this process to dry out your skin any further. This makes it softer, shinier and looks better.


How To Maintain a Beard?

  • Wash your beard regularly.
  • Massage beard oil into your skin and beard hair.
  • Brush your beard into place.
  • Shape your beard with firm beard balm or beard pomade.
  • Twist your moustache

How To Grow a Thicker Beard?

  • Just let your beard grow out for 4-6 weeks. It usually takes 4-6 weeks to grow a decent beard. It will be the hardest in the beginning when your facial hair may be growing a little unevenly or blotchy, and you have to live with a few stupid looks and comments from friends who can’t understand your predilection for bearded fame.
  • If you take care of your body by eating healthy, it can positively affect your beard growth. Since hair is largely made up of protein, your beard will benefit from foods rich in protein, such as oily fish, lean meat, and chicken. You should also make sure that you consume healthy enough saturated fatty acids, such as those found in nuts, fish, and eggs. This will boost your testosterone production, which is essential for a healthy, thick beard.
  • Sleep is important because it allows the cells to regenerate – which is, of course, again important for the speed of your hair growth. Your general well-being and health depend on getting enough sleep. It would help if you also tried to reduce your stress level as much as possible, as stress has been linked to hair loss.
  • Please do not use scissors or trimmers to approach your beard until it has grown for at least four weeks. Individual hairs grow at different rates, so some areas of your beard may be longer than others. Be patient and wait until it has really grown long enough to style and trim it. The longer the beard, the easier it will be.


What is Beard Oil?

Beard oil cares for the beard hair and the skin of the face. You can leave that as it is for all quality oils. In addition to this general, simple fact, there are also countless differences and subtleties. There is no such thing as “one” beard oil – there are hundreds. They differ in their composition and, thus, their effect and, of course, in their smell.

How to Make Beard Oil?

  • First, come the carrier oils. You can either use just one carrier oil for your personal beard oil or combine two carrier oils. Our tip: Experiment until you find the perfect mix. For a 30 ml container, add approx—28 ml of carrier oil to the vial.
  • Now the essential oils are added. Caution: Essential oils are highly concentrated and must therefore never come undiluted on the skin. Therefore, only a few drops should be added to the beard oil. We recommend about ten drops for a 30 ml bottle.
  • Finally comes the simplest thing: mix the carrier oils with the essential oils by capping the vial and shaking it vigorously. Your own beard oil is ready.

How to Grow a Beard Fast?

  • Watch your diet
  • Go to bed on time
  • Sports and fitness training
  • Trust your beard
  • Take care of your beard with the right beard care products

How To Trim a Long Beard?  How To Trim Long Beard?

  • Wash your beard thoroughly with shampoo and pat it dry with a towel.
  • Apply clear shaving gel to the cheeks and neckline below Adam’s apple to shave precise contours.
  • Cut the hair outside of the contour with a wet razor or razor.
  • Try to shave an even curve from the ear over Adam’s apple to the other ear.
  • Rinse the beard again. Clearwater is enough!
  • Put 2-3 drops of beard oil in your hands. Rub the palms of your hands together to warm it and spread it over your beard and skin – from your neck up.

How to Shave a Beard?  How To Shave Beard? How to Shave Your Beard?  Where To Shave Beard? How To Shave Beard Line?

  • Massage the foam or gel directly into damp skin – always in the direction of hair growth.
  • Then start by shaving the face in the direction of your beard’s hair growth, using your fingers to tighten the facial skin.
  • Shave in short and precise strokes.
  • Start at the side of the sideburns and systematically shave one area at a time.
  • Rinse the razor blade after three pulls with warm water so that the blades do not clog.
  • At the end of the shave, tilt your head back to shave the beard in the chin area and pull the skin of your face taut to avoid tiny cuts.
  • However, do not press too hard – this will protect your top skin cells and prevent razor burn.
  • Do not shave “around the curve” – it ends up being painful and strains the skin immensely.
  • Lastly, turn to your upper lip beard. This is where your beard hair is thickest and toughest – shave it in a downward diagonal motion in your beard growth direction.
  • Don’t forget about the tiny hairs around the corners of your mouth.


How to Fix Patchy Beard? How To Fix a Patchy Beard?

