The perfect asset of man hood is the growth of facial hairs. Much has been written and told about the growth of hairs and its effectiveness. Here are few ways that might help you in the process.

Four-week Rule:

The main thing about the growth of beard is that men do not allow it to grow to its full potential. Therefore, rule one is that help in its full development and make it your asset in the best possible way. Impeding things to the growth of the beard is something that affects the beard indifferently.  For most guys, the beard starts itching and there turns the problem. They tend to cut it short or make it trimmed so that the full growth is barred. There are several ways that you can stop the itching and boost the growth of the beard in reality.           

The itching is because of two reasons – one is lower grooming levels which tend to make the hair itch and the second is the follicle growth makes you itch but eventually stop. Hence, if you can bear the pain for a few more days, it will be growing with its full potential within a few days.


Well, we have been hearing about the fact that exercise boost body growth but this can help in increasing and boosting the growth of the hair as well. Therefore, one needs to make sure that they exercise regularly in order t increase the testosterone level in the body thus making it worthy for the ones interested in beard growth to boost the full-length development. Exercises release testosterone in the right amount such that they can make it a better way for the follicles. Nourishment to the hair is provided best by the blood circulation that begins with exercise and so on. Apart from that exercise helps you in reducing the extra kilos that you house. Therefore, it is necessary to deal with factors that help in easy passage of testosterones circulation along with blood circulation.

Reducing The Stress:

It is important to reduce the stress such that cortisols are decreased in your body. The increase in the cortisol affects the growth of the beards since the testosterone level is lowered to a huge extent. Increased stress leads to a narrower blood vessel thus constricting the flow of nutrients all throughout the blood. There are a lot of factors that also help in releasing the stress like that of meditation and exercises. This reduces stress, and thus the blood flow is increased helping the flow of nutrients through blood to all parts of the body.

You must stress on the meditation and other ways to relieve the pressure you had and look at the magic that happens. The beard grows faster and thicker thus making the follicles stronger and appear much thicker.

Take A Look At Diet:

Working on the diet, you choose to intake is an important consideration. This helps a man having aa balanced life thus making it sure that blood circulation and nutrient availability is not harmed in any of the ways. A balanced diet includes a lot of things which make sure that there is an abundant supply of materials in the diet which will help in the easy management of body and the weight value. Hair growth is always related to good eating which includes intake of all nutrients thus keeping the matter valued. On the other hand, the intake of foods that are unhealthy adversely affects the human body and makes it impossible to maintain the growth of hair like beards. Your hair is a protein filament, and therefore protein rich foods are a necessity, incorporation of following in the diet makes the growth easier – eggs, kale, nuts, etc. these increase the testosterone as declared above and thus assist in the growth of beards that offers a thicker look and is healthy.

Include Supplements:

Taking supplements in addition to proper diet and care is the key to healthy beard growth or facial hair growth. The requirement of Vitamin b, zinc, magnesium, iron, Vitamin E and copper are a must for better facial hair growth. But, the harshest truth lies in the fact that men lack the aforestated items in their daily diet which make it important for them to include supplements that offer the minerals, vitamins and other items required. This will assist in the growth and give it a thicker look such that there is no such problem like lesser hair appearances in the face. Incorporation supplements that fulfill the dietary needs will help you take care of the fact that you do not lack in any of the items above thus ensuring a better facial growth. The quality of hair is seen as the best when you include the above items in the diet.

Use Beard Oils:

You might still seem to lack that lustrous and thicker appearance that is demanded for your facial hairs. In that case, use of all the food and supplements may fail, and you need external oil application that boosts the growth automatically. Essential oils with all vitamins, proteins and necessary items required are observed included in the process of nurturing and growth thus helping you in a lot of ways. These bread oils are made including all the things required to keep your facial hair growing healthy, thick and long. Using the right beard oil is also necessary in order to make your beard look manageable, luscious and healthy. Once you are using these oils and formulations, make sure that you are also using the best quality beard shampoo in order to wash and clean the facial hair to give it that lustrous look and finest quality!

Give your beard a TLC as we may call it or Tender, love, and care. This will not only give you a finest quality facial hair but will also help to boost them in the proper way.

There are guys who face problems to grow beard resulting in getting bullied. As we all know, beards reveal masculinity and therefore properly grown beard and moustache becomes a source of pride. But there have been cases where you will find that many guys suffer from this problem where they have very less facial hair. This is undoubtedly a problem for them since it results in the improper growth of facial hair.

Undoubtedly this can result in affecting the self-image for guys, but the following are some of the tricks that can help you get facial hair without any effort.

Coconut Oil:

This is one of the most common ingredients found in homes. Yes, it might sound a bit weird and conventional remedy, but in reality it works wonders.

Massage with coconut oil can result in an increase in the facial hair growth. It gets even more effective when you combine the coconut oil with the rosemary oil. The proportion should be 1 spoon of rosemary oil with 10 spoons of coconut oil. Once you have made the mixture, make use of cotton ball to apply it properly on your face. Keep doing it for 15 minutes and for best results, use it thrice a week.

Amla Oil:

This is another basic ingredient required while cooking hence you don’t have to run from one shop to another for purchasing it. Amla or the Indian gooseberry is a great hair growth stimulator.

