Beard Cheek Line – Trimming the beard – May 2021

Beard cheek line is the next danger zone when shaping your beard. Just like a badly set neckline, a wrong beard cheek line on the beard can ruin your charisma and question your manhood.

Why do so many beards do it wrong? Most of the time, it is due to a mixture of lack of knowledge and bad examples. You don’t know how to do it right – see how others do it and think it has to be.

However, it is essential to keep reminding yourself that your beard is the natural expression of yourself. The color, density, term, and other properties are probably unique. So you shouldn’t be guided by what others are doing, but instead, choose a beard cheek line that suits you and your beard.

The natural cheek line on the beard
Of course, you can let your beard grow as nature creates it. A natural cheek line gives it a softer and more natural look. That doesn’t suit every man, but many.

The advantages are:

  • a full looking beard
  • softer appearance than with a clearly defined cheek line
  • fewer sources of error when shaving
  • less maintenance
  • The defined cheek line on the beard
  • If you don’t like the natural line, you can define your cheek line yourself.

This has the following advantages:

  • clearly defined beard
  • more well-groomed appearance
  • Optimizing the beard
  • Concealing irregular or weak beard growth, which often occurs mainly in the lower cheek area
  • To find your cheek line on the beard, follow the steps outlined.

Step one
Beard cheek lineBefore you even start worrying about defining your cheek line, let your beard grow out and see what you have. Give your beard enough time to take on its natural shape.

As a rule of thumb, you should let nature take its course for about six weeks before you reach for a beard trimmer for the first time.

Step two
Imagine a line from your sideburns to your mustache. The line starts where your natural cheek line begins. It stops where your beard cheek line merges into your mustache.

If your cheek line doesn’t reach your mustache but goes down beforehand, then use the point as the end where the line makes the kink down. This line should be as high up as possible.

You can either choose a straight line or make the transition from sideburn to cheek line a little more rounded. This decision is, of course, a matter of taste, but the basic rule is: If your face is somewhat angular, a softer, more curved cheek line looks better – and upside down.

Step three
Now carefully remove all hair above the beard cheek line with scissors, a wet razor, a razor, a beard trimmer, or an electric razor without an attachment, whichever you prefer.

Take your time and only take a few millimeters away so that you can always check the intermediate result in the mirror.

Try to make the line even on both sides of your face, but don’t fret over minor mistakes. This rarely notices anyone (except you), and the hair grows back quickly.

Trimming your line works best with good lighting and in front of a folding mirror that gives you a side view of your beard.

If you don’t want to take any chances …
… then, you can help a little and use a beard stencil for the perfect beard cheek line. Use the integrated comb to first brush the hair down as smoothly as possible. You then place the stencil directly on your beard where you want to put the cheek line. Then remove all whiskers above the template with scissors or a razor.


Of course, the disadvantage is that the template does not necessarily fit every beard because every man has a different face and beard growth. But since the beard stencil is quite affordable, you can try it out for yourself. With a bit of practice, you can trim your beard much faster and cleaner with a beard stencil.


Step four
The best comes at the end: after you’ve trimmed your beard, shaved the neckline and cheek line, and you’re ready for a new bearded adventure, don’t forget to use beard oil.

This will take care of your skin and beard hair and prevent your skin from becoming red, itchy, or pimples and dandruff.


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