Beard Pomade – What is Beard Pomade? – April 2021

Beard pomade: gives your beard a good hold, care takes a back seat. Beard pomade is very similar to the Hungarian beard wax. Thus the beard pomade belongs to the standard care product of every beard wearer.

Not only in terms of composition but also in terms of consistency. Overall, however, beard pomades are not as firm as a wax.

For this reason, they are more suitable for giving a beard a neat shape. The Bavarian wax is there for extravagant beard styling. In addition, pomades are available in a variety of different fragrances.

Everyone who wears a beard knows the days when their beard develops a mysterious life of its own. The smoothed beauty from the previous day is gone. Today pure anarchy rules.

Think, because, with beard pomade, you can regain control of your beard.

The remedy of choice, in this case, is a good beard pomade. It tops the beard balm when it comes to holding, as the proportion of wax (s) in a beard pomade is greater, but this also means that it has a firmer consistency and is not that easy to work with.

Before you apply the beard pomade to your beard, you should wash it and pat it dry. Then nourishing beard oil comes in, and only then the beard pomade.

To process this, you take an almond-sized amount, sometimes a little more, with your fingers or with the back of your fingernail, rub it in between your palms and warm it up.

To work extensively and extensively into the beard, it is best to stroke your beard with your palms from top to bottom. Oh yes: Beard pomade also brings a fragrant smell into your beard, similar to beard balm and beard oil, but less intense.


Beard pomade – what is this beard care product all about?

It is always the same. Your beard has taken on a great and perfectly trimmed format thanks to your barber. Nevertheless, one (s) is always faced with the crux of the styling associated with visiting the hairdresser, not being able to get it done in front of the mirror at home the next morning at the latest, as the barber did the day before.

The keyword here is the right beard care product. From wax, also called wax, to beard pomade and Beard Balm, the market offers a number of options for providing an aid.

Beard care products are becoming increasingly popular these days. “Beard Grooming” has gained in “Fame”. Some time ago still decried as “old-fashioned”, facial hair has found its place in the world again, as it was last in grandfather’s time.

Whether fashion or lifestyle trends are entirely up to you. Only one thing not! Exactly, the right care. Who wants to look like the next homeless person from the train station, for whom beard care is rather a foreign concept.

In the course of this, we will use the next points to bring you closer to the beard pomade and explain through the following three points which characteristics it has in relation to other care products. Have fun researching our Charlemagne Premium Blog Post!


Beard pomade, not just made for the beard!

Beard pomade, or rather pomade as such, is one of the essential hair care products on the market. Their components are pretty much the same when it comes to main or facial hair.

The essential oils, which are largely contained in a pomade, are decisive. We want to be honest.

Where are great fragrances that make every woman’s and men’s heart beat faster than in the face, placed directly under your own olfactory bulb, in order to be able to constantly (and inevitably) control whether your own fragrance still has the note you want your own person in relation to the outside world ?!

Beard pomade – what is this beard care product all about?

Essential oils

As already mentioned, a pomade contains essential oils, which naturally bring great smells to them.

Just like in the beard oil or the Mustache Wax these perfuming oils, such as almond and argan oil contained in the Bartpomade and donate refreshing scents. Try it out, you too will be amazed.

The nourishing effect

Not to be neglected is the nourishing effect of the essential oils and the fats contained in a pomade. With every shave, you add some damage to your beard hair.

By the section of your hair at the top, the individual hair loses moisture, which has to be replaced. Fats like the petroleum jelly contained in pomade give your hair the moisture it needs to prevent it from drying out. The same goes for your skin on your face, by the way.

Beard pomade you choose will inevitably add moisture to your skin, which will help prevent dryness or flaking. In addition, there is the nourishing property that makes your hair and skin noticeably silky soft, and supple. What more can you add other than that this is a real plus point,

What makes the difference in beard pomade?

Beard pomade consists of fats in its basic components. Vaseline finds its place here. By adding the essential oils that have already been advertised, pomade becomes what it is. A care highlight.

Beard pomade – what is this beard care product all about?

Basically, the decisive factor in a pomade is that it is not as firm in its consistency as the wax is. pomade stays supple and doesn’t harden like, to name just one clue most should know about, hair gel.