When it comes to acquiring great results, you can either use it by combining it with mustard leaves or alone. Take this oil or the mixture and massage it properly on your face. Do not rinse it immediately after applying it. Leave t for 20 minutes and then rinse it making use of cold water.

Note: When you are using mustard leaves, for better results, you can grind the leaves and make a paste to mix it thoroughly.

Cinnamon And Lemon:

Lemon and cinnamon is another combination that proffers great results. Use ground cinnamon along with 2 teaspoons of the lemon juice for making a proper mixture.

Make sure you make a paste and apply it over your beard area. Do not rinse off immediately. Keep the paste for 20 minutes and then rinse it using cold water. For great results, use this easy procedure twice in a week.

Eucalyptus Oil:

Now, this is something that will require buying from a store since it is not always available in our homes. You require using it with other oil which is easily available in the stores.

Mix it properly with other carrier oil like sesame oil or olive oil to ensure getting good results. Once you have made a properly mix, apply the oil onto your facial skin. The procedure is still the same as you require keeping it for 20 minutes and use cold water.

Moisturized And Clean Skin:

We all look for different types of methodologies to improve the facial hair growth, while we never really pay attention that moisturized skin gives a better environment that results in quick facial hair growth. Furthermore, you require making sure that there is no dirt, dead skin or dirt on your skin as it hampers in the breakthrough of the hair follicles.

Always remember that facial hair grows much easier and faster than any other parts of the body. Therefore, you require keeping it properly moisturized and clean.

Saturated Fat And Protein:

Well, before you focus on any other things, you primarily require understanding the fact that the key nutrients that promote hair growth are saturated fats and proteins. It ensures healthy and faster hair growth.

If you are thinking that only external usage will lead to faster and healthy hair growth, then you are definitely wrong. You need to keep it in mind that incorporating proteins and saturated fats in your diet can actually help in facial hair growth.

Note: Protein sources are fish and beans, saturated fat sources are animal fat and eggs. Make sure you give them a part in your diet every day.

Intake Of Proper Amount Of Vitamins:

Another major ingredient that ensures better facial hair growth is an adequate intake of vitamins. When you do not have proper amount of vitamins in a day, it can result in slower growth of facial hair.

Deficiency of vitamins like vitamin B6, B12 and B1 can result in lesser growth of facial hair. Proper amount of vitamin intake results in a better rate of facial hair growth, and therefore you require focusing on your diet also apart from products.

Keep Your Mind Relaxed:

One of the biggest problems in our daily life that we face is stress. Well, not only facial hair growth, but also it affects out daily activities as well. So make sure that you keep your mind stress-free and devoid of any other stress elements. Exercising and practicing yoga every day can help in a better result.

Proper Massage For Hair Growth:

Well, since childhood we have known that proper massage enhances the blood circulation which again keeps everything balanced. Light massage every day on your skin encourages the hair follicles which again assures faster and thicker hair growth. A little pressure on the parts stimulates hair growth.

Note: There is always a need for understanding the massage technique. You can apply pressure in a circular motion and keep on doing it every day twice for 15 to 20 minutes. This is a great technique when it comes to improving the hair growth.

Emphasize More On Vitamin B-Complex Or Biotin:

You might be thinking how this will help you grow facial hair, well but Vitamin B7 does. These are also known as biotin which is found in nuts and egg yolk. Intake of such ingredients can actually help you get a better result.

When growing beard is becoming a problem for you, these 10 easily available natural remedies can ensure a positive change. So why are you still upset? Just get started and get ready to find people appreciating on your masculine change.

Beard! Growing beard is a trend now, and without any doubt it makes a man look attractive. Properly styled and shaped beard catches the attention of women just by doing nothing.

Well, then again there are misconceptions or myths attached to it that might prevent a guy from growing beard. Every guy should experiment with it as believing these false and designed myths are a complete waste. It is the time to cut these crap out and believe in reality.

Myth 1. You Cannot Grow Beard Because It Is Not In Your Genetics

What? Are you sure? How and when on Earth did you check your genes? Or might be you have made this story just because your father did not grow a beard?

The truth is you require investing enough time on it to perfectly grow a beard like celebs do. You need to be aware of the various possibilities of beard growth that can actually speed up the growth. For a full-grown beard, you need to work for almost 3 months to 1 year rather than just cursing your genes.

The reality is you require putting effort and attention to acquire the masculine look.

Myth 2: The More You Shave, The Thicker Your Beard Gets

You have been listening to this phrase for uncountable times, and undoubtedly there have been times when you almost started believing it.

The reality is when you start shaving; it actually elongates the journey and improves the chances of growing fuller beard. The prime reason that has made this myth almost convince guys of all ages is when you shave your beard using a razor, it exposes the thicker part of the beard thereby making you believe that it actually makes the hair thicker.

Shaving has no relation with the biological or physiological change of the density or growth rate of the beard.

Myth 3: If Your Beard Is Not Fully Grown By Your Early 20’s, It Will Never Show Up Again

The main problem lies in over analyzing without having much knowledge about body type.

The truth is beard tend to grow more and develop better with age. It has been reported that the peak year of beard growth varies from man to man which is around their mid 30’s and 40’s.

Myth 4: Beard Makes You Itchy And Feels Hot

You cannot deny to the fact, but as a whole, it is not true as it depends on their lifestyle. If you do not take proper care of your beard or wash it or groom it regularly, it will end up becoming itchy and result in skin trouble.

