Beard Oil vs Beard Balm – I use beard oil and balm? **2021

Beard Oil vs Balm? The question of all questions when it comes to the perfect beard care. Beard Oil vs Balm? Do you now prefer to use beard oil or beard cream when it comes to getting a supple and shiny beard?

Beard Oil vs Balm? Bernd Heier answers this question and explains what these two beard care products are all about.

Beard Oil vs Balm: Beard oil: liquid care
Beard oil gives the beard shine and volume and a certain amount of moisture that the beard hair needs in the change from the cold to the warm season.

Beard Oil vs Balm? Beard hairs are also stressed by the change from cold to warm and require thorough care, which is usually achieved by regularising a beard oil. Certain ingredients nourish the splendour of the beard and the skin underneath and make it nice and soft. Also, using a special beard oil makes the beard hair supple, easier to shape, and smells irresistibly good.

The combination of high-quality oils in one bottle ensures intensive care and sufficient protection against everyday wear and tear. The use of beard oil is easy and saves time because depending on the beard’s length, you only need 2-8 drops, which you put in the palms of your hands and evenly distributed over the beard.

“When choosing a beard oil, you should rely on a high-quality product to get a promising care result. The combination of shine, suppleness and beguiling scent make beard oil a special care product for men ”- Bernd Heier.

Beard Oil vs BalmBeard Oil vs Beard Balm – Beard balm: more than just care
Beard Oil vs Beard Balm?  A beard balm is an intensive care treatment for the beard. In contrast to beard oil, which is liquid, beard balm has a firm consistency. A beard balm is a nourishing styling cream and is therefore ideal for shaping long and wild beard hairs. With the regular use of a high-quality beard balm, the beard hair, as well as the facial skin underneath, is cared for with valuable care extracts and oils.

A beard balm gives every beard a little hold and thus makes it more controllable and softer. Protection, shine, and care thus nestle gently around every beard hair and let the beard shine in full splendour. The application of a beard balm is also not time-consuming,

Beard Oil vs Beard Balm -: the perfect care duo.
Both products are suitable for specific purposes, situations, and beard styles, but when combined, the two care products create the perfect duo and tame even the wildest beard.

With both care products, however, the value should be placed on high value and quality so that a promising result is achieved.

The balm can also find both products in Bernd Heier’s BosBarber care line. The BosBarber beard oil impresses with high-quality oils such as meadowfoam oil, jojoba oil, moringa, and avocado oil and thus ensures intensive care.

The balm can also find high-quality oils combined with natural extracts in the BosBarber Beard Balm, making beard hair controllable and supple without sticking. The balm can only achieve protection, suppleness, and intensive care for the beard with this perfect duo.

You can also see more models by watching the video below.
Beard Balm vs Beard Oil + BEST beard balms and oils to use!!

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