Beard Cap: Swim faster with the Beard swim cap – April 2021

Beard cap with which you can swim faster as a beard? What does the term “Beard Cap” mean, and do you, as a swimmer, really need a cap for your beard?

With a beard cap, the beard is covered when swimming so that the water resistance is reduced and heat loss is minimized so that you can swim faster and longer.

In the following article, you will find out how helpful the beard cap is in practice and what you should pay attention to as a beard wearer when swimming.

What is a beard swim cap?

As already mentioned, the beard cap is mainly used to reduce the water resistance and thus be able to swim faster. This is especially important at competitions when you don’t necessarily want to shave off your beloved beard every time.

The beard soaks up in the water and forms an additional weight when swimming. Just like covering your normal scalp hair for higher speeds, you should also protect your beard with a swim cap.

If you have a smaller 3-day beard, you don’t necessarily need to wear an extra swimming cap, but if you have a long full beard, it makes a lot of sense to invest in a good swimming beard cap and thus reduce water resistance.

It is also helpful to protect the hair from the chlorine in the water because it dries out skin and hair. This is why you should take a shower and wash your beard with fresh water after you swim.

Furthermore, the beard cap ensures that body heat does not escape too quickly and that you can swim longer. It is well known that the human body loses most of its heat through the head.

If you want to stay in the water longer, you have another advantage with a swimming cap.

Another advantage that can make the difference between victory and defeat is that the swimming cap fixes your swimming goggles and prevents them from slipping off.

This happens particularly often in competitions when the swimmers jump into the water upside down.

Advantages of the Beard swim cap at a glance:

  • Reduced water resistance when swimming.
  • Protects your beard from chlorine and dehydration in the sun.
  • It keeps your beard dry while swimming and bathing in the shower.
  • Ensures that the heat does not escape so quickly and promotes your endurance.
  • It fixes your swimming goggles and ensures that they do not slip or get lost during take-off.
  • The beard cap can also come in handy when you want to jump in the shower and prevent your beard from getting wet.


How good is the beard swim cap when swimming?

Swimming is an Olympic discipline and a science in itself. It has been proven that even the simplest wrinkles on clothing and hair can increase water resistance and slow down your speed.

You won’t break all world records with a bathing cap on your head.

The difference in the speed takes place in a hundredth of a second. But this is still very important in competitive competitions and time-oriented swimming discipline.

The beard cap not only ensures that your head and beard stay dry but also that air is better trapped and can improve your buoyancy. But even here, you only have this advantage if you are swimming at your limit.

Then the only question that remains is whether it doesn’t matter which swim cap you buy or whether you should pay attention to a particular material?

Is a swimming cap compulsory for bearded people in the swimming pool?

beard capThere is no obligation to wear a swimming cap in a public swimming pool or a swimming pool – neither for beards nor for other people.

But this was not always the case – until the end of 1980, women were required to wear swimming caps. This should prevent too much hair from collecting in the pool and clogging the filter systems.

Over time, the circulation and cleaning systems in swimming pools have become better and better and can now filter out the hair. Thus the obligation to wear a bathing cap was lifted – much to the delight of women.

However, if you go to a health resort or swimming facility in private hands, you may well be asked to wear a swimming cap. However, this should only happen in very few bathrooms.

Buy a swim cap for your beard.

If you have decided to buy a beard cap, I would like to give you a few tips that you should consider before buying.

Which is the right size?

Bathing caps for the beard are produced in standard sizes. These are only available for adults, while the typical swimming caps are also available in size for children.

The Beard caps are elastic and adapt to the shape of the head, but there are still differences in wearing comfort from manufacturer to manufacturer.

I can only advise you to try out the different models and assess which one feels best for you – after all, you don’t want to be distracted by an unbearable feeling while swimming.

It would help if you considered that when buying:

  • Size: The swim cap must fit snugly on the head and around the beard.
  • Wearing comfort: The comfort should be given by sufficient elasticity.
  • Ear protection: This is especially useful for team sports in the water.
  • Cleaning and care: Cleaning should be possible.


Swimming cap made of silicone or latex?

Natural professional swimmers rely on swim caps made of silicone and latex. Because of this, you will often see swimmers who like to put on two caps. I will explain why this is so here.

The first cap is made of latex and is intended to hold the hair in place. Unfortunately, the latex caps quickly wrinkle and would increase the water resistance.

As mentioned above, a hundredth of a second can be crucial to victory.

The swimming goggles are usually pulled directly over the first latex cap. Silicone is smooth and does not wrinkle easily. This has a positive effect on the speed and is, therefore, the last to be put on.

Furthermore, the silicone bathing cap should ensure that the glasses do not slip and are better fixed.

Whether you choose a beard cap made of latex or silicone is not particularly important if you are not a competitive swimmer – both will keep your beard hair dry.

What you should avoid, however, are fabric swim caps. These quickly become full of water and promptly lose their real purpose.

Extra tip: For the cleaning and care of caps made of silicone or latex, you should rinse the caps with clear water after use and hang them up to dry.

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