The reality is in case you are lazy this would be the ideal excuse to avoid growing beard, but if you think you can manage, then it is a misconception. Beard is meant to make you look like a man and therefore taking proper care is inevitable.

Myth 5: Beard Has Those Faecal Matters In Them

Where do these concepts even come from in people’s mind? When does your hair follicle start growing organs within it and have genitals to excrete the waste?

This is something only people without brains can believe. Beard is just like your hair that grows out from your scalp. They do not excrete.

Myth 6: Beard Will Leave You Jobless

Most of the guys take this in a wrong way. Well, you will definitely find some employers telling you not to grow, but most of the time they mean not to come with a messy look. No one appreciates a messy and ungroomed appearance.

The reality is if you take care of your beard and make it look desirable, it is accepted even by the top companies. In case someone does not like even your polished look, start finding another worthy job.

Myth 7: Nothing Is There That Can Stimulate The Beard Growth

You must have heard from your girlfriend, sister, and mother that they use oils to increase the hair growth. So if you scalp shows positive result then why not your beard.

There are various ways by which you can increase the growth of beard and definitely it shows positive results.

Myth 8: Only A Great Barber Can Trim Your Beard

The answer to this depends on how proficient you are. If you are sure about the style you need or that will suit best on your face, you can definitely buy a trimmer and go for it. In case, you are naive; the best decision lies in getting help from a barber and getting your beard trimmed.

The reality is this cannot be judged as a myth as it depends on individual’s experience.   Barber is always a great choice, but that’s not a hard and fast rule.

Myth 9: All Parts Of Beard Grow Proportionally And At The Same Pace

How on Earth would people believe it and why? We have living examples as we can observe how body hair growth is different from scalp and arms. This is itself a proof that what we believe or hear is nothing but a misconception.

The reality is in most of the bearded men the growth is slower on their cheeks than on their chin. When you invest enough time on both, you can find equal growth and then trim properly to acquire a desirable look. So don’t just trust blindly when you yourself can examine the truth.

So, shaving myths are busted and are clear to you whether it is worth believing or not.

We all have that one friend in our friend circle who believes in some of these myths and tend to follow like their death sentence. For every man out there, don’t believe in what you hear, believe in what you see. Beards are a sign of masculinity and grooming them properly makes you look even more appealing than you are now. So make sure that you stop believing in myths and get the masculine feature that you need.

Eventually looks matter and masculine features matters the most.

Growing your beard shouldn’t be a rocket science but it’s not that easy either. Though there are many cosmetic techniques to help you out, they can burn a hole in your pocket. Let’s find out the top 15 techniques that can develop your facial hair faster, in natural ways.

Eat Protein-Rich Foods

Eating a protein-rich food is the first step towards growing beard without getting hormone therapy or injections. But here lies a catch. Instead of plant-based proteins (legume, soybean), you must lean towards animal-proteins, in case you want to flaunt facial hair in a short span of time. That’s why including poultry-based chicken, turkey or geese meat in your everyday diet is essential.

Beard hair is primarily made of keratin, which is a specific type of protein. Now we can’t produce protein on your own and that’s why, there has to be an incessant supply of lean protein from outside, in our daily sustenance. Apart from meat, you should dig into Greek yogurt and low-fat cheese for filling up the quota of animal-protein intake- on a regular basis.

Omega-3 fatty acid is another crucial ingredient that will keep your facial hair soft and shiny. You will find Omega-3 plenty in salmon and tuna fish. Also take nuts and seeds that contain Omega-3 sufficiently.

Eat Fruits And Right Type Of Carbs

There are right types of fruits which accelerate your beard growth more than the others. Orange is one such name. Full of Vitamin C and anti-oxidants, orange keeps the hair growth on your body steady and healthy. In similar fashion, banana is a man’s best friend when he is striving hard to develop facial hair. Banana has potassium that offers many solid nutrients to your body including- hair growth nutrients. Likewise, the magnesium present in banana provides your body with the considerable amount of mineral it deserves, in a cost-effective way.

A healthy diet is a must for your beard development where you should replace fatty carbs such as pasta, white rice, and pizza with healthy carbs like- brown rice, multi-grain breads and sweet potatoes.

Keep Skin Clear

Once you have decided to grow your beard, say good bye to hot shower or washing your face with warm water. Continue to do this as long as you want to grow and keep the whisker. Hot water makes your facial skin dry-thus halting the growth of hair. Instead of it, reach out for mild soap and cold water every time you are cleaning off your face after a long, hard day.

Along this line, include exfoliation thrice-a-week as a part of your beauty regimen. We know that facial scrubbing has not been that popular or main-stream among male all around the world. But it’s about time.

A well-scrubbed skin is clear of dirt or oil build-up inside its pores- thus leaving the skin with a room to breathe and grow stubble. Just be cautious that, you must scrub your face delicately and not vigorously.

Add Vitamin B

Apart from animal protein and Omega-3 fatty acid, do include multivitamins in your diet. Vitamin B1, B6, biotin and niacin are some of the types which should find place in your everyday food list.  Not only in sustenance form, in order to grow facial fuzz, massage your beard with Vitamin B5 rich cream once-a-day as well. If you fail to get all your Vitamin B sources from everyday food, then go for vitamin pills.

