Bald and Beard – An attractive combination – Can bald be attractive ?

Bald and Beard is a perfect combination that you don’t have to hide with. She gives you a confident, unique appearance and combines style with pragmatism. Bald and beard, Most men have certainly wondered now and then what would they look like if they were Bald and Beard look.

The combination of bald head and beard is particularly attractive and effective. In this blog article, I have summarized the 5 reasons why a bald head is a perfect match for a beard.

Losing bets, hair loss, or want to change your type: there are numerous reasons to consider a bald head. The combination looks perfect.

Pep Guardiola, Will Smith, or Bruce Willis are just a few prominent examples that show that platters and beards fit and are trendy.

Do I look attractive with a Bald and Beard head?
An hour or two in the make-up on a Hollywood-style film set would certainly be illuminating with this question. But there is also an alternative to this: the good old swimming cap, with which you can get an idea of ​​your bald head and beard’s shape without much effort.

Apps promise virtual baldness. The entertainment factor then outweighs it. Apart from the color of the swimming cap, wearing a rubber cap gives the most realistic bald head and beard impression.

Bald and BeardWhat head shape is a Bald and Beard Styles?
Whether you have a round or angular skull, a pointed, egg-shaped head that is narrow or wide with a rather flat or strongly pronounced back of the Bald and Beard look – you should stand by your small flaws as a bald person. However, a beard can use hats, caps, and caps for tricks. Headgear helps to gradually get used to the new look where beard previously concealed hair.

No head hair, but Bald And Beard hair?

If it suits your style because it subtly distracts from clear-cutting or one or the other blemish – in this way, you are tricking yourself and those around you.

A creates a stylish balance, and there are no limits to the styling in coordination with the shape of the skull and face. For example, a flat back of the head viewed in the profile can be balanced out by a long beard or goatee.

The only rule to be observed: the beard, as always, must be cared for and kept in perfect shape.

Cutting Bald And Beard Styles: Here’s how
Depending on your doubts, shave your hair when you have a few days off before the weekend or even before the vacation.

This gives you time to get used to the new look. Also, the scalp can adapt to the complexion, of course, depending on the season and holiday destination.

It is, therefore, better not to shave your beard immediately after your summer vacation.

Otherwise, you stand there without hair but with a shining “white helmet.”

Why do bald people need a beard?
Balding Beard is a phenomenon that affects at least half of men. It is more or less severe depending on the case. However, it can turn out to be a real complexion for some men, for whom shaving their heads often becomes the only possible option. We will see why balding men with beards need to grow beards.

Baldness prompts you to shave your head? What to do next?

Shaving your head for the first time is a milestone or step to take.

Many Balding Beard people have felt freer after shaving their heads for the first time.

Indeed, they got rid of the stress related to the loss of their hair and the difficulty of combing their hair, the fear of not being presentable.

However, having a shaved head and a hairless face can make it look lacking in style. This is where the beard comes in.

Indeed, people who are lucky enough to be able to comb their hair as they wish can stand out with an original or classic cut.

For the Balding Beard, the beard will be an interesting alternative to be able to stand out.

The Balding Beard will spice up the style and make you more attractive!


Bald Man With Beard: why do they mix?
First of all, we should not generalize: not all bald man with beard will grow a beard. And the beard will not suit all balding men with beards.

We have already seen it on several occasions, beards must adapt to the morphology of the face. And at times, letting it grow may seem more counterproductive than anything else.

However, beard + shaved head is a combination that works quite well.

the bald man with beard to some extent distracts attention. As a result, people will focus more on your overall appearance and less on being bald.

This can encourage people who are self-conscious about baldness to grow beards. If you browse networks like Instagram or Pinterest, you will find that the bearded bald look really rocks!

It will make you more confident
Having control over your look makes you more confident. Therefore, a mastered style will return the image of a confident man.

Self-confidence is a factor that matters a lot to women.

In contrast, a balding men with beards who has too thinning hair (and therefore does not shave) will have difficulty combing his hair and not controlling his style. This can cause a feeling of frustration and stress.

By shaving your head, you will be guaranteed to get rid of this type of stress.

This will allow you to stand out
Although many men lose their hair, a small percentage shave their heads. And the percentage of bald men with beard men is even lower.

It is therefore an opportunity to stand out with a style of your own: bald men with beard defined according to the morphology of the face and well maintained.

Once again, we mark the spirits more with a controlled style.

