Beard Scissors – How can I trim my beard myself? **2021

Beard Scissors, the most important question of all. When and for what do you even need Beard Scissors?  You are the proud owner of a full beard, ZZ, or a cool ducktail.

Surely you want your second best piece to appear in the best light. For this purpose, clean contours are a must, and the beard must also trim protruding whiskers.

Beard Scissors, trimmers, or razors are not ideally suited for this because more sensitivity is required. This trimmer is where trim comes into play.

The little helper frees your beard from individual runouts and brings the entire beard to a precise shape. They trimmer help you with the finishing touches, so to speak, and are an absolute must, especially for friends with longer beards.

You can easily fine-tune your beard. By the way: trimmer is not only useful for long beards.

Sanguine has developed special beard scissors for moustaches with which the beard can achieve ideal results. Incidentally, some professionals only trim their entire beard. Although this leads to exact results, it is less advisable, especially for beginners.

The correct use of a suitable beard comb to guide the trimmer is essential and counteracts an uneven result. With little practice, you can inadvertently cut off too much of your beard – a horrible idea.

Beard ScissorsA Beard Scissors common mistake when trimming beard with beard scissors is the wrong choice of trimmer. Contrary to popular belief, a beard cannot compare paper scissors’ properties with those of beard scissors. The cutting edges of the paper or household scissors are not designed for cutting bare hair.

Broken tips or a damaged hair structure can be the consequences. Given the tremendous effort you put into creating your perfect beard, the trimmer shouldn’t be spared.

Especially since good models are available for € 10. But more on that at the end of this article in our tips. You should pay attention to this when buying beard scissors.

Are Beard Scissors recommended?

Trim on our beards and checked them extensively. As a result, we recommend three models for purchase: One is the Mercedes among the trimmer from AP Donovan, a solid professional model with an excellent price-performance ratio from Solida, and unique trim for moustache wearers.

Trim tips Our clear price-performance winner is the professional trim from Solida. Made of durable steel, it sits perfectly in hand and costs just around € 11.

The complete trimmer is made in Solingen and meets both the blade and the overall processing standards.

At 11.5 cm, it is the perfect length to shape all corners of your beard. So if you are looking for a solid model with an excellent price-performance ratio, this is the place for you.

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