Take Natural Supplements

Every now and then you can take natural supplements for beard-growth, which would trigger off the right hormone in your body. Don’t believe in those articles that say there is no such thing as beard-growth supplement. Aswagandha is one such supplement that has lauded for its hair growth capability in India since centuries. Another natural supplement you might opt for is- Glycine. This amino acid-based add-on helps testosterone converting into DHT– thus promoting beard growth.

Drink Water

Drinking plenty of water is a must, when you are developing a moustache or whisker. Make sure that you consume minimum 4 liters of water per day. A dehydrated skin becomes an infertile ground to grow hair. That’s why; keep yourself hydrated all the time. In the event you don’t like sipping into water throughout the day, green tea and home-made fruit juice can be good alternatives.

Whenever you are sipping into soda or cola, drink minimum 3oz water after that every time, to flush out the toxin.

Manage Stress

Easier said than done, but having high level of stress due to work or family issues increase the production of stress hormone (cortisol) in your body. This has an adverse effect on the testosterone production, which in turn, sparks off your beard’s growth. So try to find any avenue through which you can cut back on stress.

Do yoga, meditation, work-out or listen to instrumental music. You can even take help of stress ball or appoint a therapist. Now do take note that, all of us need cortisol in some amount in our bodies. Why? Because cortisol helps us to cope with any type of trauma in a natural manner. Here, the aim is not to make stress hormone vanish from your body but to make it inductive towards beard growth.

Don’t Groom Beard In First Month

Depending upon your genetics, age and hair growth rate- it might take 2-5 months to develop a facial hair that you would be proud of. For that reason, stay away from grooming your hair in the first month itself. You might feel scratchy or the hair strands might grow unevenly. But that shouldn’t encourage you to reach out for the scissor and give them a good trim.  And forget all about electric trimmer for those 30 days.

Just let the hair follicles grow in their own rhythm and don’t rock the boat. This is the best push you can give to the fuzz.  Also don’t use blow dryer on your hair in that 1 month.

Moisturize With Natural Oil

Sometimes, when you are in the process of growing your moustache or whisker, hair loss or bald spot may appear (popularly known as Alopecia Barbae) on your face. This happens due to unhygienic habits or fungal infection. You have to visit your physician for the right prescribed drug. On the other hand, moisturizing your beard with natural oil on a regular basis-does provide it with the care and growth it requires.

Eucalyptus oil is the foremost name that comes to mind, when searching for natural oil recipes for facial hair increment. Mix 5-7 drops of Eucalyptus oil with 1 ounce of virgin olive oil and moisturize the lower half of your face with it twice-a-day.  Another good option can be- cold pressed coconut oil. Mix any essential oil such as rosemary, tea tree with it to get the food for your beard.

Whether you are suffering from Alopecia Barbae or having a healthy growth of hair, don’t use harmful paraben-based products on face- whether it’s a face cream or lotion.

Don’t Fall For Myths

When it comes to hair growth, people tend to fall for old wives’ tales – like tonsuring your head gives faster hair growth, a lot. Along this line, many gentlemen out there believe that giving their beards a good-shave (or clean shave) once-in-a-while would multiply the facial hair development. This is certainly hogwash.

Instead of propelling your beard growth, shaving it frequently would rather halt the progress altogether. So beware. Another such myth is- preparing a mask containing jojoba oil / Indian gooseberry oil / lemon juice, applying it on your stubble and then leaving it overnight would give your beard a push for maturation. But in reality, this will certainly leave you feeling sticky throughout the night- thus ruining your sleep.

Be Physically Active

There are two reasons for which work-out is a must, in order to develop facial hair naturally. First, work-out accelerates testosterone level that is the major cause behind beard growth. Secondly, if growing a beard for you is equivalent to making a sexy statement, then remember- nobody gives a second look to a stick-thin man. To soak into adulation for your stylized and thick facial hair, you have to flaunt a fit and sculpted body.

Though any type of exercise is deemed to be fit- for beard growth, try sticking to cardio mostly.

Whether you are planning to join Zumba or running half-an-hour round your neighborhood park, don’t overthink and start doing it from today. Additionally, in gym, try to lift weight more than any other workout such as- cycling. Lifting weight speeds up hormone development in the body.

Don’t Fight Off Genetics

When it comes to growing beard, just stick to the one mantra from the very beginning. It is- you can’t beat genetics. It so may happen that your chin witnesses the thickest growth of hair but the edges of the cheek have thin layer of stubble because of genes. Learn how to play around with what you have, so that the whisker looks smart and stylish.

Wait for 1 more month to see- how the bare spots are getting filled up with hair. But if it’s not in your gene, your beard will show dissimilar growth pattern in the lower half of the face.

To compensate for it, learn different styling techniques for beard. Go to a chic salon that would intelligently cover up the inconsistencies of your facial hair in such a way that- they fuzz would look thicker and neat to the onlookers.

Check Alcohol And Milk Consumption

Testosterone is the male sexual hormone. Testosterone would decide- whether you have thick voice or stubble on face or strong libido. When you are looking for ways to grow your beard naturally, it’s important that you power up the testosterone production of your body in an organic manner.

First of all, cut back on alcohol consumption habit (if there is any). Limit the number within 1 or 2 glasses of hard drinks per week. Consuming alcohol on a high rate releases aromatase enzyme, which eventually converts testosterone into estrogen. The result can be peculiar. Instead of being more muscular and push your beard growing faster, your body would acclimatize to “feminized” characteristics.