  • Instead of a short beard, you can also try longer, fuller facial hair. Resisting the urge to cut or shave may be challenging, but away from the trimmer. Even if you plan on keeping your beard shorter, allowing your beard to grow freely for a month can be a great way to see how your hair is growing and where the spots are forming. Fuller, more grown facial hair, in turn, will help cover any stains. Yes, there will be some uncomfortable weeks where your facial hair will be spotty as it grows back. But the hair should eventually grow evenly and cover the spots.
  • Keep it cut
    The appearance of a blotchy beard can also be minimized by cutting off facial hair. Depending on where the patches are, you can get creative with trimming your beard. Incorporate these patches into your look with flattering angles. Or, you can keep the rest of your beard so short that the stains are barely noticeable. Start with a number three and then go shorter if you’d like from there. Take the time to make sure you are cutting yourself neatly and evenly, and review how you go. Otherwise, you could end up with a more blotchy beard than you did before.
  • Clean up the lines
    An inconsistent beard often makes you look a little more fishy than preppy. Tidy, even lines will make your blotchy beard look more precise and more professional. Keep your sideburns neat and trimmed back, so they blend in seamlessly with your facial hair. This should create a sharp edge around the rest of your face. Keep the edge of your beard clean and tidy, especially the cheekbones, chin, nose, and lips. Keep lines clean by trimming your beard regularly and styling it daily with beard oil and a comb.
  • Manage uneven growth
    All of our tips are designed to help your facial hair grow more evenly. But if you still find it is sketchy, there are a few ways you can tackle it. Keep your beard to a straight and short length to minimise the appearance of blemishes. Or keep it full enough to cover the patches. As long as you style the size of your facial hair so that it is as even as possible, the spots should be less noticeable. You should also take care of your facial hair and take good care of it. A beloved beard is a well-groomed beard.
  • Condition your beard
    Wiry, dry, and poorly groomed facial hair can cause a blotchy beard. So taking care of it with the right products and tools can make a big difference to the health of your hair and its overall appearance. A good beard oil or beard balm will keep your mane healthy and clean right down to the follicles. Use an exfoliator to remove dead skin cells and avoid dry skin. This also helps if you suffer from itchy beard syndrome while also stimulating the skin underneath. This promotes blood circulation and hair growth, resulting in a fuller, thicker, and healthier beard.

How to soften beard? 

  • Get a good beard shampoo.
  • Find a beard oil with suitable carrier oils
  • Brush your beard morning and night
  • Give your rugged beard a nourishing beard treatment


How to Take Care of a Beard? – How to Care For a Beard?

  • Drink more water: Often, you don’t think about it, but our outward appearance is primarily the result of what goes on inside, and that goes for the appearance of the beard as well. In summer, the body needs more fluids and drinking more water is the best way to keep the “peripheral” areas of the body (skin, hair and of course, beard!) Soft and hydrated. A dehydrated beard is dry and itchy!
  • The care before and after bathing matters: Salt and chlorine can prove to be true enemies of your beard. Rinse the beard with fresh water after bathing in the sea or the pool so that chlorine and salt are almost entirely removed. Another good habit is to moisten your beard with fresh water before jumping in the collection: the chlorine won’t attack wet beards as much as dry ones.
  • Purity is the top priority: Heat and sweat can add to the blemishes in the beard, and salt and chlorine can do more damage than you think. There is a straightforward solution: wash the beard daily with a mild special shampoo such as Mild Cleansing Fluid, rinse several times a day with fresh water as required and once a week do a more intensive wash with an exfoliating product such as our peeling beard washing paste.
  • Moisturising in the day: Make sure that the beard is moisturised with a fluid, easily absorbed product such as a balm without rinsing (e.g. with the Agnostic multifunctional balm ) or a cream that keeps the beard soft without being greasy.
  • Night care: The sun and heat that you find on the beach can often disturb the beard. Combining these elements will weaken it, make it a little brighter, and rob it of its natural brightness.
    In the evening, when the beard is less stressed, it is one of the best times to take care of it. Apply a thin veil of the anti-stress night mask, which, thanks to its rich formula with hemp oil, restores a softer and more radiant beard when you wake up.
  • Make sure you use the correct product dosage for a soft beard without overdoing it: you may get by with smaller amounts than the other seasons.
  • If something gets on your beard during an aperitif on the beach, always rinse and dry well. Beer and sun do not get along and are deadly together.
    Reduce the volume and plan the return. If you can’t stand it (or if you are dealing with the heat for the first time with your first beard), then trim it before you leave. And maybe you should make an appointment with your barber in advance for after the holidays: when you return, the demand is usually very high, and it can be challenging to get hold of!


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