6 tips for a soft beard – Soft Beard Tips – April 2021

soft beard tips “A man without a beard is like bread without a crust!” This saying speaks in favor of a beard. According to a study by the University of Kiel, a beard makes a man look more personable, intelligent, and attractive. Soft beard tips, the nation is already splitting. What tingles and looks erotic for some is an uncomfortable scratching and pricking, which irritates others’ skin and lips. soft beard tips, I have put together six effective tricks that can turn your beard into a smooth smooching experience.

1. Why does a beard scratch when kissing?

The beard hair is bristle and more complex than the hair on the head. Ideally, the hair fiber consists of 70% -80% proteins (responsible for strength and firmness) and 10% -15% moisture (responsible for softness and suppleness).
A whisker usually lacks moisture. This makes it bristly and wiry. So if you want your beard to be softer and smoother, you have to provide it with sufficient water. You can read below how you can achieve this in the long term.

2. A conventional shampoo alone is not enough!
Surely you clean your beard regularly. That’s a good thing! However, you shouldn’t just use a simple shower gel or a conventional beard shampoo here. If you want to get cuddly soft beard tips, you need a rich beard shampoo!

I tested the BULLDOG SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER. It donates an extra portion of moisture and makes the beard supple.

3. The beard conditioner


The beard treatment leaves a luxurious, soft feeling after just 60 seconds. It is highly recommended! Also ideal during or after a summer vacation after your beard has suffered from sun, sea, and saltwater!

4. Hot beard oil makes your beard supple and soft
Once a week, I treat my beard to particularly intensive care. I then use the PRORASO HOT BEARD OIL.

This effective intensive beard cure also tames bristly beard hair and makes it super supple to be styled better and much easier afterward.

Yes, it’s right … a more hydrated beard is much easier to style. This is similar to spaghetti. The noodle cannot be shaped uncooked; it can even break. Cooked spaghetti, on the other hand, is malleable and soft; a good comparison, right?

5. With this trick, your kissing partner becomes a repeat offender

Does Not only soft beard tips promote the frequency of kissing, but also a sensual and beguiling scent.

Of course, a beard can only smell as good as it is cared for. A sweaty beard or a beard that smells like food is not delicious and does not encourage kissing.

A masculine and seductively scented beard oil makes the beard smoother and increases the frequency of kissing.

My favorite right now is Heisenbeard Beard Oil Soft. A touch of fresh-smelling melon and vanilla make the beard smell irresistible.

Also, Heisenbeard Beard Oil Soft is a natural emollient! High-quality oils such as grape seed, jojoba, argan, sesame, and almond oil ensure that your beard is free of pokes and scratches.

6. It also depends on the kissing technique!

Your beard is softly groomed, but you kiss unrestrainedly like a multi-grinder? Take it easy. You’re not at the workbench!

Notice how your partner returns the kisses. People mostly touch others in the way they would like to be touched. Therefore, when making out, use the movements of the tongue of your kissing partner as a guide and don’t ruffle your face like crazy!

If your partner has sensitive skin, it may help if you let the beard grow a little longer. A short three-day beard is harder and bristles than a five- or ten-day beard!

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