Beard Filler – How long does Beard filler last? **2021

Beard Filler is particularly suitable for filling in and removing gaps in the optics. To do this, trace the direction of growth of your beard hair with the Beard Filler. This allows you to visually increase your beard growth quickly and easily without Beard Filler doing it.

Beard FillerBeard Filler contains an ultra-precise pencil lead and a shaping brush. Beard can specifically fill thanks to Beard Filler lead gaps with hair-thin lines. The brush tames stubborn hairs and helps to blend the colour afterwards gently. A seamless finish is guaranteed!

When we launched, we didn’t expect the commotion this product was supposed to cause. It became an instant hit, and that’s why we released this refill pack for it. You click it into the original pack instead of the original filling and save yourself the need to buy a new product.

Our blends perfectly with your natural, visually enhancing it and making it a little darker to contrast with the surrounding skin. It is the perfect solution for men with an unevenly growing beard, for whom it helps to cover up areas of lighter beard growth. It was designed in such a way that it creates an entirely natural appearance. You can choose from several shades according to your beard colour.

You can also see more models by watching the video below.
How To Fix / Fill In A Patchy Beard - Product Review. PATCHY BEARD SOLUTION! ✖ James Welsh

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