Get To Know The 9 Shaving Myths That You Must Avoid

Beard! Growing beard is a trend now, and without any doubt it makes a man look attractive. Properly styled and shaped beard catches the attention of women just by doing nothing.

Well, then again there are misconceptions or myths attached to it that might prevent a guy from growing beard. Every guy should experiment with it as believing these false and designed myths are a complete waste. It is the time to cut these crap out and believe in reality.

Myth 1. You Cannot Grow Beard Because It Is Not In Your Genetics

What? Are you sure? How and when on Earth did you check your genes? Or might be you have made this story just because your father did not grow a beard?

The truth is you require investing enough time on it to perfectly grow a beard like celebs do. You need to be aware of the various possibilities of beard growth that can actually speed up the growth. For a full-grown beard, you need to work for almost 3 months to 1 year rather than just cursing your genes.

The reality is you require putting effort and attention to acquire the masculine look.

Myth 2: The More You Shave, The Thicker Your Beard Gets

You have been listening to this phrase for uncountable times, and undoubtedly there have been times when you almost started believing it.

The reality is when you start shaving; it actually elongates the journey and improves the chances of growing fuller beard. The prime reason that has made this myth almost convince guys of all ages is when you shave your beard using a razor, it exposes the thicker part of the beard thereby making you believe that it actually makes the hair thicker.

Shaving has no relation with the biological or physiological change of the density or growth rate of the beard.

Myth 3: If Your Beard Is Not Fully Grown By Your Early 20’s, It Will Never Show Up Again

The main problem lies in over analyzing without having much knowledge about body type.

The truth is beard tend to grow more and develop better with age. It has been reported that the peak year of beard growth varies from man to man which is around their mid 30’s and 40’s.

Myth 4: Beard Makes You Itchy And Feels Hot

You cannot deny to the fact, but as a whole, it is not true as it depends on their lifestyle. If you do not take proper care of your beard or wash it or groom it regularly, it will end up becoming itchy and result in skin trouble.

The reality is in case you are lazy this would be the ideal excuse to avoid growing beard, but if you think you can manage, then it is a misconception. Beard is meant to make you look like a man and therefore taking proper care is inevitable.

Myth 5: Beard Has Those Faecal Matters In Them

Where do these concepts even come from in people’s mind? When does your hair follicle start growing organs within it and have genitals to excrete the waste?

This is something only people without brains can believe. Beard is just like your hair that grows out from your scalp. They do not excrete.

Myth 6: Beard Will Leave You Jobless

Most of the guys take this in a wrong way. Well, you will definitely find some employers telling you not to grow, but most of the time they mean not to come with a messy look. No one appreciates a messy and ungroomed appearance.

The reality is if you take care of your beard and make it look desirable, it is accepted even by the top companies. In case someone does not like even your polished look, start finding another worthy job.

Myth 7: Nothing Is There That Can Stimulate The Beard Growth

You must have heard from your girlfriend, sister, and mother that they use oils to increase the hair growth. So if you scalp shows positive result then why not your beard.

There are various ways by which you can increase the growth of beard and definitely it shows positive results.

Myth 8: Only A Great Barber Can Trim Your Beard

The answer to this depends on how proficient you are. If you are sure about the style you need or that will suit best on your face, you can definitely buy a trimmer and go for it. In case, you are naive; the best decision lies in getting help from a barber and getting your beard trimmed.

The reality is this cannot be judged as a myth as it depends on individual’s experience.   Barber is always a great choice, but that’s not a hard and fast rule.

Myth 9: All Parts Of Beard Grow Proportionally And At The Same Pace

How on Earth would people believe it and why? We have living examples as we can observe how body hair growth is different from scalp and arms. This is itself a proof that what we believe or hear is nothing but a misconception.

The reality is in most of the bearded men the growth is slower on their cheeks than on their chin. When you invest enough time on both, you can find equal growth and then trim properly to acquire a desirable look. So don’t just trust blindly when you yourself can examine the truth.

So, shaving myths are busted and are clear to you whether it is worth believing or not.

We all have that one friend in our friend circle who believes in some of these myths and tend to follow like their death sentence. For every man out there, don’t believe in what you hear, believe in what you see. Beards are a sign of masculinity and grooming them properly makes you look even more appealing than you are now. So make sure that you stop believing in myths and get the masculine feature that you need.

Eventually looks matter and masculine features matters the most.