Beard implants – Do beard transplants work? **2021

Beard implants are one of the operations performed on men who have poor beard density for one of the following reasons: Gaps in the beard, Genetic factors, Burns or scars, Alopecia, and other skin diseases.

Beard implants into the beard. The area heals entirely in a short period, not more than a week, and the rate of hair growth transplanted into the beard is faster than that of the hair growth transplanted into the head.

The Beard implants process is the best solution for most of the above cases by delivering natural results and a high density of beard hair so that our patients can get the way they want.

The face’s skin is generally characterised by the density of small blood vessels and high blood flow activity. This ensures good nutrition for the grafts or hair follicles that will be

Beard implants Every year, hundreds of Beard implants are performed in our centre with high success rates based on the following factors and components: a private hospital with sterile operating theatres for hair Qualified, very experienced medical staff.

Take essential steps before operating, such as blood tests, preliminary examination, and examination of the patient’s health.

Regular and continuous medical follow-up after the operation. Make sure patients follow the doctor’s instructions.

You can also see more models by watching the video below.
The Complete Journey to a Full Beard | Beard Transplant Turkey

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