Adapt the shape of his beard according to the shape of the face
For more efficiency, it is imperative to adapt the shape of your bald men with beard to that of your face and whether you are bald or not.

Oval faces are lucky to be able to display the style of their choice: long beard, short beard, goatee etc. You just have to be careful that the length does not create disproportion.

To harmonize a round face, we will try a long beard which will bring more relief by the straight lines. This will reduce the round side and refine the face.

Square faces should seek to soften the lines of their face. Either with a very short beard (3 days beard) or long.

Triangular faces should play on volumes: long towards the chin and short on the cheeks.

Either way, do not hesitate to seek advice from a make-up artist who will be better able to give you personalized advice.

Be careful, this type of look requires more maintenance
Deciding to shave your head and grow a beard is a good move.

Nevertheless, this style is going to require rigorous maintenance from you. for a controlled style, it will be necessary to shave the head regularly.

And it will also be necessary to maintain the shape of his beard as regularly as possible. And this in order to maintain perfect harmony.

 Your beard is perfectly presented in combination with a bald head!

With a long mane on your head, even a gorgeous beard often doesn’t really come into its own.

If you already have sparse head hair, it will be even more noticeable than your facial hair.

By shaving off your head hair, you make your beard the focal point of your face and enjoy great attention. This is especially recommended if you have an extravagant beard.

Your problem areas on the head, do not stand out so much with a beard!

Sooner or later, hair loss affects almost all of us.

The receding hairline and an unsightly bald beards spot on the back of the head become problem areas on the head.

When the time comes, shave everything off. By cutting off your head hair, the bald spots take a back seat and are hardly noticeable, if at all. You will also look more confident overall.

bald men with beards with a distinctive bald beard are given a distinctive profile. Problem areas can no longer be recognized.

With a beard, you give your hairless face contour and look striking!

Are you bald with beard have a round face? No problem! With targeted trimming and contouring of the beard, you can give your face a profile and give it a distinctive, masculine appearance.

With a bald with beard, you look more personable!
A study by the University of Pennsylvania (USA) found that bald men with beards look more attractive to many people because they exude sympathy and strength with their appearance.

A British study found that bald men with beards are perceived as more dominant and therefore often more masculine compared to their beardless comrades.

You will become a unique type with a bald head and a beard!

When you enter a room with your bald beard look, you can be sure of the looks of your fellow human beings in any case. You make a statement!


Do bald men have more beard growth?

The cause of hair loss on the head is often an imbalance between the male sex hormones testosterone, which among other things ensures more hair growth and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body. DHT attacks the hair follicles and causes them to wither, which leads to hair loss.

So why does the beard grow anyway? The reason for this is that the hair follicles of the whiskers are very different from those on the scalp and they are less vulnerable to DHT.

So is there a connection between higher beard growth and baldness? Not necessarily – since hair loss is caused by hormone imbalance, you can either have too much testosterone or too much DHT. Due to the lack of hair, the beard will generally come more into the foreground and automatically appear fuller.

The best styles of beard with bald head
Depending on the shape of your face, different beards can look better on you. Baldness does have one disadvantage in this area – you cannot influence the shape of your head with your hair.
Now let’s look at a few beard styles that will suit virtually any face shape.

Bald Men With Beards – Bald head with a full beard

The full beard is probably the best and most popular beard style to combine with the bald beards. Fortunately, it also fits almost any face shape and also gives you some leeway to try out other styles. So if you have the beard growth you need, give it a try.

To keep the beard in shape, we recommend high-quality beard scissors and a beard comb for grooming.

Bald Men With Beards – Bald head and goatee

The Henriquatre and the Goatee have become more popular again in recent years than they were worn by actors – think for example of Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad or John Travolta. This bald beard style is particularly suitable for men with a distinctive chin area.

If you choose the Goatee, you should definitely get a beard trimmer, as this bald beard style requires a lot of maintenance. We also recommend using a beard stencil to avoid trimming mistakes.

Bald Men With Beards – Bald with a 3-day beard

The 3-day beard can also be combined well with bald beards and is often classified as very attractive by women. In addition, you have to pass the 3-day beard anyway before you can have a full beard.
We recommend the 3-day beard especially if you have a prominent chin, otherwise, the full beard will probably suit you better.

Another advantage of the 3-day beard is the low maintenance requirement – in most cases, regular beard trimming is sufficient.