Another little trick that would keep a check on your testosterone level would be- replacing full-fat milk with its skimmed, low-fat version. Scientific studies have showed that full-fat milk lowers sperm count and level of testosterone in healthy, adult male.

Take Plenty Of Rest

According to Journal of American Medical Association, if a man gets only 5 hours (or less) of sleep every day for one week straight, his testosterone level drops up to 10%. The solution lies with having plenty of sleep on a regular basis. Sleep deprivation also powers up the aging process. In case you can’t sleep at a stretch for more than 5 hours a day, sneak up a power nap of 30-minutes (preferably post-lunch).

Sleeping does command for an ambience that is cozy, noiseless and dim. It would be better if you get off your laptop or any other gadget at least one hour before hitting the bed at night. Drinking some warm low-fat/almond milk would help you to rest peacefully.

Keep Patience

Keeping patience is the first step towards having a good run with beard growth. Most men falter at this point as they grow out of patience without seeing any visible result at the end of the first month. Additionally, you have to learn to adjust with discomfort, in case you want to flaunt sexy stubble. Your facial hair might become scratchy or dry. Sometimes, you’d feel that overwhelming wish to weed them out one-by-one. But if you hold in there, the outcome would be worth the pain.

Any man worth his “beard” would vouch for the fact that- how divine it feels to stroke away those silky hair strands on face.

If grown and stylized properly, your whisker alone might fetch plenty of attention from the opposite sex as well. To achieve all that, don’t shy away from the hard work.

The idea of growing a beard first struck in my mind, when I was turning pages of a fashion magazine last year. I was looking at a picture depicting a flock of male models, each flaunting distinctive beard styles- mutton chop, van dyke, goatee among others. From next day onwards, I kicked off trying every trick in the book (home remedies, micro-needling) to grow facial hair, but in vain.

Thanks to my friend, finally I was introduced to Beard Czar and I have no qualm to say now- Beard Czar Facial Hair Complex Formula gave me the masculine make-over I had always pined for.

Let’s find out the intriguing reasons behind Beard Czar’s soaring success in the market at present-

About The Product

Growing a stylish mustache or sideburns can be a dream for numerous men but most drops the idea within the first month itself. Reasons? From lack of will to choosing the wrong product- there are many. With Beard Czar, you don’t need any excuse anymore to come out of race half-way. The potent combination of multivitamins, minerals and natural extracts has made Beard Czar- the flagship beard treatments out there.

Beard Czar triggers hair growth from inside, by stimulating the hair follicles. Compared to other oral supplements for hair growth, Beard Czar absorbs into your bloodstream pretty quickly- thus activating hair follicles on your jaw, chin or cheek. Apart from accelerating the growth rate, this product would make your hair silky, dark and thicker. Beard Czar prevents hair loss and reduces the number of bald spots drastically.


Beard Czar’s formula is what that has made it the number one beard growth item. The formula contains 300 mg capsule of each- germ powder, garcinia cambogia, coleus forskohlii among others. Each of them is proprietor of growing your beard faster and thicker. Biotin is another important component that has made Beard Czar such a pioneer. Biotin is a form of Vitamin B complex that pushes the testosterone hormone growth in body, which in turn, has a direct correlation with beard growth on a male.

Apart from the above two, Beard Czar has a healthy mix of Vitamin A, C, and E among other ingredients. Now, beardruff is a common symptom among men who grow side-burns, mutton chops or whiskers. If such is the case with you, then the virile compound of Vitamin C and E would take care of that. Additionally, these vitamins would hydrate your skin and slow down the aging process. Vitamin A can lift up energy manifold. Another benefit of Vitamin A is- with it; your immunity will be stronger.

Does It Work?

Going by the reviews and its pros, one can certainly deduce that Beard Czar works. At least it did wonders for my case.  On the other hand, whether its biotin, niacin or silica supplementation present in Beard Czar, all of them are scientifically approved. Moreover, the various growth phases of your hair would be positively impacted by these natural extracts.

I can guarantee you from personal experience- with minimum 4 months’ use of Beard Czar (result may vary depending upon age or genetics), you will get to flaunt the beard of your dream. There are substances in Beard Czar’s formula that sets off blood circulation throughout the body. For hair growth, the role of a healthy flow of blood is undeniable.

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Apart from beard growth components, Beard Czar facial hair complex uses green coffee extracts as well as garcinia cambogia. Both of them boost up your metabolism and activate weight loss. So apart from flaunting shiny, sexy side-burns, you would achieve a chiseled body too.

Do you know a single Beard Czar capsule/ day will deliver 50% of vitamin A and 100% of other daily vitamins that an adult male requires every day? All of these certainly make Beard Czar Facial Hair Complex Formula- an active agent of raising facial fuzz.

How To Use It?

Beard Czar Facial Hair Complex comes in capsule form. Each bottle contains 30 pills. You can have it once-in-a-day for the first month. From the second month onwards increase the dosage and take the supplement twice-a-day, for faster and more intense result. Don’t forget to drink at least 3 oz of water with each pill. There is no fixed time to take the capsules. I used to take them- before the breakfast and post-dinner, respectively.

Is It Legit Or Scam?

