Beard Jewelry – How to use Beard Jewelry? **2021

Beard jewelry and beard beads have been around as long as the beard itself. Beard Jewelry or beard beads or tubes tend to be a niche existence. When used skillfully, however, they strengthen the individual character and enhance many beards.

However, the range of Beard Jewelry is extensive, and the correct attachment is not always easy. We’ll show you which Beard Jewelry is available, which beard it fits and how you can fix it optimally.

Beard jewelryBeard jewelry means beard beads or beard balls threaded directly into the beard and thus changed the beard’s look. Mostly they are made of silver, bronze, or stainless steel. Depending on the beard’s nature or the beard hair’s thickness, there are beard beads in versions with 3 mm, 5 mm, or 7 mm diameter. The beads and jewelry are often decorated in a rustic style.

For the most common variants, you have to spend between € 6 and € 30. It can be differentiated on the one hand according to the shape: classic round and elongated pearls and curved Vikings. Also, there are numerous unique shapes, such as the skull, lion’s head, snakes, or wolf’s head.

On the one hand, beard pearls are of course ideal for longer chin beards as an additional styling effect. But there are also subtle alternatives for less conspicuous beard jewelry wearers.

At the latest, the beard brooches from Krato Milano have meant that the beard can also be enhanced in a less intrusive way (see below, e.g. for full beards).

In the shape of the beard pearls, you are of course unbound. For very long beards, however, a longer beard bead is recommended rather than a spherical one.

You should also pay attention to the properties of your beard hair when choosing the beard beads. Very stubborn and thick beard hair may need a beard bead with a larger diameter (> 5mm) so that the beard hair can be threaded through optimally.


How do I attach the beard jewelry correctly?

Once you have found the right beard jewelry, the question arises as to how it can be properly attached to the beard. After all, it should look neat and not slip constantly.

Basically, there are different ways to properly attach the jewelry. We recommend preparing the beard with beard balm or beard wax. Then small rubbers ensure optimal stability. To do this, proceed as follows:

Preparing the beard with mustache wax

The beard balm helps you to bring your beard into the right shape. With the beeswax, it contains, the whiskers can easily be shaped into a point, for example.

Then the beard bead can be threaded through relatively easily.

In particularly stubborn cases, a thread can also help. To do this, simply wrap the thread around the beard from top to bottom in the form of a spiral, push the lower end through the bead and then push the bead all the way up. The thread can then be pulled off downwards very easily.

Incidentally, the attachment of beard jewelry works particularly well with a suitable beard balm. Believe us, we’ve tried quite a few as the consistency of the product is of the utmost importance here.

As a result, unfortunately, many products have not proven to be practical or not at all practical – with one exception.

Attachment of the beard jewelry with a rubber

After you have threaded the beard beads, you can use a small rubber band (preferably in a transparent color or black) to provide additional hold.

To do this, simply tie the elastic under the beard bead and nothing can go wrong or slip. Use the black rubber on a black beard and the transparent rubber on all other beard colors.

We used to like to refer to the rubbers from Everline here, but recently they have deteriorated significantly in terms of quality.

It happened more and more often that these rubbers reached us melted together and thus the reject rate is too high. So we looked around again and found special rubbers for attaching beard jewelry and beard beads.

These are very gentle on your beard hair and are of high quality. They are available in transparent or black in packs of 100.


You can also see more models by watching the video below.
How to install beard beads

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