Anchor Beard – What beard is the most attractive? **2021

Anchor Beard: Either you let the hair on the parts of your face grow little by little and trim it every time according to the shape of Anchor Beard, or you let a full beard grow, and as soon as it is long everywhere is enough, you shave him into an Anchor Beard.

The advantage of this method has to grow in many different places. However, the area on the lower cheeks, in particular, does not grow as quickly and densely as the moustache, for example.

That’s why it can sometimes look a bit strange when you shape from scratch. However, this always depends on your individual beard growth and whether it is even.

Anchor BeardAnchor beard grooming As already mentioned at the beginning, an Anchor Beard needs a lot of maintenance. But that shouldn’t put you off this beard hairstyle because it looks extraordinary. You should regularly shave the cheek area and bring them into their primary shape. A classic wet razor or safety razor is suitable for this. You can cut off individual unruly hairs with scissors.

The length of the hair also needs to be adjusted regularly. With this, you can either go to the barber or lend a hand with a suitable trimmer. You can also use the trimmer to clean the contours of the anchor beard.

This looks more natural than a complex transition between skin and hair created with a wet razor or razor. If you have a thickly overgrown Anchor Beard and notice that your skin underneath or your hair is dehydrated, you can use a few drops of beard oil.

The oil cares for the skin and protects it from drying out. The skin can become very dry, especially at the moustache’s edges and in the winter months.

You can also see more models by watching the video below.
How To Beard: The Tony Stark Anchor Beard | The Beard Club

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