In contrast, pomades can give your facial hair a neat shape.

The basic features of a Hungarian wax are similar. Not only because of the composition but also because of the consistency.

If you are the type of man who likes to wear extravagant beard styling, then based on the previous arguments, your choice falls on the Bavarian wax. It hardens and can give your Mustache in particular an extravagant look.

Beard pomade is therefore an elementary product of basic beard care, especially if you wear your beard hair long.

As you can read, has technical advantages in use. In contrast to wax, especially the Bavarian beard wax, a pomade does not become stiff in its final state, as mentioned, but remains malleable.

When you are on tour, a practical beard comb can be of great service, while the beard brush can be of great help if you use it at home.

beard pomadeThey distribute the care product, at this point the pomade neatly in your hair and your skin surface. So you use these tools not only in relation to your look but also the care of your facial hair, which you will come to appreciate.

Of course, after reading this blog entry, we assume that you are looking for such beard care products.

“A healthy and well-groomed beard is important for a real man, that’s why we offer everything you need to keep yours doing so.”

As barbers with a total of more than 20 years of experience in the trade, we were looking for styling & care products that convinced us 100%. There were some good products on the market, but none that really gave us what we needed all around.

After some deliberation, we decided in 2014 that we wanted to develop our own series. For two years, every evening after work in the barbershop, we used every free minute to work on developing the recipes in our basement. In terms of ingredients, the best was just good enough for us.

We bought the best jojoba oils available in Morocco, and argan oil from Italy.

Beard pomade – what is this beard care product all about?

After two years and a number of attempts, we had our first product range, with which we have been delighting our customers ever since – we think 98% positive reviews speak for themselves.

This has of course been continuously developed since the official start in 2016. This is just one of the reasons why Charlemagne Premium products won not just one but several comparison tests in recent years.



What is beard pomade, and what is it used for?

Beard pomade, or in the following, also called beard balm, is a unique beard care product. The skin and beard hair are gently cared for by natural ingredients.

In addition, the beard hair can be shaped and easily styled with the help of pomade. The nice side effect of pomade or beard balm is the relief of redness, skin irritation, and itching.

However, pomade is mainly used to shape the beard. That is why it is trendy with many beards and finds many friends, especially full beards.

In addition to the fact that pomade can easily shape the beard, the beard care product also offers terrific scents such as vanilla, lemon, or a woody note. There are no limits in terms of smell, and thanks to the excellent selection of products, everyone who wears a beard will find the right scent.

Beard pomade and full beard

Especially for Beard carrier is Bartpomade is very good, because they, unlike the

Mustache Wax does not harden so strong. Beard pomade is, therefore, more likely to bring the beard into a well-groomed shape. But the beard hair remains supple and combable.

However, for unique beard styling, i.e., twisting a mustache or making patterns in the full beard, a better mix of care and styling has been found with beard wax.


How can you remove the beard pomade again?
When it comes to beard care, beard pomade offers some advantages. However, it also has a disadvantage. It cannot simply be washed out of the beard hair.

If you’ve spread a lot of pomade in your hair, it can sometimes be challenging to remove it from your hair.

A beard shampoo helps here, of course, as it can gently remove the beard care product, and its ingredients still do not dry out the beard hair.

But if you don’t use a lot of beard pomade to style your beard hair, you won’t have any problems with being able to wash out the pomade again. As is so often the case, the amount decides how complex your beard care is.

Application :

The application of pomade is very easy and very similar to wax. Like pomade for the hair, pomade is rubbed vigorously between the hands, as this makes it warm and soft so that it can be more easily distributed in the beard hair.

It is not possible to make a general statement about the amount, as each beard is different in length and density. The more, beard, the more pomade and vice versa.

You have to try it out for yourself! Depending on the beard color, a colorless or light pomade is worthwhile for a lighter beard and a dark to black pomade for a darker beard.

Beard pomade is mainly used for longer or larger beards. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t suitable for short beards as well. Especially with a mustache or a lot of protruding hair, the use of beard pomade and beard balm can be helpful.

If you already have good beard oil in your closet at home, you don’t necessarily need to buy beard pomade. The exception is if you have problems with styling because then the advantages are clearly with the pomade.

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