Beard Growth Stages – Does beard grow after 21? **2021

Beard Growth Stages at one point: should I or shouldn’t I? Will it look good? What will my environment say? How long will it take Beard Growth Stages? These thoughts run through the mind of every guy who has ever wanted to grow a full beard of considerable length on his face.

I was in the same place. Beard Growth Stages, There are many reasons to grow a full beard. Every man has his own. Regardless of whether you lack the desire to shave every day, look too youthful, or be inspired by (full) beards that make the difference.

If you choose to leave the razor alone, you are making a choice. Maybe you feel like me: Mostly with a three-day beard, one day the desire for a change came.

The conforming uniform look bored me. I used to be too shy to let my copper-colored beard grow beyond the three-day beard limit. I’m sure it doesn’t suit me, I thought. Today I’m afraid I have to disagree.

When I look back on it from a distance, and the apparent reasons like e in beard make you look more masculine and dominant, there is no time to shave, all fantastic main characters from Games of Thrones wear a beard and leave aside, it boils down to the following 3 points for me:

Beard Growth Stages: The beard becomes a part of you
Beard Growth Stages might sound a bit cheesy now but think about it. You have actively chosen the beard. You have invested many hours of your life in caring for your beard.

You have seen how slight stubble turned into a magnificent full beard. On the street, you nod to like-minded Beardos. The beard connects. In short: it becomes a hobby.

Beard Growth StagesBeard Growth Stages: The beard demands self-discipline

I have to admit that there were a few moments when I thought about giving up (read: shaving). Here is a small excerpt from the minor problems that a full beard brings with it: The itching at the beginning can get nasty and has already moved many budding beards to turn back. Eating kebab suddenly requires surgical precision. When drinking, the head automatically moves backward with the cup to be almost tempted to drink the coffee with a straw.
The schedule can get mixed up when you are subjected to a “random” extra check at the airport security gate for the umpteenth time.

Beard Growth Stages, Don’t let these little barriers hold you back from your great bearded future. The benefits outweigh the benefits. You have to stay strong, young padawan.

Beard Growth Stages: Your beard will make you thicker (pun intended) “You look like a terrorist”, “When will you finally shave again”, “Only hipsters wear full beards” are sayings that beard wearers have to listen to again and again.

Beard Growth Stages, Whenever you do something outside of your norm, there will be people who object. Let her. Over time you learn to ignore the clean-shaven naysayers.

The best method is to do the whole thing with a smile, acknowledge and let the sayings ricochet off his beard.

Are you now convinced and determined to tackle your beard journal? Perfect, because here you can learn from my experience (this also includes mistakes).

You can also see more models by watching the video below.
One Year Beard Growth Time-Lapse

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