How do I properly Badass Beard Care? – April 2021

badass beard care comes in a wide variety of variations, and they always represent one of the most masculine signs of a man. With us, you will find what you are looking for when it comes to a well-groomed appearance. Time to be a badass beard care Man.

But unkempt and unsightly beards are more than just out because the ladies of the world like soft and well-groomed beards that tickle their faces. So that this can be achieved, Bernd Heier has put together the ultimate care instructions for a supple beard.

badass beard care – Beard shampoo for a mild cleansing

Since beard hair has a different structure than scalp hair, it also has different needs that need to be satisfied. In contrast to the scalp, the skin under the beard is rather sebum-free, which means that beard hairs become less greasy. Sebum is no different fat and makes your hair look shiny and helps build up a protective film for everyday stress. With a beard shampoo, the sebum production is only minimally influenced, and it supplies the beard with valuable nutrients. Especially when washing your beard every day, it makes a difference whether you use an exclusive beard shampoo or an utterly regular hair shampoo. Also, the beard shampoo works for a mild cleansing in the first step.

badass beard carebadass beard care – Beard balm for intensive care

With a beard balm after a mild cleansing, you intensify the care treatment for the beard and come a little closer to the soft and supple beard hair. The beard hair and the face’s skin are supplied with valuable care substances and are thus more controllable and shiny, and without sticking. The perfect beard balm shouldn’t be heavy and should provide protection, shine, and care in equal parts.

badass beard care –  beard oil for even more suppleness

You should use beard oil after a mild beard cleansing and intensive care with a beard balm for even more suppleness. It is enough if you distribute this in the beard hair after every second beard wash. The regular use of beard oil gives beard hair even more shine and brings volume and moisture. This makes it smoother and easier to shape.

badass beard care – beard pomades to shape the beard

Depending on the type of beard, you want to make a style statement with your beard. To ensure that the supple beard stays in shape, it is advisable to use a high-quality beard pomade for styling. A beard pomade is ideal for styling and shaping the beard hair and gives a nice shine while caring for the hair at the same time.


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