There are multiple online forums in Facebook, where dedicated users of Beard Czar discuss the pros and cons of this product- on a regular basis. They even compare growth rate of their respective beards during the course of using Beard Czar as well.

Joining or visiting one of them would make you understand that, there are real people out there who are using this product for a long period of time and reaping benefits from it. Even Reddit has few popular threads, for talking out solely about the effects of Beard Czar.  These activities certainly point to one direction and i.e. – only a legitimate product can spark off such interest and frenzy among netizens.

Also each of the fixings of Beard Czar is meticulously selected and had been validated agents of beard growth for centuries. These certainly prove that Beard Czar is an authentic solution for all your beard growth and maintenance woes.

Why You Should Use It?

Apart from Biotin, Beard Czar also flaunts Niacin that is known as Vitamin B3 otherwise. Niacin’s primary duty is to keep the blood circulation steady- thus advancing hair development. Do you have fuzzy hair with split ends on your face? Then Niacin has your back.

In the ingredients’ section, I have mentioned coleus forskohlii, which is present in Beard Czar. Do you know that this extract can enhance your metabolism apart from contributing to hair growth? By using Beard Czar, you’d be getting more than a dapper looking goatee. They are- a healthy appetite and regular bowel clearance in your system.

The grayness that comes with aging- can make your stylish mutton chop look pitiable. With Beard Czar, you’d be able to have sexy black beard within 2 weeks. Not only that, its unique formula can stop the premature graying of hair as well.

Many men face obstinate patches on cheek or chin that simply refuse to be filled-up by hair. Beard Czar can gift you a consistent and thick growth of whisker that would look fuller from every angle.

Why You Shouldn’t Use It?

Believe me, I have pondered over this question for some time now and still scratching my head over finding the reason for which- you should stay away from Beard Czar. Okay, one reason could be- if you don’t like to take oral supplements for advancing beard growth, then you might not be very interested in using Beard Czar Facial Hair Complex Formula.

It takes all kinds to make the world go round, right? So in that case, moisturizing any oil or gel on your beard should be the ideal way for you to take up. Or you can opt for expensive surgery, hormone therapy or implant.

Another reason can be- in case you don’t have the patience to read through product disclaimers thoroughly, then stay away from Beard Czar. Sounds intriguing? Well, here is the thing. Though Beard Czar offers its customers 14 days free trial period, you have to pay up for the shipping charge, in order to avail of it. Few consumers, who failed to read between the lines, later complained about it in various online forums.

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Though Beard Czar doesn’t have side-effects, in the event you are on any other type of medication, consult to your doctor, before taking these pills.

My Personal Experience

My personal experience with Beard Czar is nothing but fulfilling. When I started out this course, I was skeptical. Doing my research about beard growth products made me identify the fake hair supplements that do irreparable damage through glitzy ads and boy, the size of their tribe was intimidating to “poor” me.

Upon my friend’s insistence, when I started trying Beard Czar, I was determined about one thing. I was going to test it out only for 2 weeks maximum. If nothing positive happens to my facial itchiness due to over usage of chemical products in the past or thinning fuzz, I would toss the bottle out of the window.

Little did I know that I was about to experience a pretty rewarding shock. Within 2 weeks, my stubble started getting thicker and lush. Though I am in my mid-20s, still, pre-mature aging of hair runs in my gene. That’s why the rare occasions I had tried to grow beard during my first quarter of adulthood, I had to shave it off within few days because- the hair came out white every time!

With Beard Czar, I fell in love instantly with my new-found pitch-black fuzz. I was so impressed with the outcome at the end of 1 month that I increased my daily dosage and started taking the capsule twice-a-day. After continuing such an intense treatment for 3 more months, now I am a proud owner of face full of beard-any man would die for!


The biggest pro of using Beard Czar supplement is- this is by far the cheapest technique in the market with which, you can flaunt a sexy goatee safely and within shortest span of time. No transplant, no surgery or using expensive lotions or shampoo. For budget savvy consumers, Beard Czar should be the number one choice for beard treatment.

There are lots of going on in favor of Beard Czar. When men start to develop facial hair, sometimes they face unbearable itching on various spots on the face. The niacin in Beard Czar provides with a soothing cure to treat those itching.

Sometimes the hair may go curly and frizzy, during the growth phase. With Beard Czar, you will be able to get silky, strengthened fuzz without the help of ironing.

Moreover, consuming Beard Czar facial hair complex pills would make your goatee or Van Dyke consistent and stocky. There would be no spots that will remain bald- once you have completed the course of the capsules.

In this world full of chemical pills, Beard Czar is brimming with multivitamins and minerals. Apart from developing your whisker, these nutrients will have a strong impact on nails and hair-on-head as well. Result? Your nails would be shinier and hair- stronger. This formula also prevents hair loss in a significant process.


The biggest con of using Beard Czar would be- it only works on live hair follicles. In case your beard is suffering from advanced hair loss or graying, then you should consult to your doctor first. Relying only upon Beard Czar Facial Hair Complex Formula might not incur the desired result. So when the hair follicles are dead, there is not much left to do for Beard Czar.

In similar fashion, depending upon your age, genetics and lifestyle, the result of Beard Czar might take up to 4 months to show up.

If you are short on patience and always looking for short-cut success, then this product is not for you.

