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Beard Butter by Urban Beard is a vegan, non-greasy moisturizer for the beard and face. It penetrates directly into the hair follicles – i.e., the hair roots – and supplies Beard Butter with moisture and antioxidants from organic oils.

This beard results in full, manageable facial hair and can tame even the most unruly beards. Fresh mint scent and enrichment with almond oil and jojoba oil strengthen the beard, give it freshness and a healthy appearance.

Rub some Beard Butter into your hands or spread it on your face and then work into your beard and, if necessary, the skin. Use sparingly.

beard butter Sometimes you are not sure which product Beard Butter perfectly. This beard also applies to choosing the right beard care product. Beard oil is somehow too oily for you, and a little hold would be excellent? Beard pomade or beard wax, on the other hand, is just too thick and too firm? But everything is stupid without beard care? Well, fortunately, there are often interim solutions.

So here at Beard Brother? Have you ever heard of the term Beard Butter? Right now, right ?! Kentucky beard butter combines the best of beard oil and beard pomade. There is lots of care for the beard and a gentle hold for the tiny nasty beard hairs that are out of line.

The many oils it contains give the beard the care it needs. The perfect moisturizer for the beard so that it looks healthy and stylish at the same time. The best of both worlds is in this Butter.


what does beard butter do?

The mix of beard oil and beard balm is made from the best natural ingredients. Suitable for daily beard care. The skin under the beard is also adequately cared for and cared for.

The Best Beard Butter is used as a beard pomade. Rub a small amount in your hands and distribute it gently into the beard and work it in thoroughly.

The stuff literally melts in your hands, and so it spreads quickly. You immediately notice how supple the whiskers become and still have the necessary grip.

Absolutely awesome! The fruity mango scent is modern and absolutely convincing. If you like the fruity and soft character of the mango, you will love this bearded butter. Best Beard Butter grooming is fun!

You can also see more models by watching the video below.
What is Beard Butter?

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