Beard Beads – How To Use Beard Beads **2021

Beard Beads have been around as long as the beard itself. However, Beard Beads or tubes tend to be a niche existence. When used skillfully, however, they strengthen the individual character and enhance many beards.

However, the range is extensive, and the correct attachment is not always easy. We’ll show you which Beard Beads is available, which beard it goes with and how you can fix it optimally.

What types of jewelry and Viking Beard Beads are there?
Threaded directly into the beard and thus change the look of the beard. Mostly they are made of silver, bronze, or stainless steel.

Depending on the nature of or the thickness, there are beard beads in versions with 3 mm, 5 mm, or 7 mm diameter.

Viking Beard Beads is often decorated in a rustic style. For the most common variants, you have to spend between € 6 and € 30.

The type of  Beard jewelry can be differentiated on the one hand according to the shape: classic round and elongated pearls and curved Vikings. Also, there are numerous unique shapes, such as the skull, lion’s head, snakes, or wolf’s head.

Which beard jewelry fits my Beard Beads?

Beard BeadsCeltic Beard Beads, the central question that everything revolves around: Which Celtic Bard Beads go with which beard? You can find a helpful overview of many beard types here. On the one hand, beard pearls are ideal for a long chin beard as an additional styling effect. But there are also subtle alternatives for less conspicuous jewelry wearers. At the latest, the beard brooches from Krato Milano have meant that, can also be enhanced in a less intrusive way.

In the shape of you are, of course, unbound. For very long, however, a longer is recommended rather than a spherical one.

How to put on beard beads

Dry your beard after washing. Slowly put the skull beard beads jewelry on your beard.

Very stubborn and thick may need a larger diameter (> 5mm) to be threaded through optimally.

Hidden pearl as a small styling effect.

You can also see more models by watching the video below.
How to install beard beads

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