The Manufacturer

Coming out of the stable of Beard Czar is enough to say that, you can expect only top quality service from this product. Beard Czar is a pioneering name in beard care market with its carefully researched items that include- both dietary supplements as well as oil. Based out of Phoenix, Arizona, Beard Czar has some stellar goodies in its kitty such as – Beard Czar Facial Hair Complex Formula, Beard Czar Phytoceramides, and Beard Czar Oil. The first one is no doubt the start performer among these 3 and the topic of my review.


If you buy it directly from the official site, then one bottle would cost $89.99 for 30 pills. Whenever you subscribe for the trail period of 14 days, once the period is over, the said amount would be automatically deducted from your account.

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When you are buying Beard Czar from Amazon, you can avail of the discount (periodic) and can purchase  1 bottle at the cost of $39.97 + free shipping. On Ebay, Beard Czar Facial Hair Complex Formula is available at $49.99/ bottle.


The best way to buy Beard Czar would be – to do it from the official site itself. Unfortunately, this is not easy to find Beard Czar in any of the physical drug-stores. Though few pharmacies hoarded it up in the past, they did away mostly with cheaper versions with wrong compositions / counterfeits of the original item.

Many a times, using the watered-down adaptions of Beard Czar – contributed into the beard growth- hazards for some users. Instead of getting thicker facial hair, they experienced thinning fuzz. So buying it from the brand-site itself is will be the clever way to do it.

Another USP of buying Beard Czar is – there would be no coercion from aggressive affiliate marketers when you will be going through the reviews of this item. The company sells the product only from its official site and from reputable third-party vendors such as Amazon and eBay.

Scientific Back-up

No individual scientific study has been undertaken focusing solely on Beard Czar Facial Hair Complex Formula. Be that as it may, the benefits its each ingredient has on hair growth are scientifically documented. Take for an instance- biotin. Our skin and hair is made mostly of a protein known as keratin.

Body doesn’t produce protein on its own. You have to source it from outside. Biotin is full of amino acids that help keratin production- thus leading to skin damage-repair and hair growth. Bread Czar has biotin as one of its primary components. When you consume these facial hair complex capsules, you are, in turn, helping your body to grow hair (in this case- beard) on a faster rate.

Zinc is another mineral that is found in Beard Czar. Do you know that Zinc is mostly lauded as an aphrodisiac? Well, your body’s testosterone growth is directly correlated with beard growth. When testosterone is low on a man’s body, the more feminized traits can imposed on his physic. The zinc in Beard Czar activates testosterone production it will eventually lead to speedier beard development.

Vitamin C is also there in Beard Czar. Frequenting outdoors and baking under sun can leave a man’s face sunburnt. Vitamin C would remediate the damage and lessen the effect or irritation- caused by sun-burn. This will turn the skin into the ideal environment for beard growth.


Not every reviewer out there would inform you about the little discussed aspects of Beard Czar in his reviews. But they should be mentioned in every FAQ out there about this item.  Let’s find out some of them to discuss here.

Is Beard Czar FDA approved?

Ans: No, Beard Czar is not a FDA approved product yet. But all of the ingredients are naturally extracted and have full scientific back-up to prove their benefits- on hair development.

Is the official site enough to know about the product?

Ans. Though the official site of Beard Czar is informative regarding the- price, ingredients and benefits of Beard Czar Hair Complex Formula, you’ll not find the element-percentages displayed there. Likewise, the site doesn’t disclose the manufacturing facility or the technology used in making of these capsules.

What other benefits Beard Czar has?

Ans. Niacin present in Beard Czar Facial Hair Complex Formula has a positive effect in controlling cholesterol. For diabetic patients as well, using Beard Czar capsules can be remedial as- Niacin has diabetic cure properties. Along this line, biotin improves cardiovascular function too.

Is popping the pills enough?

Ans. Though completing the course of Beard Czar Hair complex Formula for 4 months would give you the optimal result, combining it with other Beard Czar Beard supplements will put it on fastest track. Apart from consuming the capsules, moisturize your hair with Beard Czar Beard oil for optimal outcome.

Customer Reviews

There are plenty of online forums where you’ll find detailed reviews of Beard Czar- from real users. The customer reviews on Beard Czar are full of appreciation about the fruitful effect of this product. Some buyers have appreciated the fact that, by using Beard Czar for 3 weeks only, they have been able to grow full facial hair on wide area. Others displayed surprise that how soothingly the capsules have healed their beard itching problem.

Another amazing pattern you will notice that- there are mixed age groups of men behind those reviews, from 18+ adults to 48 years old men. It seems Beard Czar has been touching thousands of lives at a time.

However, as I stated above, a tiny group has complained about-how they had to cough up the shipping charge, in order to get the “free trial”, because of misassumption. Well, as I said already, the devil lies in details!

Final Verdict

Among the top of the line products for beard growth in the market, Beard Czar has carved out its place with top quality service. The choicest components, unique formula and speedy delivery has made it- such a compelling product to use. Growing a beard that would fetch appreciations- is not easy. You have to follow a healthy lifestyle and do lots of physical work-outs for it.

Adding Beard Czar into the picture, you’ll only put a spring into the process. Thus it will result in a face full of smooth hair, through the quickest route possible. The easy-on-the-pocket price and the secured payment getaways offered by the brand (when you are buying the product directly from the official site itself) have only cemented its reputation more.  Buy it to experience a stimulating hair growth, which would turn you into a man from a boy (yes, this is promised by the company itself!).