Bald Men With Beards – The beard fade

The Beard Fade is a cool and modern look, but for most people, it requires a regular visit to the barber. Trimming such a smooth transition between bald bearded is not easy and requires a lot of practice and one or the other misstep is not excluded.


There are three main causes of baldness: hereditary hair loss, age baldness, and razors.

If the hair on your head is inherited, is slowly falling out with age, or you are shaving a bald head, you are probably wondering. “Can I grow a beard at all?” And “Do I look good with a bald head and a beard?”

Yes, you can grow a beard if you are bald bearded and it looks really good too!

You will now find out why this is the case and how you can make the transition!

Can a bald person grow a beard?
This question is asked for two different reasons.

The first reason is whether it is biologically even possible to grow a beard if the hair accidentally falls out. And the second reason is concern about whether it is visually appealing to combine a bald head with a beard.

Both can be answered with yes, as long as the hair loss is not caused by external influences.

This does not apply to radiation sickness, chemotherapy or hormone therapies that throw the testosterone balance out of balance.

The hair on the head grows just as quickly as the beard hair, but is more sensitive to hormonal disorders.

More precisely, the follicles, i.e. the part of the hair root from which the hair grows, can be denatured by an impaired testosterone balance and thus die off.

This does not mean that the hair on the head is naturally weaker than the beard, but the other way round, the follicles of the beard hair are more protected and more resistant because there are active muscles underneath.

The stress to which the beard hair is exposed is higher from the start from chewing and facial movements, which in a way trains it.

Therefore it is possible to wear a beard despite hair loss and to look good as a bald bearded

What styles for the bald head with a beard
It is generally said that even with a bald head, every beard that fits the shape of the face looks good. One should bear in mind, however, that baldness automatically makes the head appear rounder.

Beards are therefore best suited as a style for round and oval face shapes, with clear edges and distinctive shapes. This gives the face character and clear lines.

How to shape the transition between beard and bald head?
The transition from the bald head to the beard can be designed as a hard edge or as a leisurely rise. This should be made dependent on the shape of the head and your own time, because shaving a hard line is much faster than trimming the different lengths of a gentle incline.

If you have a round face and a broad head that you want to make more distinctive, you prefer to go for the hard line. Corners and edges give the face character and dominance.

If you have a narrow or angular face and want to make it gentler, a gradual increase in the length of the beard from the temples down will help. Even if the beard only begins on the cheeks or just before the chin, gentle transitions help to defuse the profile and exude confidence.

A no-go is a beard that has a narrow base and suddenly gets volume under the chin, it just looks like an old man. If your beard hair has a lot of volume, your beard should start on your cheeks or, at the latest, on your jaw and not just hang down from your chin.

If you’re not sure whether you’d rather have a clean parting or a gentle rise, it’s best to first shave the top edge of your beard hard. You can still trim then.

The shape of your hair should also be taken into account in the decision: thick or frizzy beard hairs are recommended for a gentle rise, while straight or thick, but distant beard hairs harmonize with hard lines.

Are bald men attractive?
bald men with beards a beard are very attractive. They exude dominance and power.

They are attractive to many women because they convey the feeling of being able to protect women and to men because they are perceived as brothers in arms.

Grayish or gray beards in combination with a bald with beard radiate wisdom and life experience.

Tips for being a bald guy with beard

Here are some tips for you on how to take care of your beard and have an impeccable style:

• Keep your beard hydrated. While it may not seem like it, your beard can require more care than your hair because it can get damaged and dry much more easily, particularly if you’re exposed to dry, windy weather. We recommend using wax or conditioner to moisturize her and always give her a healthy look.

Tips for being a bald guy with beard
• Keep your beard clean, preferably using a beard shampoo. This is a product that you should not miss because it allows you to wash your beard more easily, eliminating impurities and bacteria that can even cause skin diseases or infections
• Using a beard comb, along with a conditioner, can help you a lot in giving your beard a healthy shape. If you do this, you will never look messy and you can style your beard easier.
Tips for being a bald guy with beard
If you are thinking about growing a beard for the first time and you are bald, why not ask a barber for advice initially? This is because he can give you specialized advice on which style suits you best based on the shape of your face and make an initial cut for you that you can then keep at home!
Bottom line, being bald bearded can make a balding men with beards more attractive than you think. Why don’t you try it on your skin? You will have a style that stands out, elegant and enhances your true personality.

Bald with Beard is a perfect combination that makes you look masculine, dominant and attractive. The look gives you a confident, unique appearance and combines style with pragmatism. A bald with beard are best friends!
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