Beard Oil, Yoo Have Never Used Like This! – April 2021


Beard oil, as a beard wearer, you certainly have at least one beard oil at home and apply it nicely to your beard every morning after the shower. Very good!
But you probably don’t know the following six additional application ideas on the subject of beard oil. With these options, you can get other benefits out of your oil.

The Beard Oil Over-Night Treatment
Do you tend to have dry or longer whiskers, and your skin underneath is sensitive and tends to itch uncomfortably?

Use your beard oil as an approaching overnight treatment!


  • liquid and light formula
  • cares for hair and skin
  • Finish: shiny and grease-free
  • Redken Brews Beard Oil is 99% natural and consists of avocado and olive oils.


Put a towel over your pillow and let this oil take effect overnight.

In the morning, you shower and clean your beard with a mild beard shampoo!

You will notice that your beard has become very soft after this treatment and can be styled better.

Give it a try and use the regimen once a week.

Your cuddle factor will increase in spring!

Beard oil against dry head hair
beard oilUsing your oil as a hair treatment also works for your scalp hair if it is dry and brittle.

Incidentally, ideal for the men among us who wear a man bun.

The lengths and tips of longer hair require a lot of care. Otherwise, they can split.

I recommend an overnight application here as well. It’s practical and sustainable! But don’t forget to put a towel on the pillow.

 Beard oil as a scalp treatment against dandruff
Are you prone to dry flaking?

Then put approx. Two hazelnut-sized portions of your dandruff shampoo in a small bowl and add approx. Fifteen drops of your oil. Mix both components thoroughly and ideally apply this anti-dandruff treatment to your scalp with a brush and leave it on for 20 minutes. Then you lather up the short with a bit of water and shampoo the hair thoroughly again.

Finally, rinse everything thoroughly.

You will see your dry dandruff loosen up from your scalp better.

This shampoo effectively fights dandruff and counteracts the formation of new dandruff. Existing dandruff is eliminated, and so are the associated symptoms such as itching and redness of the scalp.

 Beard oil as a support for your wet shave
Have you ever shaved the contour of your beard with your beard oil?

It works great because …

  • … the blade glides perfectly over skin
  • … your skin is relaxed and not irritated
  • … you can see your beard contour while shaving because your oil is transparent.

Hot tip: You can, of course, also mix your shaving cream with your oil! This will soften your beard hair even better for the shave!

The Redken Brews Shave-Cream is a high-quality shaving cream that allows you a very close and highly gentle shave. The cream is exceptionally soft on the skin, so that annoying side effects such as unsightly razor burn or small red bumps are a thing of the past. The Redken Brews Shave Cream has been dermatologically tested to be used without hesitation by men who have susceptible skin.

Beard oil as a styling aid for rebellious curls.
Is your head hair curly and sometimes difficult to control?

Then add ten drops of your hair wax or hair pomade and distribute them thoroughly in your hair.

Your locks will look more bundled and manicured.

This styling combination brings flexibility and definition to your styling. The non-greasy paste contains poly stretch fibers for effortless, individual styling.


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