For majority of men, beard relates to masculinity. Whether you want to enhance your personality or make yourself appealing to the opposite gender, growing facial hair can have positive psychological effect on a man. With Beard Czar, you can achieve all of your dreams via a neatly packaged bottle.

Whether you are a 30-year old with a patchy beard or have been non-bearder for the first two decades of life, growing facial hair can be your ultimate fantasy. There are tons of products/services out there that may assist in raising fuzz. But depending upon your age, heredity and life-style- the outcome may vary.

Why Some Can’t Grow Beard?

If your father or the other male family members have had thick whiskers and moustaches, then it must be running in your heredity. So rest assured that, even if you are not been able to grow side-burns in your early 20s, you have your whole late 20s and 30s ahead to do that. In the event they didn’t have fuzz-on-face or used to have slim facial hair, then your chance is narrow as well.

Every man is born with a particular set of hair follicles. These will take their own sweet time to grow, over different stages of life. In case you have inherited the “hairy” gene from the family, it would decide- whether you’ll get your dream goatee in 20s or late 30s. Keep this fact in mind, so that you have realistic expectations regarding beard development.

Now let’s find out some solutions that would work, when you have failed to grow a whisker-


Apply Growth Oils

Massaging your beard with growth oil of any kind twice-a-day- is important for facial hair development. The top of line beard growth oils might come out as expensive.  However the face-being a sensitive area, it would be wiser that you shouldn’t compromise with quality, in order to grab the cheapest deal. Always go for growth oils that use scientific formula and medically-proven ingredients in them, like Minoxidil and biotin. Googling top 10 beard growth oils would give out the result. Don’t forget to wash off your fuzz thoroughly- after the oil absorption period is over.

Make DIY Recipes

If it seems too costly to spend on beard growth oils, make your own DIY beard growth home masks. Virgin olive oil, argan oil, seasame oil, rosemary oil are some of the names that are assertive in growing the facial fuzz, even if you don’t have moustache yet. There are YouTube video tutorials and beauty blogs where you’ll find- how to use the correct proportion of elements to make your own DIY beard growth mask.

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Don’t forget to exfoliate your face thrice-a-week to keep your skin clean and free of oil-and-dirt. It will make the liquid easier to get absorbed.

Get Multi-vitamins

Vitamin B Complex is by far the most important vitamin that would help you to grow your beard and moustache. Among the 8 water-soluble vitamins that fall under the umbrella of B-Complex, it’s biotin- which is mostly active for facial hair growth. That’s why it’s essential to include biotin-rich foods in your diet, massaging your beard with oil/cream that has biotin in it as a main ingredient, and taking biotin vitamin pills.

Then there are Vitamin A and Vitamin D, both of which are instrumental to surge up your testosterone level –thus leading the beard growth. And you know that testosterone is the driver behind hair growth on body, right?


For beard growth, you have to eat a protein and vitamin- rich diet on a regular basis. Stock your fridge with foods such as- salmon, avocado, eggs that have biotin in them. Also, do take note that animal-based protein is much more helpful in growing those mutton chops than plant-based one. If you love eating or drinking dairy-based products, then always go for low-fat, skimmed milk.

Leafy greens as well as yellow/orange veggies that have beta carotene in them would repair your skin’s tissue damage-thus making it the ground of sound hair growth. Spinach, kale, pumpkin are some of beta carotene-rich foods for you.

Treat With Care

Showing some love to your beard is one of the prerequisites for its growth. First, let it grow the way it wants for the first month itself. Don’t groom it or cut off the split-ends strictly for those 30 days. You might feel some level of discomfort, but this tough love is necessary when you are determined to grow the level of hair that you don’t have so far.

Be that as it may, whenever you will spot any ingrown hair just chop it off because ingrown hair doesn’t let the real beard roll. Put on moisturizing cream/lotion on your fuzz minimum two times a day. Likewise, never wash off your face with warm or hot water. It would harden the skin surface.

Blow Off Some Steam

Blowing off some steam here means, letting go of stress on your day-to-day life. Stress kills testosterone growth which in turn slows down beard development. Work-out is the biggest stress-buster for majority of men. Lift weight, go for cycling, running or do some Yoga.

30-40 minutes of exercise is enough to pump up the sex hormone in your body. Additionally, take adequate water (4-5 liters) on a daily basis.  Taking plenty of rest aka sleeping for 8 hours too, is essential for leading a healthy life.

Get Beard Transplant

Beard transplant is gaining traction world-wide. Though it can cost you more than $7,000, still, this is in vogue right now. With beard transplant, you will get to pick up the beard style you want, just like a hair-cut. But here, you have let go some of the hair on top of your head for the transplant purpose. Like most cosmetic surgery, there is a chance of the outcome going haywire or hair falling out within 3 months.

You have to be willing to take up that risk to flaunt your side-burns like an alpha male. You can well opt for hormone therapy (testosterone injection) as well, after consulting to your doctor.

Doing over-the-top things out of desperation may jeopardize your beard growth. The above 7 tips will give you a brief picture about the options you have, to develop a whisker. Before taking an informed decision, make sure that you go through each one of them and dig deeper to gain more knowledge.