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Fuller beard, “How does my beard get thicker?” I am asked this question more often!

Fuller beard –  So how does your beard get thicker faster?
Unfortunately, it’s pretty unfair. Men in whom the beard grows very thick and complete at a young age and other more mature sexual comrades never get a full, thick beard.

I do not know how to achieve great success overnight; However, there are a few insider tips that will help you get a thick beard faster.

Please take a close look at your daddy because he has given you some genes in your genetic make-up.

This is also why people from the south often have robust beards, while Asians have – let’s call it – a relatively sparse one. In Germany, we find a diversified mish-mash. One has only fuzz on the upper lip. The other has gaps on the delicate cheeks and yet another struggle with the missing connection between moustache and goatee.

The self-proclaimed beard experts quickly give tips on how to improve such beard growth. For my part, I will dispel a few myths about beard growth.

Fuller beard –  Myths about beard growth
The famous saying goes that the more often you shave, the thicker and stronger the beard grows. Well, the vernacular has taken its mouth a little too full. If you shave more often, this will not do you any good for more beard, because contrary to popular belief, hair does not grow back faster or thicker. There will be no more hair either. It just doesn’t change anything in your beard growth because the hair doesn’t care if you cut it off.

It used to be believed that chicken manure and honey should help make the beard grow thicker and better. I can not confirm that. I want to do a long-term test with my readers. Who will test this for me? Volunteers before – go ahead. Get in touch by email!

So a little patience is required before your beard becomes thicker.

Fuller beard –  This is the most sensible way to start
Just let your beard grow out for 4-6 weeks. It usually takes 4-6 weeks to grow a decent beard. It will be the hardest in the beginning when your facial hair may be developing a little unevenly or blotchy, and you have to live with a few stupid looks and comments from friends who can’t understand your preference for bearded fame.


Start growing your beard on vacation. So you can skip the first few weeks and avoid the critical eyes of others.

Find a bearded role model. It takes time and dedication to grow a beard. There will be days when you feel like you have to give up and go back to the razor. For these times, it will be helpful to keep a bearded role model in mind. Think of a man with a gorgeously thick, full beard that is radiant enough to inspire and motivate you when you need it most.

Fuller beard –   Power oil for thick beard growth
Your beard grows sparse, and you also have an unpleasant itch?

Here comes the solution: I have finally found a power beard oil that strengthens and strengthens the beard hair in the growth phase.

This special BEARD GROWTH OIL stimulates the metabolism of your skin and thus promotes your beard growth.

Who is Beard wax oil for?

  • For everyone who wants to grow a thick and full beard?
  • perfect for stimulating uneven beard growth
  • with a stressed beard, including hair breakage
  • ideal as a 4-week beard oil treatment

Ginger oil – in traditional Chinese medicine and Indian Ayurveda, the fiery root has been used against hair loss for thousands of years. The oil can stimulate the metabolism of the hat and thus promote beard growth.
Rosemary Leaf Oil – also helps stimulate hair growth and removes dry or itchy scalp.

Vitamin E – supports the formation of collagen and anchoring the hair roots in the scalp. It also helps in the shape of the hair component keratin.
Grapefruit seed oil – ensures healthy, shiny beard hair

How can you describe the scent?
The scent is fruity-tart fresh. Simply outstanding in the morning and seductive.

How do I use the oil?
Start an intensive beard cure by massaging the beard growth oil onto the skin under the beard twice a day and carefully distributing it into the beard itself with a beard brush.

fuller beardFuller beard –   But what if the beard doesn’t get full? What about testosterone?
It is true that the “masculinity hormone” testosterone not only causes the hair on the head to sprout but also, for example, the hair on the chest and beard. Incidentally, testosterone promotes increased baldness in men with a corresponding predisposition. The wording is essential: testosterone makes hair sprout. It is by no means the case that more testosterone leads to thicker beard growth; it only strengthens existing ones. If you are blessed with fewer testosterone receptors on your face, the testosterone cannot dock as well accordingly.

As already explained, this deficiency is genetically determined. Evolution finally thought about it. The recessed areas are part of the plan that distinguishes us from the ape. The beardless are even the winners of development. They don’t look as good as the bearded people. But that’s basically what the whole beard discussion is about: Enjoying the visual advantages.

Special tip!
Use The Great British Grooming Co. Thickening Serum The Thickening Serum is a thickening, volumizing beard care serum. It gives the beard a dense, even, and complete look. The keratin and pro-vitamin B5 in the serum strengthen the hair shaft from the inside out and thus ensure a healthy, full-looking beard.

Fuller beard –   Eat healthily!
If you take care of your body by eating healthy, it can positively affect your beard growth. Since hair is primarily made up of protein, your beard will benefit from high-protein foods such as oily fish, lean meat, and chicken. You should also make sure that you consume healthy enough saturated fatty acids, such as those found in nuts, fish, and eggs. This will boost your testosterone production, which is essential for a healthy, thick beard.

Green vegetables, like spinach and cabbage, are also good additions to your diet as they help you convert estrogen (the female hormone) and increase your testosterone levels.
You should avoid sugary junk food, as it has little nutritional value and can contribute to weak, brittle hair.
Drink lots of water! Sufficient fluids are also essential for your body’s metabolism.

Fuller beard –   Do lots of exercises and have regular sex!
Regular, moderate to intense exercise can lead to thicker, healthier beard growth as it increases testosterone production and stimulates circulation. Good circulation is essential as it carries the vitamins and nutrients it needs to the skin and hair through the blood. Try to combine both cardiovascular and muscle-building exercises for the best results. Don’t feel like exercising? Regular sex has a similar effect!

Regular use of beard peeling also promotes thick beard growth.

Why? The blood circulation of the facial skin is stimulated, and the metabolism of the skin is promoted!

Fuller beard –   Beauty sleep for men too
Sleep is essential because it allows the cells to regenerate – which is, of course, again crucial for the speed of your hair growth. Your general well-being and health depend on getting enough sleep. It would help if you also tried to reduce your stress level as much as possible, as stress has been linked to hair loss.

Fuller beard –   Stop! You don’t want to cut off your beard just before your destination, do you?
Do not approach your beard with scissors or trimmers until it has grown for at least four weeks. Individual hairs grow at different speeds, so some areas of your beard may be longer than others. Be patient and wait until it has grown long enough to be able to style and trim it. The longer the beard, the easier it will be.

Fuller beard –   Patience!
“The grass doesn’t grow faster if you pull on it!”
The 10th and not least important point is patience. I will motivate you to stick with it.

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